(photos & impressions) Great Feedback from Unionville Highschool for 10 Inner Peace Workshops @ Wellness Fair on May 15, 2015

door sign in school for classrooms dedicated to sahaja toga meditaiton workshops

Unionville Highschool – Wellness Fair on May 15, 2015. Sahaja Yoga Meditation participated with 10 Inner Peace workshops.


FEEDBACK from Students and Teachers

Sahaja Yoga Workshop -Unionville

“Amazing meditation 4Life!!

“Thank you!! Practical, helpful, inspirational!  I am most grateful.” Liz

“Your session was absolutely incredible!  I got much more out of that than I had anticipated. This is something I definitely will explore more at home.”

“It’s like an awakening or awakened. Really interesting!”

“What a wonderful class. I am feeling so at peace and relaxed. Thank you!”

“Easy to understand. Calm.Really good demonstration and explains well of how meditation works.”

“Thank you so much! This was a great experience and I relaxed a lot. Thank you for coming!!”

“It is really cool. I’ve learned a lot today.”

“Amazing session. It was very Awakening for the inner self. Thank you so much for such a peaceful session.”

“Excellent Lesson.I really enjoyed the presentation and the information included in it. The broadcast was also excellent introduction  and start to the lesson. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much. I feel great, calm and joyful.”

“Great presentation! Very informative, interesting and relaxing. Very good. Very calm.”

“Cool workshop!I can feel the breeze and it’s cool. I feel so open”

“Very good. Very Calm.”

“Maybe given more instruction on when to keep eyes closed and opened. It’ll help with it understanding.Very interesting experience, I enjoyed the exercises more than the presentation. It was useful but more exercises would be great.”

“Thank you!Nice & Calm;” Relaxing, I liked the broadcast however.”

“I can feel the breeze and it’s cool”.

Feedback from Volunteer Instructors Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga meditation Volunteer team - before workshops
(click!) Sahaja Yoga meditation Volunteer team – before workshops


“I was very impressed with the school from the start, the artwork on the pillars in the building were gorgeous and the program well organized. The vibrations were very cool and I felt at ease in the school. The students and teachers were responsive and interested in Sahaja Yoga, they all felt the energy and were asking profound and genuinely curious questions, the teachers included; one of the teachers was even asking about introducing a relative to the meditation to help with her medical issues!
In our second program, we had one boy who was unable to stop laughing, though it didn’t seem to bother the other children there, even the other boys (his friends), however I was impressed that he was mature enough to get up and leave when he couldn’t control his laughter, and then he even returned and kept trying! By the end this same boy even felt the energy and felt a difference between his hands and was asking questions! The other boys were also really interested by the end, they could feel it in their hands and were asking genuine questions. All around the students pleasantly surprised me how honestly they were interested and willing to participate in the workshops.” 
Snapshot from 1 of the 10 Sahaja Yogw Workshops
Meditation balancing at Unionsville


“It was exciting to see the eagerness from the students in the first class, few of them vocally said I can’t wait for this to begin. We had several beautiful power point presentations that we could choose from and an amazing broadcast to begin things with. The students were so grateful and came afterwards to thank us. But we were thanking them. One said her head feels open and another said it was an awakening of her inner self. ( don’t have pieces of paper).  In the workshop when it was explained how different cultures allows us to see the same thing in different angles and that this meditation allows us to open our selves and see it in all angles but it is all one,  I noticed the teacher nodding her head.
In the second workshop Theresa and Shulin were doing such an amazing job connecting with the students that when they asked me if I wanted to add something I replied I am enjoying. :-)”

“I had a great time! The school was so welcoming and open, I was very impressed. Ioana, everything was so well organized, a big thank you to you! Loved working with all of you and really enjoyed everybody’s beautiful qualities coming together so well. Could really see kundalini energy working through each and everyone of us. The students really felt it and went so deep into meditation, we were all blown away. All in all a really positive experience. Would love to join again next time!

All my love, Theresa”
Youth team (Yogesh – Mississauga and Samantha+ Shulin from Burlington)
Yogesh Samantha and Shulin - from youth team- sahaja yoga
“Dear aunties/bro/sisters, it was so wonderful ‘working’ with all of you :)))
Unionville is such a lovely school, really warm and welcoming :)) our team worked with 2 groups of students and teachers, and all of them were very attentive and really paid attention. They took home very useful and simple techniques of meditation and balancing. It was really amazing to see only during the time-span of one workshop students and teachers felt very significant changes. Some had headache completely  gone, some felt heavy(negative) energy, but by the end could feel light and cool and “spaced out” and thoughtless. Boys of grade 9 could stay still during the entire session and learned to feel their own energy and also of others. They said the workshop is really useful and practical and “amazing meditation 4 life” 🙂 Everyone is slowly starting to realize the need of Inner Peace and Balance in their lives.
We’d love to come back again and share this treasure of Sahaja Yoga with more students and teachers from this wonderful school! Hope more opportunities like this will come for us to come together again  :)))) Looove , Shulin on behalf of The 3 musketeers
Inner Peace team - after workshop1
Inner Peace Volunteer team – at the end of the 10 “sahaja yoga meditation workshops” at Unionville high-school: Yogesh, Samantha, Niti, Ioana, Shulin, Kathleen, Isabelle, Urvashi, Theresa. On the 2nd row: Holly and Claudia.


 Thanks again everyone, great teamwork, so proud of everyone’s shinning light!! FYI: We have been already invited on Thursday, September 17  to Unionville high-school for providing classes to international students in the new school year. So book it in your calendars!

Enjoy the Scrapbook with feedback collected from students and teachers that participated to some of our workshops at Unionville. Thank you Claudia for putting it together! Thanks again Everyone!!


Feedback 1

Farewell Unionville high-school. See You in September 2015!
 Farewell Unionville high-school !! See You in September 2015!

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(click!) More Photos + Thank you Letter  from Wellness Team@ Unionville Highschool’s Fair on May 15, 2015 Our team of volunteers that offered the 10 "Inner peace with Sahaja Yoga meditation" workshops. From left for right: Yogesh, Sam, Niti, Ioana, Kathleen, Isabelle, Theresa and in the 2nd row: Holly, Shulin and Claudia. We all LOVED this highschool (amazingly polite and welcoming students, lovely teachers, beautiful building that was thriving with positive energy and creativity)

Read the Article and Drop a Nice comment 🙂

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  1. ileana murgueitio

    You all do a very good job, thank you very much for sharing your experience with us! We feel so encouraged to also spread Sahaja Yoga in our respective places all over the world!

  2. Aditya

    Beautiful! You can actually feel the vibrations just reading about the program and the feedbacks from the participants and the yogis.

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    Warm regards.

  3. Chandra

    Every face in the photo emits divine joy, that is HER gift to you all.

  4. Mitchell La

    I found the narration and photos to be beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  5. Nitin

    Looks like everyone had fun. Great work by all volunteers, you have changed many lives. I believe Halton team is one of the most active Sahaja team in Canada if not in the world. Every one is taking time OFF from their busy schedule which is really commendable.

  6. Colleen

    Fantastic job everyone!!! Such wonderful vibrations and joy throughout the article!!
    Enjoyed reading very much.

  7. anjali

    They say generation “Y” (ppl born between 1981 to 2000) is much for fluid and like to create a life that has a meaning. Although they are much more techno savvy compared to other generations and prefer to text rather than call..they have a need to be connected and are much more diverse And there is a lot of noise they have to deal with both internal and external. This is where Sahaja yoga can come to rescue. this simple meditation technique helps eliminate the mental and external noise and reach that state of silence that is rejuvenating, healing and inspiring. it’s such a good age to start meditating for these kids that will allow them to create a life with meaning and unfold their inner capabilities.

  8. Gratiela

    Beautiful !I am so happy,you gave realization to so many young students.They are so sincere in what they felt !.In one picture is so much light from half body and up on you all..

  9. Daiana

    Congratulations!!!, your feedback: amazing!, peace!, practical!, helpful!, inspirational!, incredible!, joyful! and so on… is a “paycheck” for your efforts in a effortless job:)

  10. Kruti

    Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a great way of helping kids shape up their personalities and deal with day to day challenges in their lives. Kudos to the team of volunteers.

  11. Karen

    Amazing vibrations from the beautiful article…and well said Anjali especially about Sahaja can come to rescue to find inner peace.
    Thank you to the gracious group of volunteers for sharing this experience. xo

  12. paula

    I can feel the great vibrations leaping off the page from the wonderful comments, images, and amazing team of EXPANDING volunteers! The children, the teens, they are the future, and they were very lucky to get some answers very early in life…I wish I had access to this wonderful meditation at that age…but every one blooms when they are ready…I have met so many young seekers of truth who want to feel what is their essence…what is their purpose for being there…and that they matter on this earth which is like a paradise. These young ones will be the leaders of tomorrow, and will go forward with the pure connectivity with their higher selves…how great it will be to have more and more dynamic, dharmic voices following a balanced path that is benevolent for everyone. It is truly a “becoming” one with the best self we can be…and feeling the cool vibrations of truth flowing through their hands and above their heads. So proud of this growing team of “teachers of truth” enlightening more and more students to the amazing power of transformation that happens through the simple technique of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Once I felt this wonderfulness, I never wanted to return from it. It makes every moment a chance to seek and feel and experience and witness the joy of life’s play. Every school can benefit from these presentations offered for free…just like this school who invited the team to their classes.

  13. Wendy

    What lovely comments and feedback you received about the Unionville Workshop..

    Congratulations to you all !

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