Join the Inner Lights of Halton on Dec 4 and Dec 6

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“The light (in general) has innocence, but this is innocent without knowledge.

But your light is innocent with knowledge.

We always think that the people who have got knowledge can never be innocent, can never be simple. And the idea we have got about innocence is that an innocent person is always deceived, can be be-fooled – and can be always taken for granted.

But innocence is a power; it is a power which protects you, which gives you light of knowledge.

“Knowledge that we have in the worldly sense is how to exploit others, how to cheat others, how to make money out of them, how to make fun of others, how to look down upon others.

But the light of innocence is the light by which you know that Love is the highest thing.

And it teaches you how to love others, how to care for others, how to be gentle about others. It also gives you the Light Within.

(Diwali puja Talk – Italy, 25 October 1987 )

The Festival of Inner Lights has arrived! On Wednesday will be in Burlington at 7pm *Brant Hills Community Centre, 2255 Brant Str * and same time but on Friday will be in Oakville at Glen Abbey Recreation Centre *1516 Third Line, Room C *.

We launched this Festival in preparation for the Holiday time as a reminder that all the lights around are just a mere reflection of the light each of us is carrying within.

Enjoy few examples below 🙂 However this year the festival has a totally different format! Join us — such experience might change your life 🙂

(CLICK!) Young Meditators bring their Inner Lights to Burlington’s Seniors (Photos & Impressions)

(CLICK!) Incredible Feedback about “The Festival of Inner Lights” 2017

See you There!!

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  1. Paula

    Beginners are welcome, all ages, sit comfy in a chair and enjoy a meditation through music, affirmations, yoga connection and experience a few minutes that will change the world as you know it. Through thoughtless awareness, and a guided meditation, we can qchieve the bliss of the yoga state..

  2. Julia

    Very nice talk

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