Brookville Public School’s HDBSC VIDEO on “Health & Wellness” 2nd Year Event (PHOTOS)

Ioana Kathleen and Sahaj - meditating with Mother Earth - elements

(check it out!) Halton District Board School  Video Sahaja Yoga Meditation is “IN”

Brookville – Health – Wellness Night (2015) from Sahaja Yoga Halton on Vimeo.

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(1) Inner Peace Workshops with Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Music Room

Kathleen and Sahaj -  Sahaja Yoga meditation classes at Brookville School Milton
We had primarily Kathleen and Sahaj from “Cool Kids Meditation with Sahaja Yoga” taking care of the on-going inner peace workshops  with interested students and parents in the music room that was so generously prepared for us by the Wellness Fair organizers! Thank you!

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Inner peace class at Wellness fair Brookville Milton School

(2) Sahaja Yoga Meditation booth @ Brookville Wellness Fair

Youth team -Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Maxim talking about Sahaja Yoga meditation
We had Maxim, Yogi, Shulin, Isabelle and Ioana helping at sahaja yoga meditation booth placed in the centre of the fair. Each of us yogis had the great opportunity of connecting to wonderful local organizations and people from all walks of life, and we’ve learned so much from the other presenters and vendors. A wonderful community experience where everyone was concerned of health, wellness, spirituality with a pure desire for conscious living in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth. Thank You Brookville team!

Shulin from Youth Sahaja Yoga -interviewed

  (3) Sahaja Yogismeditate and connect to Mother Nature in Milton

Sahaj in MIlton

Meditation with mother Earth -1

Ioana Kathleen and Sahaj - meditating with Mother Earth - elements

Kathleen- Sahaj and Ioana
Also it was Sahaj’s last day in Ontario before moving with his job to Alberta. A perfectly rounded good bye time spent with his yogi family: spreading awareness on the importance of meditation in everyone’s life, as well enjoying the beauty and the vibes of Milton’s people and nature + feeling loved by his spiritual family.
Sleeping Sun in mIlton
An amazing evening! Thank you Shulin for these great photos-memories ! Our grateful thanks for the invite and for the great organization goes to Tracy Wheatley-Romano and her team from Brookville school!! Also the video they’ve realized is amazing, if you’ve missed watching it go back to the beginning of this article so you can feel “live” the vibrant event. We also thank  🙂 for the Thank you card that our sahaja yoga meditation team received from the children that meditated with us! We intend to share it with more impressions, photos, feedback via another article… soon 🙂

Hope you’ve felt positive energy from this article. Feel free to drop a comment.

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  1. ileana murgueitio

    Sahaja Yoga meditation is a very appropriate path towards a holistic approach in education and life.

    I think these workshops will contribute a lot to get a young vigorous community as an aid to spiritual and social progress.

    Thank you for sharing the video and all the best.

  2. Tracy

    What a beautiful and inspiring day!! I hope more of us can follow your example and develop such beautiful relationships amongst ourselves and with others in our communities. Congratulations! Way to go Ontario!
    Love, Tracy

  3. Colleen

    Fantastic video!! This whole article has such a joyful and positive feeling. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous Shulin.

  4. Sam

    How fantastic! The placement of SY in the video was perfect, it showed the full banner and name perfectly and was very clear, so nice to see! And the pictures are simply beautiful, what a gorgeous sunset and nice feeling from a wonderful event.

    I hope I get to make it next time!


  5. Karen

    Fantastic video and the pictures are beautiful!!!! I especially liked the sunset it sends out positive vibrations.

    Thanks for sharing xo

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