“Morning Inner Peace Workshop @ Your Workplace”: Nova Scotia Bank in Burlington (Thank you Letter !) on March 19, 2014

“Morning Inner Peace Workshop” @ Scotia Bank

As part of our initiative to promote inner peace everywhere in our community we had been invited at Nova Scotia Bank – Burlington branch. There was a session of 35 minutes, comprising a brief introduction  to yoga and meditation in general, followed by a guided meditation with chakra balancing techniques. Of course the Q & A session was quite intense and there was a collective keen interest for reaching out to inner peace. Nova Scotia bank: Thank you for the Invite and of course for the Thank you Letter! 🙂

Letter of Appreciation received from The Bank of Nova Scotia 

Scotia Bank - Appreciation letter

(click!) Enjoy the Collection with Feedback from Community

Bee - Blue flower by Jean Louis- France


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  1. letitia

    Jai Shri Mataji!Felicitari

  2. anjali

    They want us back…it’s great news.

  3. paula

    More institutions such as banks, governments, progressive companies and schools would be pro-active and wise to take advantage of wonderful, informative and enlightening workshops. The results encourage collectivity towards a greater good….new streams of inspiration that tap in collective consciosness. A calmer, more satisfying workplace is achievable. And the tools for de-stressing can be applied throughout our daily life. The corporate feedback from our health and wellness seminars has been proof that there is a growing advantage and demand for Sahaja Yoga meditation in the corporate world. Keep up the great volunteering work and priceless (but always free) seminars, workshops and participation.

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