Snapshots: Easter @ Burlington Class & 2 MANTRAS EASTER GIFT (VIDEO-MUSIC)

Happy Easter Halton-Niagara-Barrie Classes!

Image from Adina and Radu from Romania
Image from Adina and Radu – yogi family from Romania

Sahaj Easter -Bandhan1bandhan Easter 2Bandhan3Easter Potluck-1

Kashmira - Oakville classSahaj Easter - with Cool Kids1

Sahaj easter Halton 2014


(VIDEO-MUSIC-click!) Yoann’s Mantra: Lord Jesus & Mother Mary

Happy Easter from Halton-Niagara-Barrie Classes!

Sahaja Easter- Burlington 2014-1

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  1. Colleen

    It was a great class, but then they’re all great classes, always!!!

    Love to all

  2. Debbie

    We enjoy every class and learn something! Sharing our food is just like family.

  3. letitia

    Paste Fericit!

  4. Anjali

    These wonderful photos bring back so many memories from the days I used to be able to come to these meetings. It’s very special to celebrate easter and many such vibrated days in a pure sahaja way and experience the essence of their meaning.
    Missing you all and hoping to join you all soon with abigail and Sophie.
    Love, anjali

  5. Anjali

    The videos are so full of vibrations. Thanks you for sharing

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