Mother’s Call for REvolution (Be Alive and Well!)

Letter from Shri Mataji – the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – written in ’80s to the first group of sahaja yoga meditation practitioners in Ontario, Canada. It is a Mother’s Call for Revolution – for the individual and global evolution made possible through Self-Realization.

So, it is about time to answer the call to Realize this Awareness with a beautiful and powerful event in Ontario, on Saturday, December 8, 2012.

Please, register for this event here

** we want to make sure that everyone will get a place reserved and will receive a “R/Evolution Kit” by the end of the event 🙂 as places are limited, so please complete the simple registration form above.

Detailed Agenda with Special Guests: here.

The Humanitarian article on Ontario R/Evolution: here.

Below there is the transcript of the original letter from Shri Mataji to Ontario yogies (in 80’s!) in case the handwriting was not easy to be deciphered with a beautiful photo from our archive from the same period of time and still from North-America (!), as Shri Mataji always had wanted us to have a more global awareness and consciousness:

Message For Sahaja Yogies of Toronto, Hamilton, Dundas , and Brantford

Sahaja Yoga is a revolution and the revelation of the absolute truth.

All of us must be aware of the great importance of Sahaja Yoga in our times.

All my love and blessings

Your mother


Shri Mataji in Los Angeles –  August, 1983, after an interview for “Alive and Well” TV program

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  1. Shivangi

    Shri Mataji’s letter – just in time for all of us 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and all the best for the R/evolution

  2. Chandra Sekhar

    Yes, SHE knew we would have a “REVOLUTION” program in Ontario and today SHE has chosen you, Ioana, to publish HER hand-written, personal letter of divine love on this occasion.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Chandra, first time I read that letter maybe few months earlier, and it moved me. However, Reg sent it to me late week pointing out that it is clearly “Revolution” mentioned in it; also a beautiful detail: dr. Ram Mishra was there, when the letter was written. We hope that he will share with us some details during the Ontario yoga seminar that we have in the evening in Burlington 🙂

  3. Jon

    Every time I read this, I scratch my head and think ‘Oh, I guess we need programs right in Dundas and Brantford.’ I think we had a good start with Ignite the Flame in Brantford, but we might be due for a follow up.

  4. Rajeev Gyani

    Thank you for sharing the divinity in the form

  5. letitia

    E adevarat ca Sahaja Yoga e o revolutitie.

  6. Paula

    So inspiring and so locally significant yet a global impact can be realized. it is very moving to me that the founder of Sahaja Yoga wrote personally about this region a message to the people of our cities to know that such a place as this can change the entire atmosphere. Shri Mataji is the wisest person I have ever learned from about my true self and the way to change the world for the better. what a gift to us as practitioners of Sahaja Yoga. what a gift to the whole world.

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