A Powerful Woman: ‘How can I make others Powerful?’

Let’s learn How a Powerful Woman can make others Powerful

We will take a Journey through the wisdom shared in the following quotes of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. She is addressing the Women that practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation and not only them! One can recognize their universal spiritual power!

‘We are the Source of Joy. Accept this situation

Shri Mataji: “In Sahaja Yoga it is ‘compulsory’ 🙂 that you should be happy, you should be joyous and you have to be joyful. Our job is to make everybody happy and joyous. That is our job. That is the Source we have got. We are the source of joy, of confidence, of love, and affection, and kindness and gentleness. We are the Source of Joy. Accept this situation.

(excerpt from: – Advice To Western Women – Nirmala Yoga Magazine, No 20, 1984)

On March 8th, we celebrate the International Women’s Daywith a Special Event dedicated to Women and honouring  the Feminine Power that is acting on behalf of Life: the Kundalini Shakti. Do not miss this special event – that is open to all,  not only women – where Music, Meditation, Stories and Food (Potluck!) can be enjoyed collectively as in a Family. On that evening we will learn about Powerful Women in our lives and we’ll experience directly our Kundalini Shakti through Sahaja Yoga Meditation and other “Bhakti” expressions.

On a personal note, this year, I really wanted to avoid any stereotype about celebrating Women and my sincere desire was to send a message that is not just ‘nice’ or ‘sweet’ or ‘beautiful’ but that is genuinely coming from the core of Womanhood. Then, I had found it in a very sahaj way: I received it via an email from a dear yogini sister, Doris from France, who shared the following quote from the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation —  Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

“The typical ideology of a woman is:

How I can make others powerful?’

and that was it! Doris, a powerful woman herself had brought up to light this simple and well hidden Truth. Even my intention was to talk about amazing women through history that I have tremendous respect for, the choice for ‘the example’ for a Powerful Woman was made in that very instant. Spontaneously, therefore Sahaj!

Today is about Shri Mataji. Let’s listen to her:

“Once the Women really know their Strength, they will make this world a Beautiful World, I know that. If you know what I am, if you know what I am saying, and if you try to follow what you have to do, then you will immediately see that:

‘Mother is trying to strengthen our roots’. Because you are the Roots of the Trees. You have to Give All the Nourishment.

“You have to be motherly, sisterly towards all the other, not to quarrel, to fight, to say hard things. That’s not the job of a woman.. You can do it. Because the problem, though it looks so dangerous, and so destructive and shocking, the keys are in the hands of the women today. They can just solve the problem like that if they decide and understand their glory and their value and do not make themselves cheap, hankering after cheap popularity. If I have been able to nail down this great problem to a very precise source of it and if you can manage the source, I’m sure we can manage.. May God bless you.”

  (from” The Role of Women” compilation of quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi )

“But the ladies, have to work it out. They have to see that they give that power to their men. .. It’s just like electricity and a light and a lamp. If the electricity is flowing all right, the lamp is burning. Absolutely that. But if you are identified with these .. vain women, then you are lost.”

“You must know you are the emotions, you are the desires of the whole world. You are so important without you nothing can start. If I had not come on this Earth, put all of them together.. It’s me as a Woman, as a Mother, as a Wife, as the Spouse has achieved this. And that’s what for you, it should be the easiest thing to do because I’m a woman and I’ve lived like a woman and I’ve managed so many children all over the world. Managed the whole show :-), managed my family also very well. I balanced it very well. And how it is now proved that a woman can not only be a priest but she can be the .. Guru of Gurus. I put all of you on the pedestal now so I have to tell you that You have to come up and you have to look after your Sahaja. You are very important because a bad woman and a bad wife is very much more detrimental than a bad man.  I’m very proud to be a woman .. because I am a woman and a mother is not challenged. Father is always challenged. Not the mother. So many things you can achieve as a woman. For that you have to know a few things, how to express your pure love to others. How to express your genuineness to others. How to help your husband … always try to enhance the collectivity. ..You are the ones who can show that. It is easy for a woman to be short-sighted, conceited and mean. It takes time for a man to be that.”

“And I have to specially make a very important request to the women that in these modern times, they are the ones who are going to save the world. Not the men. They have done their job before. Now it is for you to save, with your understanding, with your compassion, with your sacrifices, with your wisdom and the innate love, not only your children, your husband, your family, but the whole world. It is a very good opportunity for all of you to do your bit. It has been a tremendous experience with some of the very great sahaja Yoginis we have. Some of them have achieved, really, as you can say, the constant state of bliss. Really. Some of them have. In the constant state of bliss. Even if they are coming, immediately I can feel they are coming. The whole atmosphere waits for them. The whole cosmos, just in complete respectful attendance, is waiting for their arrival. There are Women of That Quality. And we have to take them as ideals and not the stupid, useless, vain women. We have to take them as something great. This is what I have to tell you that the potential within you is very great. Sahaja Yoga should not be limited to you or to your children. So the depth that you have, you touch. The problem of today, that the women have lost their values, they have lost their depth. This is the basic problem of today. They have become competitive, money oriented, success oriented, all nonsensical things. They are not ‘ascent oriented’ So you have to be very, very careful. Basically this is the problem you should see and I request all the sahaja yogis to be on the watch. The same woman today can be ladder to the heaven or could be a slide downward..A woman without righteousness, a woman without chastity, a woman without humility is not a woman. Compassion is her decoration. I wish I could write like William Blake. I wish he had written about the women of the West and the beauty that they were. And that they have to achieve. Once the women really know their strength, they will make this world a beautiful world, I know that. But not their weaknesses where they fall at the pattern of men. That’s their weakness.”

“So many things you can achieve as a woman.”

“It is for you to save, with your wisdom and innate love.”

“Men must respect the great qualities in women.”

“Your job is to neutralize his domination by simple, simple things.”

“Woman is there to give proper understanding of feelings to others.”

“You have to realize your importance as the mothers of this country.”

“So just think of your responsibility..”

Woman is like Mother Earth and Man is like Sun“.

All above are quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

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Enjoy the following Video with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Wishing You All a Happy Women’s Day to day and Every day!


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  1. Clare

    Thank you!

    1. Tumpa

      It will be great if can share ur experience in sahaja yoga

  2. armaity

    Yes, the women have to understand that they are truly the strength behind everything. Maybe in terms of physical strength they may be lagging a bit behind, but they make up in terms of moral, emotional, mental strength. They have to learn and see beyond the conditionings they have grown up with which views them as weaker than men.And the very basis behind this strength is their chastity, power of nurturing, sacrifice and unconditional love that they are capable of giving willingly – the very same things which they have been made to believe makes them weak. It is only this feminine power of love and caring which is finally going to redeem the world and show the futility of brutal strength which has brought the world to the state it is in today. Let all women realize this and find this inner strength to surge ahead by tapping into it and using it to bring about the change in the world, beginning with their own families and immediate world.

    1. adrian

      The point you make about “which they have been made to believe makes them weak”… is the key statement for me. What you believe is what you become… if you believe you cannot, you will not… if you believe you are ( your inner essence), then that is who you will be. I feel that women want to be told what to believe… as do many men. It is more about listening to your inner self… trust that inner self… and be who you already are.

      I feel that most women already have a sense of the loving part of their inner self… what they forget “perhaps”… is to also direct that inner love to themselves as well. It is about balancing love for self and others. And I feel that is part of the “past conditioning” for women… and sometimes for men as well.

      So honor yourself by giving love to yourself first, after all if you are going to teach someone how to bake bread, you must first know how to bake bread for yourself.


      1. Manga

        Thanks for adding this bit brother Adrian. It is really true that one has to love oneself in order to love others. Women need to make some room to look after their own needs as role of women is such that she is the basis of whole society and society functions on her power of giving, stregth of collective power of women to give. She deserves some looking after as a wife, sister, daughter and a mother and needs to be respected for her sweetness and love.Ofcourse this applies to all human beings men or women but we talk about women specially as Nature has bestowed upon women different kind of duties and also historically women were not always respected in some countries.

  3. Anja

    This was so inspiring and I am thankful

  4. Helen

    Many thanks for sharing these thoughts filled with inspiration. Blessings.

  5. K.Subbi Reddy, Hyd.A.P.

    Let all women in the world realize when they are girls to take the responsibility and make this world a beautiful world as our Divine Mother is trying and to strengthen the hands of our Mother.

  6. neeta rai

    It was an inspiring message which also made me feel how much harder I have to work to be the model that Mother expects us to be!

  7. Kalpana Kamat

    Thanx for sharing these beautiful insight by Shri Mataji. We being the power(shakti) behind the men, all qualities of different deities …. have to be undestood and imibibed within us. If we can practice these virtues/principles in the modern-times and spread the message of Sahaja to others with love and compassion, then that could be a simple tribute we can offer to Shri Mataji…

  8. Javad

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article.

  9. Elsie

    these were beautiful words from Shri Mataji to know that as a woman I am the source of joy, of confidence, love and affection, gentleness and kindness. I never thought of myself as a source but this knowledge resonates within me. It shows me the power I have. To pass this knowledge on to women in my life is a job I need to do. I am grateful to learn this.

  10. prakash amin

    we pray to mother keep us always in your lotus feet so we bloom like a flower with fragnance of love

  11. Antoinette Wells

    Very beautiful subject in your blog, Iona, also it was wonderful and uplifting to go through it with the pictures carefully chosen and the inspiring talks of Shri Mataji. Many thanks!

  12. Carmen Ross

    It is so beautifull that I needed to share it with all the Mississauga Class women. Now I am thinking I should have share it with the men as well.

    Thank you a lot. You made my day.

    Lots of Love,


  13. Elizabeth

    Such a beautiful tribute to the power of women. Women and men need to visit this page.

  14. Perviz

    So true Mother! Thank you for sharing and empowering womanhood.

    How the power and inner strength of women has been undermined for ages. However, women have proven otherwise. Needless to say, they must be respected, loved and treated as equal as men.

    She can stand up to any challenge when called for; while man would succumb to violence,vices and depression.

    Let’s all pray that we carry this torch with wisdom and humility and not let ego devour it.

  15. Jolanta

    Yes! Shri Mataji is “able to nail down this great problem to a very precise source of it”. No one could have said it better. I never cared much for William Blake and his poetry, and, I just dutifully memorized and said/wrote what I was expected to say/write in my British Literature class… until his poetry was “recommended” by Shri Mataji. Thank you for sharing another great article Ioana!

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