What is Ego?! Explanation of Dangers with Chakras & Simple Choice: Two Balloons or the Depth of the Ocean of Joy – Sahaj Tip: Our Hands can help decide!

“I have to tell you thank you very much for this celebration, for all these beautiful balloons.” Shri Mataji on her bday celebration

We all enjoy the balloons, they mean party & fun & joy. So it is interesting to see how  we can compare components of the subtle system of energy centres and chakras with  some colorful but elusive ‘balloons’. Let’s take this journey together, following the words of wisdom coming from the founder of sahaja yoga meditation.

Ego and Superego – 2 Balloons that take us to Stupidity & away from the Sea of Depth

“But looking at these balloons, we have to also see some of them who have lost their air completely. This is another problem we face in the West, because to have Ego itself, according to the Western culture, is a very great achievement. And when we start living with our Ego, I know how one looks like. He really looks like a stupid fellow. When he talks, when he describes himself, you don’t know where to look because you just feel like laughing at his stupidity. Ego is the outcome of stupidity. I don’t know what to say, how to give a simile to ego because it’s just bloated and makes you float in the air and when it bursts you are down on the earth. But you are not down on the earth the way Sahaja Yogis should be down to earth, but you are completely finished. All your arrogance goes to waste. You can never understand Sahaja Yoga if you have this ego in your head. I have known people who have this ego. They have come to Sahaja Yoga and still they want to think that they know more than anybody else. To know about yourself you have to go deep down and to go deep down you have to give up all this idea which makes you float in the air. Imagine if you have a big balloon attached to you, how can you go deep down into the sea? You cannot. That kind of an air which makes you float in the air absolutely in an area of stupidity – what else, I mean in English I think there are no words. Stupidity means everything. Then you may think no end of yourself you may think whatever you like, you can behave the way you like and all that but what do you achieve? You achieve nothing out of it. Whatever you achieve people are jealous of you, they want to harm you, you have no friends, nobody cares for you.

Ego and Superego – 2 Balloons at the level of Third Eye (Agnya) Chakra

“Now these two problems are within us. One of them is our conditioning and another is this ego business. And we make our mind out of that and we are playing under the governance of these two things which we have used to make this mind. Now you have to be careful!”

How to Know What Balloon is Bigger and is dragging?!

“You find out with left hand. Now, let’s see: if the left hand is shaking then you are conditioned, if the right hand is shaking, then you are egoistical. So now you treat it.

You treat these two things. Before me you’ll get vibrations alright because you see I’m your mother, alright. But that doesn’t mean you are alright. You try on my photograph that’s much more sharp. Being mother, you know, I play around, I think, or I don’t know what I should say but maybe you may not feel that way. But before the photograph you put on the left hand side a newspaper or a little paper, or a thin paper, on the right hand side another paper. One by one you try and judge yourself what are you. After all, you have not come here in Sahaja yoga to emancipate me. You have come here to evolve yourself ; and because of that you have to face yourself and see for yourself what is within you, which is very strong, which is troublesome, which is dragging you down, which is killing you.””

What is Sahaja Yoga ?! Answer with Collectivity and without Balloons

“Sahaja Yoga is nothing but Ocean of Joy. I thought that in my absence you will be all enjoying it, alright, you do – in the airport, I see sometimes I’m late because of the plane, 4 hours, 5 hours and everybody is so fresh and so nice early in the morning, I said “ What’s happened? ” , “ The whole night we have been enjoying, Mother ”. So what you enjoy in that is Collectivity. That collectivity you should enjoy only by getting rid of your nonsensical boundaries that you have built. And then you see the joy. All the time you will be floating in joy. There is a sense which people have, which you may not have before realisation. Some of the people I have known, I’m amazed how deep they are, how they took to Sahaja Yoga, supposed to be very great men, supposed to be people of very great principles but very hot tempered, intolerant about people. They take to Sahaja yoga just like this, because inside there is a big depth, so that everything is absorbed without any problem.”

Ego and  Superego (Conditioning) – the 2 Wheels of the Mind, taking us away from the Beauty of Joy, Purity & Peace

“Everybody can achieve it (the ocean of Joy) but one has to be careful as to the two wheels of our mind, one is the Ego, another one is the Conditioning.”

“To face that (the two wheels of mind, the ego and the superego),

I didn’t know what to say.

It’s a very, very subtle thing which people have carved out of their minds.

So for you today it is to be decided that you are only still small children and like small children you must have a very clean heart to accept, to absorb the Beauty of Peace that is within you and also the Beauty of Purity.

Without Purity you cannot enjoy anything.”

“All kinds of Conditionings are there, specially in India..”

in the West it is all kinds of Egos – is all different, different types I’ve seen, so many types and varieties of Egos, I was surprised.”

Fascinating Science of the Relationiship between Chakras & Mental, Emotional & Physical Body – affected by Ego

“When Ego surrounds the Heart, the Brain is cut off from the Heart.

The balloon on top that you see yellow is Ego.

“Swadisthana Chakra, which is for our creativity, is directly connected to Ego. When it starts rotating round the void and going to various parts of the void it collects all the problem of the void. Void is that green circle within us. In the void, we have Uterus, Kidney, all the Intestine, Liver (mostly upper part of the liver) ascending Transverse, descending Coils, Pancreas and the Spleen. So all the problems of these organs are collected by this Chakra, which moves round, and round and collect and come out of the Nabhi Chakra. It nourishes, gives power, the vital power to these organs. It also generates the necessary power for our creative action, it also collect the Fat Cells of the void and convert into the proper cells for the brain for the gray matter. All this work has to be done by this one Chakra. It manifests the Optic Plexus, outside on the physical level. It has got six subplexus, which look after these organs. This is meant for our action. When we go into action these Chakras start moving. By the first power, which is on the left side, we desire. And by second (power), we go into action and when the action starts with us, it produces the bi-products or we can say all the problems of the organs and these are to be disposed somewhere and they are deposited in the brain. All the problems that we have of these organs out of this creativity or any action are to be counter balanced, the ego develops. Any activity is exertion, botheration, problems, we take up the challenges. Because we do action, we have to have satisfaction. As a result, ego develops. The more we rationalize our activity, the more ego develops. We get identified with our ego, supposing you have made a very good poetry then you like to be appreciated. When you create some art, art could not give you satisfaction. You develop ego and ego has to be satisfied others should say, you are very good, you are genius. The more you indulge in planning the more you get ego. The more you pump, the balloon goes on. It is very easy to fool an ego oriented man. A simple hearted man cannot be easily fooled. Ego means mis-appreciation, ego is never satisfied.

Actually what happens physically, that when the balloon spreads on your head all over, the aura of the brain surrounds the heart normally, but when there is ego problem, the ego surrounds the heart, the brain is cut off from the heart, so you are non-integrated person. Your heart runs other side, your brain runs another side. Your body runs third side and your emotion runs fourth side. Four people running four horses. It is impossible to stand on two stools but to stand on four stools. One should have very big legs.  🙂

Ego is very dangerous for Kundalini awakening.

You are much higher than ego, much greater than ego, much more than ego. What people have received from ego? – Nothing. With ego, at the most what you can get. Imagine the whole of the head is covered with yellow stuff (yellow balloon- the ego) and the blue thing (balloon) becomes very small. Then, first your desire is diminished. You do not desire anything, your ego desires. No combination of thinking and your heart. You do not seek anything from your heart. Activity of heart has become practically null. Anything that doesn’t satisfy your ego you get upset about it. One must go on saying that you are unique personality. (One must praise you) You cannot get joy because joy comes from your heart, joy, you can get only from your heart. With ego orientation, you can get many diseases like Arthritis, Kidney failure, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack. Because of over activity, Liver is neglected. Because of too much thinking, you may get Paralysis. You get misidentified and condemn others, sometimes they feel very depressed. You are not seeking from your heart. You are seeking from your brain. You do not desire. Your ego desires, ego cuts you out from your heart and leaves you nowhere.”

“I” versus Ego

“You are much higher than ego. What people have achieved through ego! If God has given you some knowledge of the unknown, one should not be pampered by it. He has graciously given you. Take that with humility. You detest your ego, make a fan of yourself. See in front of the mirror and say “alright Mr Ego ! ” and make a fun of yourself, your ego will go down. Raise the left (energy), and down the right (energy), then there is a gap, then you raise the Kundalini. This is Shri Vidya (the divine knowledge) of the Holy Spirit. Sahaja yoga (as a spontaneous connection/union with what is Real and Divine) is the only way through which we can face ego.

You have no time to judge others. Just see yourself. Face it that you do not do anything, every thing is done by God. He is the doer and he is the enjoyer. You become one with God. The power of God is passing through you (as Kundalini energy). If the doer is lost then who is going to do Karmas. (Then there is no sin & good deeds). When Mr. Ego has gone, all liabilities have gone with him. Your mouth does not say that I am eating and your hand does not say that I am working. When you become one, then you see the whole is working and we as part are working. Then all the responsibilities are finished. If you do not do anything and work, but you desire, then the blue stuff is more with super ego, you get physical problems, you get mental problems, you go on thinking and you go on arguing. So you should be in center. Watch your ego and super ego. You should not expect any thing from others.

With Ego, you expect from others, with Super-Ego, you do for others

In center (**), you emit yourself  Joy… love.”

** on the central channel of evolution that allows Kundalini to unite the individual spirit with the Universal one at the level of 7th chakra, Sahasrara

Hope we all will find this article useful for understanding how powerful and deeply helpful is this simple and natural form of meditation: Sahaja Yoga that provides us with all these logical, down to earth as well subtle explanations. They seem simple as there is humour and sincerity in them.  But the depth is there for all to grasp and absorb. The quotes above (gathered from various lectures offered by Shri Mataji – the founder of this form of yoga meditation)  I had felt that will help everyone from our Halton sahaja yoga classes (as well our e-friends that will read this article) to Introspect. As we have learnt already at our classes, the Introspection is a very important component of sahaja yoga meditation practice.  I thank you all (for reading/meditating on this) .. with a beautiful flower that I had received recently from a Romanian sahaja yogi. Enjoy!

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  1. Thava Govender

    Superb ! Thank you for bringing this in my awareness today as I develop a leadership program .
    I am holding myself lightly in my own journey…..what a fine line we walk daily.
    Thank you Mother for your gift of self realization!!!

    1. Jayanthi

      What a powerful talk from Shri. Mataji, condenced so nicely to our understanding, hope most of us can start applying in our life with total surrunder. Jayanthi

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    Beautiful Article !!!

    Even reading the content, 2 balloons comes in control.

    Wonderful Efforts.!

  3. Mihaela

    Thank you for this article! I use to meditate and I always feel my right Nabhi catched. Always. Now, I understdood that this is because my ego, my Mr Ego, only. Togheter with Nabhi I felt sometimes Left Heart,right Swadistan, left Vishuddhi, Agya…Now it is everything so clear!It is PURE EGO!
    Congratulationes for the excellent job! Great articles!

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    Congratulations for such a nice article. The article is a very essential one. Thank you for such a nice compiation and such good in the explaination as well. This explains a lot of things. Thanks.

  5. Debbie

    Let’s learn from this and start doing for others, giving of ourselves and not expecting anything in return. Let’s learn how to deflate the balloons that bring no joy to us and others around us.

  6. Dusan

    Very inspirational…
    Even giving attention on this nice article, I am feeling that something is working in my head – the ballons are becoming smaller – it’s like a treatment.

    “Shri Mataji, it’s all truth what You have discovered for us.”

  7. Veni

    Love your openness dearest Ioana,

    Your postings are always lovely. Reading them is a real pleasure!
    Hope this one will help many brothers and sisters to introspect well, and to let the Spirit win over “Mr. Ego & Superego”:)in the name of Spiritual Ascent.

  8. Analuiza

    Dear Ioana, You do a good job in collecting these excerpts. Thanks

  9. Dr. Rajan rawat

    O divine mother come into our lives and our heart,illuminate with joy our existence, “Holy Mother ,please teach us to LOVE and FORGIVE” , give us power to keep our attention on our Spirit and let all the problems of the material world be solved by YOUR MERCY .


  10. Col. (Retd.) Sasanka Shekhar Swain

    Dearest Ioana,
    A wonderful job.
    Thank you very much.
    Sahaj love & regards

  11. Shashidhar

    The poet-saint Kabira advised seekers to look for God within and not in temples, forests and caves. Similarly, to identify the obstacles (enemies), a seeker needs to look within – an insight so beautifully described in the above post!

  12. Laurie

    Simply Amazing! I will plan to read this article once a week for a bit. It was something I really needed at this point in time and I thank you for creating it 🙂

  13. adrian

    EGO…or . EGOLESS… which do you choose?

    When there is no need to be “RIGHT’… then you become egoless.

    When you are not concerned about being “WRONG”… then you are egoless.

    Being EGOLESS is about listening, and then listening within… deeper and deeper.

    A very important topic to understand in our Life’s Experience.

    1. adrian

      Be in the center… Joy

      1. adrian

        I love Shri Mataji’s analogy of balloons… in relation to ego and superego…

        my interpretation would be…

        “if they become inflated, and you are holding onto too many… you will be lifted off the ground”…

        That would mean you/we/me are no longer grounded… and floating about helplessly… with NO direction.

        “what would happen if you let go of these balloons?…

        Simply… you would come back to earth… which is where we want to reside in the present!

        The balloons represent… things such as “greed, the need to ridicule, to be defensive and so on… ” They serve no purpose other than to keep us floating about aimlessly!

        So “let go”… and be in the center.

  14. Astina

    Good Contribution Iona, thanks.

    It shows how much attention is to be given to our NABHI CHAKRA as it is doing a tremendous job in us, with mother’s gift of divine vibrations we should take care and cleanse this chakra as to deflate the ego balloon so that we don’t get lost in our spritual ascent.

  15. Elsie

    This a powerful message teaching us to gain control over our lives and be the person that Sahaja Yoga teaches us to be – giving to others joy and peace. It shows the relationship between the chakras and mental, emotional and physical body affected by ego.

  16. Chandra Sekhar

    Shri Mataji makes it so simple, yet so important for us to watch our ego which comes in many disguises. It is very tricky gremlin indeed, raising its head in many different ways in many different shapes!

    Thanks, Ioana.

  17. paula

    It is amazing that an article I have seen before can resonate on a completely different level at another phase of one’s journey. Yesterday at class, I gave myself a “workshop” meditation and the most powerful mantra that filled my being with tremendous vibrations was “I am not the doer, you are the do-er and enjoyer”…Meaning I am not in control and I don’t need to be…I am protected because the divine is the do-er…and the ENJOYER…and ultimately by setting aside my plans and my ego I received the gift of blissful vibrations right in class. I can enjoy the connection and the vibrations…and feel very protected.

  18. Lily

    I like it.

  19. Rabi Ghosh

    An unparalleled unique explanation combined with such a lucid commentary. One of the most difficult subject explained with such simplicity and non complex language that permeates at ease. This is only possible by our Mother. As if the entire narration is a tour of the unknown realm that scientist would take eons to unfold the science behind its mechanism though the technology has advanced greatly.

    Even on today’s perspective it seems so much modern. The knowledge is eternal in Sahaja. Its just bliss to learn so much coming directly from divinity unravelling the mysteries of a mystic world of divine knowledge.

  20. Rabi Ghosh

    What is really revealing that most of us just have superficial knowledge about this second chakra Swadisthana. The Kundalini as it is said ascends enters the Nabhi first and then enters the Swadisthana and then again in Nabhi in third place.

    Second interesting fact is Swadisthana is a single chakra that keeps on rotating around the void and then comes out of Nabhi. Understanding about this point even to elders and older yogis are at times not very clear. This very speech makes so many aspect so transparent as how the single chakra manifests collecting information and controlling the mechanism of the organs that it encounters inside our system in gross physical side. The chakra manifest with certain aspect to form the left aspect while with the creativity spree it manifests the right aspect within the subtle self.

    Therefore the bottom line is we should read and re-read the subject and in-between the line to understand the mechanism that describe a great lot of our action, and controlling ego or the superego. How pampering of ego happens. Though we know it but the subtle aspect is well explained by the action of this particular chakra.

    Very very interesting subject. The more one reads more the person delves into the joy of enjoying the divine mechanism of creation and the engineering behind creating especially human beings with freedom.

  21. Niti

    Thanks Iovana to bring such an important message of Shri Mataji in front of everyone.There is no doubt that one cannot
    achieve joy without getting rid of ego and superego.

  22. Anjali Gandhi

    Very insightful article on ego and the connection with the heart. We are much more higher than this ego..what a wonderful realization. Thank you for this gem. I will be surely re-reading to absorb the depth of this message.

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