International Women’s Day celebrated in Burlington – How Was it?! Enjoy Photos & Video with Ksenia’s Music!!

Special Event – Ode to Kundalini Shakti

On March 10, in Burlington at Sahaja Yoga Meditation Class, we had spent an amazing time together: meditating, learning and singing songs (bhajans) dedicated to Kundalini Energy, also dancing (!), enjoying a potluck and sharing our experiences related to the feminine powers in our life. The highlight was definitely our special guest for that evening: Ksenia – a wonderful singer and sahaja yogini from Toronto – that was both singing and playing at Harmonium classical Indian music for us: bhajans and Ragas. Later that evening we had Ahilan joining Ksenia at Tabla, and one couldn’t resist to that incredible rhythm we all had to stand up and we’ve started dancing around our musicians, clapping and feeling our Kundalinis tall and moving with the music. As many participants were saying: ” What an incredible evening!!! One to remember!!”

Ksenia – Enjoy a Sample Video!

** the video is from  a personal archive, Ksenia was performing with her Bhajan group in Russia at an intimate meditation workshop event, a couple of years back

Those that want to read more about the Suble Powers of Women from a sahaj perspective, click here.

I invite everyone that had participated to our evening in Burlington to share directly here, as comments to this article,  your impressions and experiences. Thank you!

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  1. Anajli

    It was a joyful event..2hrs are simply not enough! At times, it felt as if we were all swimming in an ocean of love and there was beauty every where. I heard somebody say “Sahaja yogis are such loving ppl!” Thank you Ksenia for your wonderful performance, it was such a pleasure to meet you and I hope that you will perform for us once again!

  2. Noreen

    Wow! Love it! Thanks for sharing the video (amazing) and pics.

  3. paula erskine

    Ksenia has a wonderful voice we all agreed, and when Ahilan came in with his tabla(drums) it was a spontaneous musical moment. Thank you for coming all the way from Toronto and explaining what each song meant in such simple and sweet way. Plus the potluck from all different cultures was delicious!

  4. Malti Menon

    It was one of the most joyous evenings I have spent in a very long tine. Thank you Ksenia and Ahilan for wonderful and spontaneous jugalbnadhi(playing same music together). I was drenched in amazing vibrations and love. Thanks for leading such loving and wonderful class. I agree with Paula about the food from different cultures being delicious.

    Thank You all for making it happen.

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