Echoes of the SAHAJ World’s Easter 2022

Enjoy Easter Wisdom and Subtle Knowledge from Sahaja Yoga intertwined with echoes from this year’s Easter celebrated by Sahaja Yogis around the World

Glorious Easter in Mexico

Photo captured in Mexico by a dear friend during the Easter Weekend 2022. Thank you Augusta!

The Glory and Dharma of Jesus Christ

Now it is for you people to bring back the Glory of Christ, to bring back the dharma of Christ, to reflect the great image of Christ. When people say that you had no ideals, I’m amazed. 

Who could be a better ideal than Jesus Christ?! Can’t think of anybody better, but nobody tries to follow Him, only try to use Him for wrong purposes.

Shri Mataji: excerpt from 1987 Christmas talk in India

dharma [Sanskrit word for ‘innate righteousness / religion’ ]

 The Wings of Kundalini Awakenings and the Easter Egg

(look in the next photo for the bird with large wings emerging from the Sun)

“You become aware of that shell, that ego, especially in the Western life as it is, you know, its ego yet is pampered; all the time in competition, in this and that. And you become that, you are identified with it because you are just an ordinary egg. But if you are awakened, suddenly you start seeing the shell around you, you want to get out of it, just don’t want it. You think, if you get out of it, you’ll have your wings and expect your wings, and you’ll fly in the air, in the space. That feeling comes into you when you separate yourself from the shell. That happens with the Kundalini [energy] awakening.”

Shri Mataji: excerpt from Easter Seminar 1978/04/26 in the UK

Photo captured in Mexico by a dear friend during the Easter Weekend 2022. Thank you Augusta!

“As soon as you become the Spirit, it automatically happens, I don’t have to tell you anything, because you become yourself the Glory. “

Shri Mataji: 1983/04/09

Romanian Yogis: How did they celebrate Easter?

Romanian sahaja Yogis with guests from Ukraine had beautiful meditations under the open Sky 🙂

Pretty amazing! Sahaja Yogis from Romania rented a beautiful space in the mountains and spent the Easter Weekend together with their families. In fact there was an extended Family that welcomed also sahaja yogis refugees from Ukraine. Of course, mostly children with their mothers. So many examples of innocence and love that express resilience through challenges.

During Easter the snow had fallen heavily in Romania, capturing the spring flowers.

During the weekend there were deep meditations, chakra workshops and of course, artistic programs. The moments that created the strongest waves of loving emotions came from the group of children and yogis from Ukraine with their music and dances. Even the hotel’s managers joined into the Easter Spirit and brought surprises for the children!

We were told that during that Easter weekend Mother Nature gave its best! After welcoming days perfect for trips and collective meditations on the nearby meadows, the winter came in full power! Enjoy the “evidence”:

Romanian Yogis meditating collectively and connecting to Mother Nature
Next day, there was snow everywhere…

Also the Moon adapted to the Easter Spirit and presented herself that night as an “Silver Egg” adorning the sky.

The moon on the Easter night was highlighting the Romanian Cibin Mountains

Italian Yogis: how did they celebrate Easter?

Beautiful and symbolical arrangement for Easter celebration (Sahaja Yoga in Italy)

“The purpose why I am telling you all this, is to impress upon you that it is absurd to quarrel against yourselves after grouping as Hindus or Muslims or Christians. If you could see the principle behind all this, you would realize that all these saints are like many flowers on the same Tree of Religion and are connected with each other because of the one and the same power.

Perhaps, you would be surprised to know that in Sahaja Yoga, the awakening of the Kundalini very much depends on the condition of the Agnya Chakra of the seeker. In the present age, many persons are found with highly inflated ego. That is so, because most of them lead an extremely egocentric life. It is on account of the egoistic attitude, that man fails from his true religion. Man is misled, and therefore remains continuously busy working, thinking, etc., which are complementary to the growth of the ego. Jesus Christ is of great help for securing freedom from the ego.”

Shri Mataji: excerpt from Lecture in Bombay, India 1979/9/27, about Lord Jesus and Kundalini energy

Jesus Christ is the divine principle that governs the Agnya chakra in our subtle energy system
Image from Easter celebration by Yogis (from Italy or England) 🙂

‘God has made you in His complete glory and in complete image. He has made you so beautiful. Accept your beauty. This body is the temple of God. It is to be looked after, not to be starved, not to be tortured. This mind is the flower of God which is to be prepared to receive His blessings and your Heart is the one where His great Spirit resides which you have to touch through your Kundalini awakening and you have to become the universal being, that has to happen to you. It’s all promised ..’

Shri Mataji: 1981/10/16

Canadian Sahaja Yogis: how did they celebrate Easter?

We meditated and tried two techniques of clearing our chakras under this willow tree on Easter Sunday

In fact here in Halton region (Ontario, Canada), we ended up celebrating the Easter twice. We offered a last minute “Going Deeper Seminar” during the Orthodox Weekend for the regular participants to our online classes. Surprisingly we were blessed to welcome also yogi guests from India and the USA. We enjoyed a deep cool collective meditation, wonderful stories with Shri Mataji and miracles of sahaja yoga meditation were shared.

We had such a great time in our Burlington “Gruha Lakshmi ashram”; amazing potluck and heavenly atmosphere created by mama Carmela

We brought flowers and green onions from our gardens, colored and painted Easter Eggs ** thanks to our Cool Kids class and Romanian yogis ** and we received special fruits from India. Of course, we prayed collectively for the World leaders’ egos to melt away and their hearts to open up so Peace can find its final home everywhere.

After the seminar some of us we went on a trail yet with our heads “in the clouds”, as we felt vibrations flowing all around, almost in as cloud angels dancing within chakra-shaped openings in the sky!
We found them as Kundalini swirling above our house once we reached our home again. Truly, a blessed day!

Enjoy the video that contains many photos as well some surprise video-clips!

(VIDEO) Halton’s Orthodox Easter Seminar 2022

(VIDEO) Canadian Yogis learn the Romanian Traditional Orthodox Easter Saying

(video) Spontaneous Little Easter Song of Trust and Surrender

Unexpected connections to Easter and Ukraine collected from Sahaja Yogis

Easter Project for Peace and Protection across the Ukraine

Manifestations in Ukraine

During Easter we received news about the billboards with Shri Mataji’s photo and sahaja yoga’s message of peace that will be placed in many cities and towns across all of Ukraine. Before the beginning of the war there was only one, placed in a plaza of a major city. People started noticing that somehow the people that manifested in that plaza for freedom were protected from harm. Therefore with donations from Yogis across the world, there is hope for more positive vibrations to reach out and contribute towards spreading peace, love and protection for the Ukrainian people.

Recorded Meditation Sessions dedicated to Easter (+ Subtle Knowledge)

(VIDEO #1) Easter and God’s Blessings explained by Shri Mataji

(VIDEO #2) Forgive and Connect on Easter (Going Deeper)

(Video #3) Listen to AFRICAN Choirs – Easter Special Meditation and Celebration

Easter Basket for Your Heart (2021)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article with all that it offers. Don’t be shy, drop a comment if you like. 🙂

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  1. Colleen

    Great article!! Those sky pictures in Mexico are absolutely magnificent and magical. So beautiful!! Loved the videos of the Halton Easter, miss you guys!! Love and hugs to you all.
    I took a screenshot of the picture and quote of Shri Mataji, Human Beings, their love is so beautiful, and I’m sharing on my Facebook and instagram. Amazing picture and quote!! Thank you.

  2. Kruti

    After practicing Sahaja Yoga for so many years, all the quotes of Shri Mataji, brings so much depth to our awareness. Not just mentally, but vibrationally these quotes are just gems. What a joy to see other brothers and sisters celebrating Easter! Really enjoyed the photos and the videos, they opened the heart. Thank you for this wonderful article and online classes, they are really helping to dive in deeper into spirituality.

  3. Ajay Nargas

    Fascinated by reading recent everlasting experiences of Easter celebrations across globe by yogis. Quotes of Mataji aptly nourishes your mind and enlightens to be like blooming flower. How yogis experience Mataji love for her truth seekers and Yogi children is evident from Romanian weather support and beautiful manifestation of moon. Amazing sight at Mexico and love of Mataji for Ukrainians . Even I felt similar experience at Crawford lake seminar last week .Rain stopped when we meditated and started once ready to go back home. Amazing experience. Thanks Ioana for this exhilarating article Jai Shree Mataji

  4. paula

    I am just melting with a permeating peace…connecting to Sahaja Yogis in Romania…I feel the warmth of the people, the love, the open arms…what big hearts you have! I loved celebrating Easter in Spirit with Romanians and in multi-cultural Canada with our eggs! We broke our egos, our conditionings with those eggs! It was a beautiful, joyful seminar among meditating yogis and I look forward to each and every article that brings this whole world together, united as one. I only want peace to permeate this world, because I know that love and peace and connection to the all pervading power of the universe is what we all can have inside to fight negativity from inside and out. Let there be peace, peace, peace. Let there be respect and love for all. This is my prayer to the world.

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