Meditate on Emotional Intelligence with Lotuses & Essential Definitions – Answers

Shri Mataji: “However great a man may be in society, without love he will lack the force of gravity, the sweet fragrance of a flower.”

“You are all Sahaja Yogis. You have become like Lotuses. And the lotus has the fragrance which spreads all over.

You are the people who are to give fragrance of your love, fragrance of your compassion to others.

And you should feel happy about it.”

This article is an invitation for  introspection and meditation on the Emotional Intelligence – with the founder of Sahaja Yoga and with Inspiring Images.. do not miss the lotuses:-).  It is a longer lecture but quite rewarding to those that are searching for honest answers or for “food for thought“. All below represent excerpts from Sahaja Yoga teachings.

What is Emotional Intelligence

In one of my lectures, I talked to you about the emotional intelligence. That is what we should try to imbibe. Emotional intelligence, that means the intelligence that is based on emotions. Unless and until we become emotionally intelligent, our society cannot work. In an emotional intelligence, you care and you enjoy caring. You do everything for others with a great emotional understanding. Not for one child, not for one son, but for everyone you have to be emotionally intelligent.

Sahaja Yoga and Emotional Intelligence

You are Sahaja Yogis. You have to send waves of emotional intelligence.

You have to send love to all over the world.

You have to show how you can, with love, win over.

Emotional Intelligence for Families

I know it’s too much to say, but I thought that, for this special puja, I should say something about the family life. Some children are born like this, but some are to be made like that, that they should be emotionally intelligent. Because, if the mother and father are money-oriented, very selfish, they wouldn’t allow their child to give anything to others. So such a child will grow into a very funny type of a person and will never do anything for anybody, not even for his own country. Why should he? Everything for selfishness. Then such people indulge into corruption, indulge into all kinds of things, which are only selfish in attitude. Now we are talking of collectivity. In collectivity, we do for others. We enjoy doing for others. We love giving things to others, not for yourself, because your children will also become the same kind and they will only bother about themselves.. As I agree, I am just a woman and just a mother, but what I have is really the emotional intelligence, ocean of it, and from that I know about everyone, I understand about everyone. And all this work has been done because of that quality in my head. I’m not attached to one person or to one style. Whatever you say, I can understand, because I am at a level where I can understand everything that you are doing. To achieve that, you try to develop emotional intelligence. Here the children won’t even give a toy to somebody to play with. Even the mother is like that, the father is like that, extremely selfish and: “We must have our own, you see, everything should be our own.” This has to go. This has to go, from Americans especially, because they are the leading nation in this kind of selfishness. What selfishness they have done, I need not count, but you know that. You go and ask the people of Canada, Mexico, Peru, all this, they will tell you. Being selfish, they are not ashamed. They are exploiters, they are not ashamed. Nobody can even tell them, because they think they are very rich people. But all these riches will not give them the joy of life.. But they’ve done because of this lack of emotional intelligence. Joy of life is only in the emotional intelligence. If you don’t have that, it becomes very dry. Life becomes very odd, unbearable, horrible and even the family gets broken, if there is no emotional intelligence in the family.

Emotional Intelligence – The Expression of Innocence

“I told you, Innocence is the Spirit, and Spirit is the innocence, which cannot be destroyed by anything. The fact is that it cannot be destroyed by anything, and it can be re-established through Sahaja Yoga. You might have been a very aggressive person, you might have been a very unhappy person, you might have been a person who is all the time disturbing others – maybe. But after Sahaja Yoga, you can make your personality so sweet and beautiful that, not only you can enjoy, but others can also enjoy. This innocence is something which is absolute, honest intelligence. It is not that it works for some purpose. But it is purposeless. It is absolutely purposeless. And thus it achieves that height of joy because there is no purpose in anything. It sees the futility of all kinds of endeavours that we have, and it just enjoys. Why people are running up and down, why are they fighting? It just stands up, sees that: “Why should they do it?” – like that. Some may think they are all right, there is nothing wrong with them, but it is not so.
Innocence is something, I told you, is an innate quality, and you should not deceive yourself by thinking you are innocent. On the contrary, you just put some introspection upon yourself, and see for yourself what have you been doing so far, as far as others are concerned? What is your attitude? I have already talked to you about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the expression of innocence. It is the expression of Shri Ganesha within us. Children who are gifted with this will always try to please you. They know what you want, what you need. They will give you all the joy that you want, they will do all the things that you like, just to please you. They don’t have their own wants. They don’t want to have their own demands. They never say: “I want this”, “You do for me” –never! They just want to see what you want, what do you want to have. And they put all the effort to supply you with that, whatever you want.
It is very interesting how the children behave towards others, elders. Just like, I would say, a great understanding, we should say, like a very elderly personality. So, in innocence, you become extremely grown up, matured. Very matured.

With that maturity, you know what this person needs, and what the other person should not have. And the way they establish is very interesting.”

“Children are the most interesting things, I think, in the world.”

“For me, roses are very beautiful, but children are the most interesting thing. And they teach you so many things that you are surprised at their innocence.  (**)”

Christ: Truth in Emotional Intelligence

“It is something that is a sense of giving. It is not that you are sacrificing anything, no! That’s also another idea, that we are to bear this —nothing of the kind. Look at the life of Christ, He gave His life. Why? What was the need for Him to do that? Behind Him was the Truth. When you have the Truth with you, the light of the Truth, the source of the Truth, the strength of the Truth, you become emotionally intelligent. You understand that, if you really love something, then you have to undergo every kind of trouble. You have to tolerate lot of nonsense.

Just Intelligent or Emotional?! What’s the outcome in Life

“This emotional intelligence has to be brought in our life. In our pattern that we have, are we emotionally intelligent or we are just intelligent or emotional? Both things are there. If you are just intelligent, you can become very dry person. You may just have few friends maybe, you may not have and you will always try to preserve yourself away from the collectivity. And if you are emotional, you’ll be attached to only one person, attached to one child, attached to one person, to someone, even in the society. For no rhyme or reason. Why? Why are you attached to one person? Why you bothered about one person only? All such people fall into such terrible play. In the politics you have seen now, people try to help their own sons and own daughters and this and that. And we Indians have suffered a lot with this kind of an emotional attachment.”

Emotional Intelligence versus Exclusiveness

“Now exclusiveness is another fashion that’s very miserable, it’s exclusive. because you don’t want to be one of the multitudes. You want to be exclusive. You should be exclusive in emotional intelligence, not on other things. That is the best thing that you can have.”

Emotional Intelligence in Ethics

“So, according to ethics, emotional intelligence is the highest quality, by which you give to others, you care for others, for everyone and you become very, very collective. In our ashrams or in our programs or wherever we are, we should remember this point, that: “Are we having that emotional intelligence when we are trying to talk about Sahaja Yoga?”

A Progressive Country – Sahaj Definition

If your country is very progressive, I must say, you must progress in emotional intelligence. That way, they have philanthropists, I know. Americans are known to be philanthropists. But behind that is they want to have power. They want to rule people with that money. It’s not emotional intelligence, it’s they just want to rule. If they start some sort of a charity, that is just to have a big name on the television, or to have a very great advertisement about, “Oh, him!” and then he moves like a tycoon all over. Wee part of their own money, wee part of their property, work it out and make such a fuss about it, because they want to cash everything…”

Sahaja Yogis and The Power-Responsibility of Lotuses

It is also possible, if you are not so attached. If you are not attached, say to your country only— now this is a bigger issue — then you will try to exploit other countries, take advantage of them, try to run them down. But if you are emotionally attached to your country, then you’ll bring good name to your country by doing real good work.
Why are they so selfish, trying to bring them up, trying to do all the good things for themselves? There is a very great chance for all of you to get this within your reach, because you are all Sahaja Yogis. You have become like lotuses. And the lotus has the fragrance which spreads all over and, days together it stays in the water, in that dirty water, and it spreads the fragrance. With that fragrance also, you can do lots of things, that the Bees come there, they sleep in that beautiful house of the lotus

and in the night it closes down very carefully. All kinds of things that come from the flower to take the beauty of that flower, you can say, because you can extract also the essence of that, which has fragrance. You can also get some honey out of that. Whatever is possible, everybody comes to that flower. That doesn’t mean that flower in any way is weak, but that’s its quality, that’s its strength, that’s its understanding. That’s what you are. You are all made into lotuses.

You are the people who are to give fragrance of your love, fragrance of your compassion to others. And you should feel happy about it. That doesn’t mean that you give up this, give up that. Nothing of the kind. But it means that, whatever you have, whatever is your possibility, capability, you must try to do for others, give it to them. And the more you do in this collectivity… That’s what is very important, at least for America, because everybody is trying to follow America, money-making business, this business, that thing. But you are all Sahaja Yogis, so what you have to do is take advantage of your achievement and give this to others, give Realisation to others. But there is some sort of a lurking ambition, which goes against, against the culture of Sahaja Yoga. You want to be leader, or you want to put down somebody, or you think no end of yourself. That’s no good. And also they do Sahaja Yoga or spread Sahaja Yoga because they want to enhance themselves. This is not the way. It’s very, very simple. Only thing, you should understand that you have a special place in the whole universe today. You are not to rot. You are not to waste your life. So, for everyone, you must have compassion and love.
I know some people grow very fast, but some don’t, because they lack this balance between emotion and intelligence. This balance has to be completely established. And I know, one day, this America will lead so many people, so many people, thousands, in Sahaja Yoga. So far, whatever was wrong was adopted: drug addiction starts, then another thing starts. All kinds of nonsensical things started in this country. Why? Now, the new lotuses that are there, they have to change the atmosphere of this lake, where all kinds of dirty things are coming up, immoral things are coming up, ruining the whole world. So, in our general attitude also, we should try to see: How to create, and all these things of different, different Chakras, you should try to concentrate on them and see for yourself what are you doing? What are you making out of your life? You are Sahaja Yogis. You are special people. You are not ordinary. I want to tell you that you should have self-esteem. Try to understand what is your quality, what are you. Thank you very much. May God bless you!”

Emotional Intelligence gives the Quality of Life. Essential in Women, Mothers, Family, Country, Collectivity

“And mother’s job is not to control. Her job is to love, to give compassion and this is the quality of women is lost in these .. so-called advanced. It is a very dangerous thing. I personally think that, if such a thing happens, families will be destroyed. Nobody will have respect for the lady who looks after the family. And she is more than a prime minister, I would say, in a family and she has to be respected and to be understood. .. Basically, the families have to be good. This Collectivity must work first in the family..

Life becomes very odd, unbearable, horrible and even the family gets broken, if there is no Emotional Intelligence in the family… When you have the Truth with you, the light of the Truth, the source of the Truth, the strength of the Truth, you become Emotionally Intelligent. You understand that, if you really love something, then you have to undergo every kind of trouble. .. I know it’s too much to say, but I thought that.. I should say something about the family life. In our programs or wherever we are, we should remember this point, that: ‘Are we having that emotional intelligence?!’ All these people are devoided of that great quality of emotional intelligence. If your country is very progressive, I must say, you must progress in emotional intelligence.”

Emotional Intelligence for Everyone – via Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“Why do I need to be every place to tell them? What is the need? You can tell them: ‘If you have that emotional intelligence, everybody will listen to you.’ Why not? Not necessary I should go everywhere and talk to them. How many countries can I do? And the reaction to it is so beautiful and so nice. It’s very surprising. Like in a country like Benin country, all Muslims there, all black people, they all have become Sahaja Yogis. Nine thousand. How could I capture that? Just think of that. Nine thousand people come to you! Then also other countries I have seen. Just this is the power of emotional intelligence that captures the heart of the people. You may have any amount of property, money, everything, people will abhor you. Alright. So you may say: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with this?” (wrong is) That you are harming the greatest thing, is the human being. And the politicians they are horrible, as they say. Why? Because they have no emotional intelligence. Also as administrators, they are very much difficult, because they have no emotional intelligence. All these people are devoided of that great quality of emotional intelligence.”

Quotes from a 2000-07-01- Lecture and Meditation on Adi Shakti Principle (the primordial power of the universe) and from a lecture on the Principle of Innocence  (represented by Lord Ganesha) from 2000 -17- 09 (**), offered by Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga.

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  1. Rabi

    Beautiful illustration !!!! and analogy too to define the most valuable asset in Human awareness….and so simply tackled by Mother quotation punctuated with the composition by Ioana in a frame of organized meaning to this keyword. It is indeed higher awareness and the discretion that acts in human and is awakened when we start developing this intelligence with full surrender.
    Someone once spoke in humour that one often encounters a question (quote) outside the -temple- a definition that states “why should we believe in God”? It is probabaly because there are some questions that cannot be answered by google search.

    Have a Good day always. Great article.

  2. Kalpana Kamat

    A great insight. Lot of subtle pointers to introspect one’s own personality and check our own assumptions while practicing sahaja core values in true sense in day-today life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article.

  3. Debbie

    While I read this article, thoughts and beautiful memories of my beloved mother who passed recently came to mind. Samdai Hanuman was a selfless person who had a heart of gold. She cared for everyone and always did everything she could to bring happiness and to show how much she genuinely cared. I feel very blessed because she instilled these great qualities in her family. Thanks Ioana & Mataji for the beautiful message and reminder to us all of what is truly most significant in life.

    Lots of love always.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      How thoughtful…

  4. Vivek

    Very refreshing. I loved the picture of the small baby girl. Its so innocent 🙂
    May Maa bless all. 🙂

  5. Adidev

    Its a best collection i have ever come across about emotional intelligence.We pray for achieving this. May our Divine MOTHER bless all.

  6. Judy

    Tribute My Momzie
    My mother’s lotus pod and my young sister Debbie is a member of the Sahaja Yoga Organization. Out of sheer curiosity I looked up “Sahaja Yoga” and I stumbled upon this article “Meditate on Emotional Intelligence with Lotuses”. This article also reminded me of the innate emotional intelligence of my “Momzie” who passed away on January 31, 2010. Her ability to show empathy, care for other and give of herself so selflessly will linger on my mind eternally. These qualities will act as a blueprint for my siblings and I on how we should continue to conduct our lives with humility. I read somewhere that a Lotus symbolizes purity of heart and mind. Having said this, I wish to ordain my mother as a “Lotus” because this is who she was. Her personality radiated a fragrance of unconditional love to everyone she came into contact with. She was devoted to her god even in the last moments before her unconscious state of mind, as in her faint voice she recited the “Gayatri Mantra”. My mom’s smile, her gentle eyes and unpretentious attitude illuminated the lives of her family, friends and all those who knew her.
    I wish to offer my sincere thanks and deepest gratitude to the author(s) of this article. The bouquet of words, analogies and metaphors used to compose this article is praiseworthy and inspirational. Thanks for spreading the words of love and compassion through Sahaja Yoga and with the realization of Emotional Intelligence. I hope that this article will serve as a moral compass to encourage humanity to become more compassionate and generous toward others.
    Warmest Regards…

  7. Helga Adams

    Emotional Intelligence must be the liveblood to hold our families together and at the same time remember that we are not alone on this earth and many others can do with our help.
    What a wonderful world it would be if we all thought of each other with the right emotions and intelligent conversation, instead of fighting and demanding to be heard and be right in our own thoughts.

  8. Sandra

    Beautiful! And a master piece of connecting innocence, lotuses, and emotional intelligence. Only possible in the Divine Realm.

  9. Jos Boven

    Emotional intelligence might be the same as “loving from your Heart” (Shri Mataji).
    I have sent “Tip-tooing to Mary” to our collective and they have enjoyed it very much.
    Thank you for your wonderful sahaj work (if it is work ?)

  10. Jayanthi

    Very powerful talk, if we can understand the power of love without any conditions then only this article makes sense like that little girl in the picture who’s connection is beyond physical, she gets attracted to the essence of pure love which she has shared from the bottom of her heart.
    Jai Shri Mataji

    1. adrian

      Jayanti you say…

      “The power of love without any conditions…”

      What you say is so simple and meaningful.

      My feeling on the intent of the “power of love” is:

      “That love is given unconditionally without any expectation placed in return”…


  11. Jolanta

    This makes me think of the exploitation of the concept of emotional intelligence for book writing/selling purposes (which I was expected to read while studying to obtain university degree)…

  12. Helen

    So important for what is going on in the world . Highlighting so much we can indeed do to help make the world a better place.
    To illuminate a focus of Being.
    To awakened intelligence indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ajay Nargas

    Thanks for..Superb collection of excerpts on emotional intelligence and it’s link to innocence. Great knowledge.Jai Shree Mataji.

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