(video) Enjoy & Learn from INDIA – #1 Recorded “Experience India” Public Program containing Vibrant Music, Dance, Sahaj Wisdom and Live Feedback (HINDI + EN)

VIDEO from EXPERIENCE INDIA Program – “The Essence of the Enlightened Indian Culture” (Jan 24, 2021)

We hope you’ve enjoyed the video with everything that was presented (as promised there were subtitles in English for the subtle knowledge that was shared). We are grateful to the amazing artists, all of them are Sahaja Yogis.

We welcome your feedback on our program – one can drop a comment / reply by the end of this article 🙂

Also a reminder that this coming Sunday on Jan 31 @ 10 AM EST (Toronto time) we welcome You and Everyone to join us online for the 2nd “Experience India” program: “Yoga Bhoomi Session with Sahaja Yoga Meditation”. There will be a completely different content and format., still in Hindi (yet all videos sharing knowledge will have subtitles in English 🙂 ) Poster is presented below:

On Sunday, Jan 31 at 10 AM EST (Toronto time), corresponding to 8:30 PM IND (Indian time zone)

(ज़ूम का उपयोग करके जुड़ें)

Don’t forget to check the video we’ve shared ABOVE — such a treasure for your Soul to enjoy. Definitely you will be joining the Cabella Yuvas’ “last dance”, the Niranand Joy is guaranteed! 🙂

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  1. Satish Thakare

    Best website on SAHAJAYOGA
    The Memorable & Enspirable article & photos.
    Give divine mind peace, joy & love.
    Experience Divine love of Shree Mataji.
    All the Best , Thanks a lot !

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