Meditation for Pets – Cat Cookie’s Story

Yes Meditation is for Pets! That’s what we learn from Cat Cookie’s Story

Romeo is Kavita’s pet. Kavita, as Liz does too, is joining our Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes. Romeo loves to BE as close as possible to her space where she meditates, especially by Shri Mataji’s photo. Evidence attached!

This short article is answering the following ardent questions:

“Can we meditate with our Pets?!” or “Would my Cat let me meditate?!”

As per Liz’s letter you might discover that your Cat might Not let you meditate .. alone because she might LOVE to join your meditation. Why is that?! Because “this” Meditation — Sahaja Yoga Meditation — it also produces wonderful positive energy that we call “Vibrations”. Let’s dive into the Story!

Meet Holly’s Kittie Cat who just gave birth to her first 3 kittens. They live in Nova Scotia. Holly came to our Burlington Sahaja Yoga classes where she learnt to meditate and now she is spreading loving vibrations wherever she goes, to her pets too.

We have a cat, her name is Cookie. Cookie is very independent and usually keeps to herself. The majority of the time she just ignores us.
When we meditate Cookie seems to know. It does not matter where in the house she is and how quiet we are being, she knows. Cookie just shows up and wants to hang out. If the door is closed she will throw her weight into the door until it opens. She wants to be in the room with us. It is like she can feel the vibrations! She tries to climb up onto our laps. She purrs and climbs up and onto the bed. She climbs all over us and will continue unless she is acknowledge with much petting. If you try to clear the left channel she always jumps off the bed and tries to pet herself with your hand!! She is so happy and loud (purring) she will not leave us alone. We are sure she is a Sahaja cat!!  :-)) “

The above  story was shared by our friend Liz from our Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class.

Enjoy another testimonial from Liz (about the miracle of wishes coming true!) here.

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Abi is holding the new born Kittie in her palm offering some soothing loving vibrations.

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  1. Andra

    Cookie is so cute, sweet as a cookie. What a big smile, it melts your heart.

  2. purnima

    yeah it is loving and amazing to see animals so receptive of vibrations

    in a similar manner our dog at home just barks off people he doesnt like and allows all yogis with nice vibrations in without even moving an inch…as if saying…”don’t get afraid,,i wont mind you at all,,c’mon now you can give me a pat”

    and just doesnt let any of us meditate or sb in the lawn

  3. Barbara

    My cat is Sophia. Sophia loves vibrations. She spends her days lying in front of Shri Matajis photo. Twice she has saved me from danger. Once from snake that was in my bathroom. The second time from a funnel web that was on my verandah. Of course when we are mediatating she climbs onto the lap and purrrrrrs

  4. amanda

    We have a lovely zebra finch called Eric. When he’s let out of his cage he will fly to a picture of Shri Mataji playing a musical instrument and hover in front of the picture. When we moved the picture to the other side of the room, he still did so. He’s a very long lived finch now, many years over what their lifetime should be!

  5. Elsie Kuly

    Animals are wonderful and very smart. Cookie is an example of this. She is tuned in to Sahaja Yoga too. Howeverful I believe that cats (and dogs) have healing capabilities and a book has been written about this

    A charming story about a delightful cat.

  6. Jos Boven

    A few years ago we had a hunting dog. His name was ‘Zippy'(?). Every morning, when I started meditation at about 5 o’Clock, het climbed on my knees and stayed there absolutely quiet for an hour … which was not his habit.
    He obviously liked to meditate with Shri Mataji!

  7. Sahaj

    Great story, I have seen so many pets with great understanding of divinity, I am sure Cookie is one of them.

  8. Rabi Ghosh

    Very soft and enjoying story. At times it seems certain pets do understand with sensitivity and behaves. Shri Mataji often spike of Her dogs that She always said missed Her and went without food for days whenever She was out for days in a stretch.
    Whenever She returned the dog used to pull Her saree but never leaked Shri Mataji as She narrates. They understood well what they needed to understand.

    Thank you for the nice story.

  9. NITI

    Love to read all the pet meditaters stories.Being the most innocent creatures and very close to mother nature,no doubt they all can feel the vibration.Here they are enjoying the vibration of all the sahayogis .Thankyou Ioana for this cute article.

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