Poem – The Lotus Whisperer

The Lotus Whisperer

Gone away, the days I feel the night stronger than ever
Whispering a dream in red I can see color as she sleeps
far away with lotuses a kingdom is welcoming a queen
Dawn and day are the same no time left in between
I come from a place where people talk in whispers
Gentle souls with gentle gestures
Hovering over a billion lotuses
A whispering queen no one notices
I have pronounced a sadness today
But the departed Queen spoke as she lay
I lived to whisper a lotus in you
and I will whisper so many flowers in you
Come and gather in the lotus lake
Not a place but a body of fluid grace
where one is bathed in auspicious scents
of wafting benedictions and ambrosial blends
A lighter light knows all that is little
Our thoughts crossed in a world so subtle
The Queen and me beyond the mind
landed on a lotus and with the Gods we dined
I sit in a place thinking of the queen
Left behind in a flood of tears that she cleans
As each drop breaks the embankment of the eye
I hear a voice telling me not to cry
The lotus whisperer can be anywhere
there is no choice but to be aware
there is no harbinger to the whisper of the queen
A lotus just emerges killing all that is unclean
At midnight on the last day of destiny
I will hold a lotus for the best in me
A rain of lotuses we wish upon us
A lotus whisper each is your gift for us.
(by Anand Varma – sahaja yogi and grandson of Shri Mataji)

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  1. Rabi Ghosh

    Truly it just bathed me in bliss…..It was indeed very touching… the rhythm expressed as if the ……people were whispering without speaking…people were trying to listen without making an effort to hearing…people were writing songs that could not be sung….Such a beautiful expression…Expression in praise of the paradise and the majestic Queen of paradise. It indeed springs forth a fountain of fragrance of myriad lotuses at one stroke but with a very gentle whisper…. whose heart yearns to join in the same choir…..be One with that collective of beautiful fragrant lotuses to host the Queen of Bliss deep within every heart.

    Thank you Anand…thank you Ioana for bringing such a beauty in paper that makes us so close once again…Thank You Mother, O the Queen of Queens, for You always had been residing within our hearts and shall reside forever and ever. You have given us more than what we asked for.

  2. Susi B

    Thank you for sharing the love and majestic whisper of the Lotus Queen

  3. ann

    What beauty and grace the vibrations of the poem. Whisper, whispers lighter than air as she our queen is forever with us.

    Love Ann

  4. Rosalie Nickerson

    Thank you Anand.

    You are a lotus heart.

    Love Forever.

    Rosalie 🙂

  5. Thava Govender

    Thank you Anand for who you show up in our Sahaj world.

    Thank you for mindfully reminding us to tread lightly and whisper as our Lotus Queen is omnipresent.

    With Nirmal Love.

  6. prabha taparia

    thank you anand bhaya
    its really very very nice

  7. Param Dhillon

    Thank you Anand and Ionna for sharing such beautiful vibrations that are emmitting from this poem, thank you
    Your brother, Param Dhillon

  8. armaity

    Thank you Ioana for sharing this beautiful poem of Anand. It does evoke lots of waves of ‘anand’ within oneself , as the gentle words penetrate within, whispering the words in praise of the One who is Omnipresent among each of our hearts. Long live the Queen, The Queen of our heart, our being and our Sahasrara !
    Thank you Mother for coming among us and letting us “Know” You in Your form visible to our earthly eyes. But in Your Immortal Formless state, You will live forever and ever within each one of us, whom you touched with Your gentle warmth, love and grace. The Lotus Whisperer, You have awakened us to the beauty of the thousand petalled golden lotus which will continue to bloom within !! Thank you again and again and again !!!!!

    1. Feroza Sonday(Radha)

      A beautiful expression of love and devotion.
      She is the Love within us!

  9. Clare


  10. Mool Chand

    Thank You very much for such a beautiful poem.

    Mother is omnipresent, she is with us, caring us as always…..

  11. Kalpana Kaamt

    Thanks Ioana for sharing this beautiful poem. An amazing expression of mother’s love articulated by Anand. Thanks Anand for penning down this marvelous poem.

    Lotus Whispers are more stronger now than before.

    Let’s all pray that the lotus lake would be overflowed with collective togetherness of true nirmal love.

  12. RBL Saini

    Thanks Anand and Iona

    for sharing your feelings

  13. Ratnaprabha Tate

    thanks for sharing the beautiful poem it’s cool


    Today is 11/11/11. Some special day indeed. while travelling in bus towards the Guwahati GPO, Suddenly i noticed a vast lake in the corne of which lot of pink coloured lotus were blossoming which i like the most and enjoy its divinely beauty. I am a simple man not knowing much of experience or sharing. But upon reading Anand Bhaiya’s poem, the poem iteself and the waving and wishpering lotus convey some divine message. We surrender at the loly lotus feet of our sweet Mother.

  15. Katherine Headlam

    Anand, you captured the essence in a way that expresses what can’t be expressed thank you
    much love Katie

  16. Rahul (Rahi) Thamke

    Humbly offering pranam to the love & bhakti of Anand bhaiyya & to all the Sahajyogi’s/Yogini’s.

  17. Antoinette Wells

    Just very beautiful, like in a sublime world

  18. Colleen Burgess

    A very beautiful poem, thank you.

  19. Elsie Kuly

    The poem by Shri Mataji’s grandson,Anand is filled with beauty and truth. He uses words that evoke peace and love in one’s heart. The words come off the page as if he is talking to us.. “I come from a place where people talk in whispers, Gentle souls with gentle gestures”. “Lotus Lake -one is bathed in auspicious scents” I can imagine that lotus lake. A powerful poem

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