What is A Woman’s Perfect Definition?

What is A Woman’s Perfect Definition?

Enjoy Wise Answers celebrating the International Women’s Day – Discover the Relevance of March 8 in Sahaja Yoga!

“In Sahaja Yoga it is ‘compulsory’ that you (a woman 🙂 ) should be happy, you should be joyous and you have to be joyful. Our (women’s) job is to make everybody happy and joyous, That is it. That is our job. That is the Source we have got.

We are the Source of joy, of Confidence, of Love, and Affection, and Kindness and Gentleness.

We are the Source of joy.

Accept this situation.”

(1984-March – Shri Mataji in the “Advice To Western Women – Nirmala Yoga Magazine No 20.”)

One Spirit for Man & Woman in Two Colors

And the Spirit of a woman and the Spirit of a man is just the same. But …Let’s say there’s a lamp which has a blue color and a lamp which has a red color. So the color is different. You’ll have to have two colors. How can you do with one color only ?! At least minimum two colors there should be there, isn’t it?! That’s why the permutations and combinations took place with these three Gunas that are within us (corresponding to our 3 main subtle energy channels: left, right and central in the subtle system) .

(therefore) All sorts of human beings were created.”

Woman is like Mother Earth

“The woman is like Mother Earth. The Earth has so much power that she can absorb a lot of pressure and she is giving fruits and flowers to the whole world. In the same way we women are like the Prithvi Tattwa (‘principle’ in Sanskrit). We have so much power that we can absorb many things and yet shower love from within. God has given us this power.”

“A woman is the strongest point of the household, like this mother Earth, she takes all the problems upon herself, because she is the strongest. Who else can withstand this kind of weight on her? It is the mother. In the same way, a woman in the house is the mother and she has to bear…a husband who comes home and says whatever he likes and takes out all the filth on you.. Such a man has to be, you see, they  (men) are like children I would say, they are like children. They have to take out their tensions on their wives only and you should then absorb all of that. And that’s the sign of a woman. A strong woman doesn’t get easily disturbed by these things. She is not bothered. She says, ‘All right, you little baby come along. Now I have had four babies, now this is the fifth one which is the smallest has come.’ :-)”

Woman as Potential Power – Man as the Kinetic Power

“The woman is the ocean of power and through that only, a man is able to work, like the potential and the kinetic. The woman is the potential and the man is the kinetic. But a woman shouldn’t start running just because a man can run more. She needs to sit, not run. Both acts are different and both have to be balanced in that act. In both actions women can grow.”

“For example, is the fan more powerful or the source of power to drive the fan? If one thinks, ‘I see the fan and I see it moving so it is more powerful’, it is wrong. ” “God has made men and women . If it was to make a unisex he would have made a unisex. He did not. So one must accept the sex in which you are born with grace and beauty and dignity.” “When need arises a woman can work even more than a man. In Maharashtra we had the example of Rani Tarabai, a seventeen-year-old girl, the younger daughter-in-law of Shivaji. When everyone was dismayed and defeated by Aurangzeb, she defeated him and made his grave in Aurangabad. You can understand that when a woman fully absorbs her power then she is very powerful and terrific. But if she uselessly dissipates her powers by fighting, arguing, criticizing, absurd behavior and silliness then all her powers get destroyed. A woman is so powerful that she can, if she wants, work much more than a man. But first she has to respect her power, by being humble, modest, dignified, understanding and compassionate.”

Men may abuse and when they quarrel they may even beat up someone. Women will never do that.”

Woman as Shield – Man is the Sword

“The work of a woman is to bring peace, give protection, like a shield. A shield cannot do the work of a sword. But is a shield or a sword greater? A shield is bigger, because a shield can bear the striking of a sword. A sword will break but not a shield. So women should also settle down in their power. Modesty is the greatest axis of that Shakti (Sanskrit for ‘power’). With modesty and humility take the Shakti within and absorb it, settle down in it. This work is not difficult in Sahaja Yoga. Women should also learn what the chakras are, how to put them right, etc. They must have full knowledge of it; otherwise they will get left behind.”

Chakras Wellness – Brother & Sister or Husband & Wife Relationship

“You must know that all the women of the world are like your Mothers and Sisters.”

“If this does not happen in Sahaja Yoga then it will never happen.”

“Men think that the women are for their pleasure only. They will keep ogling at every woman. To keep looking at every woman is a great sin. If you do this your eyes will get spoiled.. you could go blind. When the eyes keep roving then the greatest harm comes to your chitta (attention). Your attention is moving here and there and getting unsteady. If it is unsteady, then what’s the use of self-realization? If the attention will not be one-pointed and steady it cannot work. One-pointedness should be made practical. In the West, men and women suffer from the roving eye a lot. Western Sahaja Yogis asked how they should keep their attention all right. I told them you only look at the Mother Earth while walking and not more than three feet above the ground. That way you will only see children, flowers and nature. In this way you can control your attention. You should explain to your wife that ‘You are the Shakti and I respect you, but you have to become worthy of it. Where the woman is worshiped, there reside the Gods. But she must be worthy of being worshiped. Who will worship a dirty or wicked woman?! One should understand that she is the mother of our children. If a husband gets angry with his wife in front of the children then they will never respect her. Even a wife should not insult her husband. If a woman learns how to deal with her husband then there will never be any fights. It is very easy to deal with your husbands because they are like children, innocent. You cannot do so by bothering them with useless things. They should also be forgiven like you forgive children. When they go out in the world they have to cope with the world, tensions, fights, etc. If they don’t get angry with their wives then who else can they take it out on? So what if he gets angry? If these kind of feelings are not there towards the husband then one cannot have love and joy with each other. The husband should also give thought to the needs of his wife.”

“It should not be that just because she is the wife he tells something wrong to her. If he gives a wrong suggestion then the wife must tell her husband that it is wrong. But do not fight on petty matters. This type of behavior does not befit Sahaja Yogis at all. I am telling the whole world to live with love and I see that two Sahaja Yogis cannot live together with love. Firstly a husband should be completely vigilant to his wife. If a Sahaja Yogi cannot give up his old habits after coming to Sahaja Yoga then he can never be all right. If he gets all right a bit but not fully, then he is not a Sahaja Yogi.  If after coming to Sahaja Yoga one still has roving eyes and his attention is not steady then it is very wrong. The greatness of  Indian culture is the relationships of men and women which should be like a brother and sister. But in modern times this does not happen..” “

Mother and Wheels

“One should understand how pure a woman should be, how much she should work hard. You will say that Shri Mataji always leaves everything on the woman — because I know how powerful you are. 🙂 I know we have many shaktis because I am the Mother. See how all the deities, sages and saints left it on me that I should give realization to everyone. Many diseases got cured..  I travel all over the world, put things right for everyone but I never feel it, as that power is the power of love. That power of love runs before me. When I see anyone suffering in pain, I immediately pull it within myself. Love is the one that does everything. I don’t feel bad. If there’s pain and discomfort, doesn’t matter. Let it happen. This only a Mother can do. My special attention is on you–that you work with steadiness and adjustment. Men should also help their wives completely, try to understand them, respect them. If both the wheels are not alike then the chariot will not move. Both must be alike but one on the left and one on the right. The left wheel will not fit the right side and vice versa. In this way these are two types of wheels rotating because they are similar and yet not similar.” “Now these two wheels as I said, are very important to God, because so many great people want to take birth on this earth. So many great souls want to take birth on this earth and if we behave in such a manner that all the time this chariot is this way going up or that way going up I can tell you, no child will be willing to be born in this place, who are great people.””

Women: Enhancers of Collectivity & Preservers of Togetherness & Oneness

“.. So many things you can achieve as a woman. For that you have to know a few things, how to express your pure love to others. How to express your genuineness to others.. And you’ll look after other sahaja yogis who come to your house. You’ll make your house a Sahaja Yoga center, receive the people in your house and will always try to Enhance the Collectivity.

..You are the ones who can show that. It is easy for a  woman to be short-sighted, conceited and mean. It takes time for a man to be that. 🙂 “

“So a woman has to be self-satisfied. Satisfied within herself because she has to give. A person who has to give, how can she demand? She has to give love, because she is love. She has to give all the services, she has to give all the possessions, she has to soothe down. What a responsibility, I tell you. What a responsibility. More than a prime minister, more than any king or any one with a responsibility of a woman. She should feel proud of it that such a responsibility has come to her. A housewife has a much more responsibility than a leader of Sahaja Yoga. So they are the Preservers, the preservers of others. They don’t have to preserve things for themselves. We have many stupid women with us, I tell you. Many stupid women. Because they don’t know what power they have got.
So how much it is important, the Gruha Lakshmi principle (governing the Nabhi Chakra) within us, for us to be together. For us to Grow Together, feel the Togetherness. All the time the Oneness which is within us.”

“We are the Source of joy, of Confidence, of Love, and Affection, and Kindness and Gentleness. Accept this situation. ” Shri Mataji

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** This article, that consists of selected excerpts from a bouquet of lectures of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – a powerful woman, most beloved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother as well a respected teacher and yoga scientist, guru of gurus and worshiped saint and yet, the most generous and welcoming housewife .. is offered to all of us, women or men, to reflect upon and imbibe with its truth, again and again.

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A woman is the strongest point of the household, like this mother Earth, she takes all the problems upon herself, because she is the strongest. Who else can withstand this kind of weight on her? It is the mother. In the same way, a woman in the house is the mother and she has to bear. You see, it’s nice to have a husband who comes home and says whatever he likes and takes out all the filth on you, than to have a husband who is very sweet, “hello, hello…” and outside he goes like a bumptious tiger on everyone. Such a man has to be, you see, they are like children I would say, they are like children. They have to take out their tensions on their wives only and you should then absorb all of that. And that’s the sign of a woman. A strong woman doesn‘t get easily disturbed by these things. She is not bothered. She says,”All right, you little baby come along. Now I have had four babies, now this is the fifth one which is the smallest has come.” Let him shout and scream, even with the children, you have to be patient. They’ll hit you, they’ll do anything. I would say that way in India children are treated very kindly and they are specialty, they will do what they like when they are children, but when they grow up we do not have teenage problems. We do not have the problem where the children don’t respect. This is a very important aspect of our modern life that we have to understand. What is the relationship of husband and wife is.

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  1. paula

    AMEN! One of the first gifts I received from Sahaja Yoga was the “power of detachment” which basically saved my attitude towards my relationship and made it blossom. Nobody can say it better than Shri Mataji. The message always resonates crystal clear. Any question I have ever had can be answered through the thousands of lectures, interviews and examples Shri Mataji gave to teach us the dharmic path. Happy International Women’s Day to everyone!

  2. carmen

    Thank you Family!

    Yes accept it we the Women are the Joy.

    And you girls at Halton are good at make us all happy!

    Happy Womens Day to everyone!


  3. Anja

    Woman is resiliance. Resiliance is flexible, strong, built to endure. Man,s endurance allows him to build,able to build, and woman encourages..together they need oneanother to nurture and protect one another, coming in or moving out as the tide of the ocean, alternating in energies where needed.

  4. sur mesure

    Another interesting post , congratulation I add your website in my bookmarks right now 😉

  5. Lavanya

    Simply beautiful compilation!! Enjoyed thoroughly reading this article 🙂

  6. Debbie

    We have been chosen to be women because of our strength and resiliance. We are nurturing creatures and can endure so much at the same time. This is no doubt one of the greatest gifts that we should embrace and be thankful.

    Lots of love always.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      I am remembering those words from so many classes attended…
      When we say…
      “I am not this body/mind”.
      “I am the pure Spirit”.
      Yet when WE ARE…
      “The TWO are ten times the power of The One”

  7. Antoinette Wells

    as usual, well researched and comprehensive, a beautiful blog on the power of a woman. Thank you!

  8. anjali

    Happy belated women’s day to the shaktis around the world. Many girls are being born and the world is going through a major transformation where this man’s world is soon going to turn into a woman’s world. This will hopefully slow down this fast paced rhythm of life and allow people to steady down and become more compassionate, patient and loving. Many women have lost their true womanhood (their power as a woman) due to the demands of the modern age and certain misconceptions and insecurities. Thanks to Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga, we as women can come to the right path and discover the treasure of being a woman that which we have lost/forgotten due to the madness of this era.

  9. Jayanthi

    All the qualities of a woman as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and a grandmother we can see it so clearly in Shri. Mataji at her physical existence on this earth and her divinity in pure love can be understood only with pure love to everyone.
    Happy Women’s Day.

  10. Claudia

    Draga Ioana,

    A recitit articolul si intradevar totul este foarte adevarat si foarte bine subliniat rolul femeii. Mi-a placut enorm . Multumesc pentru articol!

    La Multi Ani de ziua femeii! (cu intirziere)

  11. Shulin

    I’ll have to grow into a good women 🙂 Beautiful article 🙂

  12. Colleen

    I’m glad I’m a woman. 🙂

  13. phyllis

    I absolutely love this article and the principles of Sahaja Yoga. I feel wonderful vibrations when I read such beauty and truth.The balance of life men/women our roles and how one has qualities to take care of each other. The strength of women to carry the whole family and the man to protect his queen and castle! Many thanks for the inspiration of truth in your words!

  14. Raine

    The power of a woman!! The ability to protect your family and shield them from negativity. The ability to transform filth into love and compassion. There is no greater power! Cheers to all my global sisters around the world and the “Goddess” that lives in each and everyone of you!! Namaste ?

  15. Kruti Gandhi

    While reading this article, we realize how powerful and dynamic we, the women, can be. Yet, sometimes we waste our time in miseries. So much to learn and so much to give, that’s what I gathered from this article. Loved all the pictures and of course Shri Mataji’s excerpts. Thank you for this post.

  16. Jolanta

    Thank you for connecting Shri Mataji’s talk transcript(s) to this international celebration on March 8th.

  17. Anjali Gandhi

    Everytime I read this article it re-fuels me with the power to be loving, joyful, compassionate and patient. It reminds me of my responsibility as a woman contributor in this world. It helps me to accept and embrace many things within me that I have overlooked. I love this article. Thank you Shri Mataji for making us realize and revealing the secrets of our power and thank you ioana for bringing those words together through beautiful pics. Truly a treat on this special day of international women’s day

  18. Jolanta

    It is a pleasure to (re)read the excerpts from Shri Mataji’s talks. Celebrating international women’s day was a government imposed, artificial holiday in my home country, and, even though receiving a bouquet of flowers on that day was nice, it never really meant much to me. Hearing the message about the significance of women from the lips of the most inspiring woman, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, and/or reading the excerpts from Her talks makes a huge difference! The truly divine diplomacy of Shri Mataji who travelled around the world to spread the message of love and inner peace through Kundalini awakening / the practice of Sahaja Yoga, and the fact that, in her speeches, she often fearlessly addressed the real problems troubling humanity (including, but not limited to, corruption, cruel exploitation of others, hypocrisy, greed) in the countries she visited, is refreshing and admirable.

  19. Kartikeya

    What a wholesome article to read on Women’s day truly a treat. Shri Mataji is really the ideal we should all try to learn from in our lives!

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