Child Prodigy and Carols of Birds in ONE INVITE for Free Meditation and Spirituality on Sahaj Halton Christmas

This is our Intimate Halton Sahaj Celebration of Christmas! We’ll Have LOTS of Music, a Yummy Potluck (if we all bring goodies!!), Gifts (if we ALL bring 1  Gift for an anonymous Brother or Sister in Sahaj) and  Surprises!! Of course, we’ll enjoy a Glorious Meditation all together and We’ll Feel the Vibrations our our Get-Together with Lots of Carols from Everywhere And We will Orchestrate our entire Evening .. as an Enthusiastic Prodigy Child (Don’t miss the 2 Videos Below! )

Watching this child (thank you Helen for sending the Video!!).. I’ve noticed how much the boy was feeling that music in his entire being .. we’ve witnessed another level of perception where one can live the Music with the same genuine power as the one that composed it .. Imagine if we’d all be able to re-live the Joy of  Mozart .. the Joy of Bach .. the Joy of Michelangelo  during their own moments of Inspiration-Creation …  thus, when we admire the Great artworks of Humanity  .. what would be if we’d be able to feel at least echoes / distinct sounds from the Orchestra of Messages sent by the Divine through His-Her Creation… each moment .. then we’d become that Child that Jesus talked about .. able to Enter into God’s Kingdom and forever explore it  .. the one  we know  as The Crown Chakra or Sahasrara Subtle Centre in Sahaja Yoga Meditation ..  And because during our Halton Sahaj Christmas We will Sing Carols from All corners of the World ..hopefully in a state of Joyous Meditation & Connection (Yoga!!) .. below is something I wanted to prepare us for those moments:

“Carol of the Birds ” Joan Baez Feel the Vibrations:

“Upon this holy night, When God’s great star appears, And floods the earth with brightness
Birds’ voices rise in song
And warbling all night long
Express their glad heart’s lightness
The Nightingale is first
To bring his song of cheer,
And tell us of His glad – ness:
Jesus, our Lord, is born
To free us from all sin
And banish ev’ry sadness!
The answ’ring Sparrow cries:
“God comes to earth this day
Amid the angels flying.”
Trilling in sweetest tones,
The Finch his Lord now owns:
“To Him be all thanksgiving.”
Trilling in sweetest tones,
The Finch his Lord now owns:
“To Him be all thanksgiving.”
The Partridge adds his note:
“To Bethlehem I’ll fly,
Where in the stall He’s lying.
There, near the manger blest,
I’ll build myself a nest,
And sing of love undying.
There, near the manger blest,
I’ll build myself a nest,
And Sing of Love Undying.”

Today, when I discovered this video “Carol with the Birds” I’ve felt nice vibrations and when I read the lyrics I’ve seen how sahaj they where … guess what “the nest I build” can be?! Now, after this Video Music and Fun Presentation comes the Official Invitation:

This Wednesday Evening from 7 Pm to 9 Pm @ Brant Hills Community Centre (2255 Brant Street, located between Dundas and Upper Middle), we expect to Come & Sing & Bring Food & Bring 1 Present (Anonymous Santa ..we’ll play that role  too!)… dear Friends from all 4 Sahaja Yoga Meditation Classes from the Halton & Niagara regions: Burlington, Oakville , Milton and St. Catharines towns.

If you are a Friend of this Website and you have us in your heart then Come & Join us … The More, the Merrier … let’s celebrate the Christmas together .. with pure hearts and minds .. as a Family in Sahaj, True to the True Spirit of Christmas! Enjoy in the link below a pre-Christmas Present for you all,  Sahaj News again this time from Fresh Christmas Celebration in Vienna with 2 Real Stars .. and Music again!!!

Great 2 Opera Video with the “New Maria Callas” & Invitation to Vienna’s Best Christmas with A Canadian Star & Superb “Silent Night Holy Night” Poster

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  1. louise

    Yes the vibrations are so lovely in the carol of the birds. thank you for this gift this morning! xo

  2. armaity

    Peace sublime !!

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