Meditate and Distribute like an Enlightened Light

Let’s Meditate and Distribute like an Enlightened Light

Photo of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

In this article we will explore via a compilation of quotes from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s various lectures, HOW to Meditate and Distribute the nectar of Self-Realization’s Enlightened Light and Pure Love to all, as well HOW to Give back to Mother Earth and to Her Family of Earthlings :-). Let’s enjoy and absorb the wisdom!

“And the more you find something in your Meditation, the more you want to go and distribute it to others. That has to be. If that does not come into you then it has not worked out; there is no purity; there is some sort of a bias. In that individual pursuit, whatever you find, you want to enjoy it with others, you want to give it to others. This is the sign of the person who has been really meditative. The one, who has been meditative and has not been able to distribute what he has found is cheating himself and cheating others as well.”

“Because that joy that you receive in your meditation has to be distributed. Has to be given. Has to be shown. It should flow in your being as the light radiates from every illumined lamp. You don’t have to take a vow to say that this is an enlightened light. In the same way a saint should not have to be certified that he is a saint. The depth you achieve within yourself spreads all over, it is such an action and reaction.”

“The deeper you become, the radiation is much more. You don’t have to spend too much time on meditation. But whatever time you spend, whatever you gain, has to be visible outside –How you radiate and how you give it to others. That’s the quality of the saints you have to be. Unless and until you become deeper, we cannot save other Sahaja Yogis. And we cannot save those who are not Sahaja yogis. You have to rise higher and higher to pull the whole curtain up. Those who try to rise higher pull the whole thing upward, and they give a pull to every one who ascend with them.”

(Shri Mataji  – Shri Devi Puja Talk, Australia,  March 14, 1983)

A Light which is Enlightened Cannot Dictate to the Another Light

“But as I have told you that thousands of people have got it and you should also be.”

Shri Mataji: I cannot dictate You

“Now for this first of all you must know that I am not a guru that way, as you think of a guru, who dictates and does that, because I cannot dictate. At the most, I can tell you what’s the matter but I cannot dictate you.”

“Say, for example, one light, which is not enlightened can enlighten another light but the light which is enlightened cannot dictate the another light, it cannot. It can only guide and tell that this would be better if you come this way, may be, that I may be able to enlighten you better. If you have come the another end I cannot catch hold of your wick. So the one light can tell the another light this much.”

Shri Mataji: I Must Distribute Realization, it is My Own Nature

“So one should not feel that there is any obligation. I mean, it is obligatory for Me to give you Realization. I cannot help it because it is too much for Me, I must distribute. I mean, I should say it is the funny situation of paradox that a person who has all the Powers is like a Capitalist and such a person must distribute it because he is a Communist. You cannot help but to distribute it. It’s the thing that you only enjoy when you distribute it otherwise you cannot enjoy.”

“Now can you think of such a situation? So I have to come to Brighton, I have to go to America. I may have to go to any village, any place, just to distribute. I have to go on distributing. This is My own life, My own nature. I have to do it. So, there is no obligation on me, on the contrary it’s an obligation on you. But on the contrary it’s the obligation on me because if you do not take it I’ll have to find some other people to get it. It has to go on and on and on.”

Think of Divine Love 

“Perhaps I don’t know, people have lost the value of love. They don’t know what love is these days, in modern times, because so many artificial things have been put in love. But actually love is something, which cannot enjoy itself unless until it gives. Then think of Divine Love, unless and until it gives you, it is not going to be satisfied.”

First Time when We Start Giving Back to Nature – Mother Earth

“Like you can give realization to others, you can give them realization. Not only that but you can also cure other people. You can cure other people, you can give these vibrations, these radiations to flowers, you can give them to the Mother Earth. You can give it to the, say, you give it to the wheat field. The wheat yield would be at least twice what it is. The taste of the wheat would be different; it would be such a different thing. It is being now experimented in India very much, in a Agricultural University called as Rahuri University and they have were amazed, how even Indian cows started giving milk double the amount they were giving and better milk and tastier.”

“So, for the first time, we have been taking from this nature such a lot, we have been using such a lot from the nature, and we start giving back to the nature. First time, a human being becomes capable of giving to the nature. It is a fantastic thing once it happens it is so tremendous. You can see, that supposing you have a very beautiful television and it is brought to your house and see it has a remote control and suddenly you find, you open it and you are amazed that how … with this remote control you are changing all the stations and you are getting all beautiful pictures one after another, so clear cut, as if it is happening before you.”

Distribute Self-Realization to Achieve Fulfillment

“In the same way, when your machinery (i.e the subtle system of energy centers is awakened by Kundalini energy through the Self-Realization process)  starts working, you are amazed at your own beauty, at your own glory, at your own strength and power.

With this realization, of course, as I told you, all the problems: physical, mental, emotional have to go out, no doubt about it.

But the greatest thing that you achieve is Your Fulfillment.”

(Shri Mataji – Public Program in Brighton, UK,  March 30, 1980)

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 Conclusion: Sahaja Yoga Meditation leads to Evolution as an inner Revolution through the Self-Realization process

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    Such a beautiful work all round ! Dear Iona
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    Thank you Ioana for sharing the transcript of Shri Mataji’s talk. This website and the SYMN are amazing instruments for sharing the practice of Sahaja Yoga during these “unprecedented times”.

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    Very deep article and words of Shri Mataji. Really shows the significance in not only having the light for yourself but to distribute it to others!

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