BREAKING NEWS: LIFE De-Stress FREE Program for YOUTH in Halton/Hamilton/Mississauga (ONTARIO)

Spread the news: The series of classes – unique in their format and intention.

Burlington Youth Class Poster - draft V1-3

A small team of yogis-meditators from Halton, including teenagers from Halton & Niagara classes that already love sahaja yoga meditation are looking forward to this new series of programs that are offered only to teens and young adults. We all know they represent our future but also statistics show the pressure, the anxiety and the depression many of them face on daily basis. So our team is committed to bring optimism, balance, the sense of self respect in our youth so they gain complete trust in themselves, in their communities and in their future!


The Haber Recreation centre is a new marvelous community hub, perfectly accessible by public transit, with plenty of free parking too. The community room is part of the Haber public library space – offering a much needed quiet time. In the spring/summer we will include an additional 3o min meditation outdoors, to experience the BE-ing in oneness and harmony with mother nature. During our meetings we encourage all participants to sit on the floor. Chairs will still be available as an alternative :-) .

Inner peace workshop at Bronte Creek project

Attention: parents and adults that are offering rides to the young participants will have to leave and return by the end of the meeting; no adults will be in attendance, other than the dedicated group of teachers/instructors (Ana Bianca who is 20, Sam who is 22, Shulin who is 18 and more seasoned ones such as Ioana, Isabelle, Jon, Holly and Kathleen). The genuine intent of this ‘only for youth’ series of programs is to provide the ideal environment for openness and trust and pure collectivity so everyone can blossom naturally (sahaj!)  towards their inner confident, peaceful, content, joyful and Self-respected yogi/guru/meditator that lies within.

Registration/Questions? Please drop a line as a comment or  inquire at [email protected] or call 416-628-0355. Attention: Limited space available.

Shulin on Burlingtons Shore of Lake Ontario

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  1. Kathleen

    I am so looking forward to this. Truly a miracle and a dream come true! I wish I had the opportunity of attending Sahaja Yoga classes when I was in high school. See you guys soon 🙂

  2. Shulin

    This is right next to my high school! Hope more young people can find their inner peace and happiness in this class! 🙂

  3. Anjali

    Dear youths, this is THE HOPE you have been looking for. Please come and experience it yourself. It will change your life (for the better). Its food for the soul!

  4. Ishaan

    This sounds really fascinating 🙂 I hope many more teenagers are able to experience the powerful impact of Sahaja Yoga on our lives and become more aware of their being !

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