Father’s Week – Special Events @ Halton Classes


Special Class dedicated to … our inner fatherhood!

Interesting connections will be launched, from history to mythology, from chakras to medical science, from art to the day to day business.

The common thread  is the subtle energy that reveals mysteries and explains the root cause for events as well for our individual physical and spiritual evolution.

The Principle of  Father is enabled within each of us (either female, male or child) and the quality of our inner relationship with this subtle entity  has important consequences and implications at personal level and even at a  larger scale.

Quite a fascinating subject that will not only get discussed during the Oakville Class but more important, we’ll try to experience and feel it in our system through a collective meditation and individual introspection & workshop.

Where: Glenn Abbey Community Centre

Addres and Map: here

When: on Friday, June 20

Time: From 7Pm to 8 Pm

Let’s take this Journey together! Any questions, please, drop a line.

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