On St. Patrick’s Day: A Celtic Experience with Fusion Music Video & Solas Bhride & St. Brigid in a Rain of Vibrations

From Thava, sahaja yoga practitioner from South-Africa, her experience in Ireland with photos:

I am awed but not surprised at how it all unfolds amongst us …
I want to share my story of being invited to celebrate the” Winter Solstice ” December 21, 2009 whilst we were in Ireland before travelling to Rome on the 24th by “Solas Bhride ” in Kildare, a town outside Dublin.

My husband Subri and I arrived at the venue completely open to experience the “Winter Solstice” celebration in the Celtic tradition. We were warmly received by sister Mary Mineham who gave us an overview of their intention to revive and honor the feminine Divine in Eire especially in these times when the churches are in disarray.. We entered a ceremonial space set in offering for Saint Brigid.

The evening was made up of lighting a candle in the centerpiece by the youngest and oldest amongst us from a flame which burns continuously in the centre of the town of Kildare inviting St Brigid into the space. Prayers were offered in the form of praises to St Brigid and everyone went into meditation for about 20 minutes. No surprise ! we just felt at home. Poetry, songs and music followed ….creating a spiritual ambience of honoring the feminine Celtic Divine. Everyone was invited outside to start the flame of a” born fire” set out in the open under the nightsky. The flames burnt robustly no different to a “havan” (sahaj way!) lighting up the sky sending a miraculous glow into the wintry night whilst the harp was played by a young girl.. Everyone stood in silence and absorbed the shift in mood under the now glowing starry sky.
Eventually we returned in silence back inside, each one was handed a tea candle, as we lit each others candle from the first light , we were asked to take that flame back home in remembrance of the Feminine Divine into our worlds.

I was invited to share our intentions for visiting Rome and I spoke of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga, offering everyone to receive their self realization. We ended the service with a short meditation.

I innately knew why Mother had sent me into that space…

I gathered enormous knowledge about St Brigid, sharing St Brigid’s prophecy with passion and joy knowing that St Brigid had returned and was here on earth amongst us. I was gifted a St Brigid’s cross, literature and 2 candles that evening….

I lit this candle in Rome during our Christmas celebration with Shri Mataji, offering to Mother in remembrance of Saint Brigid.

I am awed by the power of intention as Mother allows us to unfold the mess in a systemic and meaningful way as we embrace how we might be instruments to advance Sahaja Yoga’s message into the world in subtle ways beyond our mental planned efforts.

Blessings, Thava Govender from South-Africa

On this day when we celebrate St. Patrick‘s Day – well rooted also in Canada – let’s enjoy few simple connections between basic elements of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and traditions from Ireland (Eire). First, it is important to share that Ireland is connected to the Centre Heart Chakra at the level of Mother Earth. For a keen meditator it is crucial to realize the subtleties of the heart chakra. Few other connections are coming from a dear friend, Anaic, sahaja yogini from France, herself of Celtic origin. Also a sahaj connection is to the 

Listen to a beautiful Celtic Music – by a Canadian Singer -All Souls Night – Loreena McKennitt – Lyrics

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Anaic: Green is a sacred color for the Celts and expresses the Power of Nature. In Sahaja Yoga, green color is representing the Guru Principle, the Master, the Teacher. But, also, by looking at the green grass from the Mother Earth, purifies the first chakra of Mooladhara, whose element is earth.

Have  a Happy St. Patrick’s Day in Canada!

Painting by Melanie from Barrie Class as a gift to Sahaja Yoga Family -Barrie.
Painting by Melanie *watch her vimeo testimonial (!_ from Barrie Class as a gift to Sahaja Yoga Family -Barrie. 

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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    Thanks for posting ST. Patrick’s Day mssage.
    The music is good (even though very short – I had to play twice to my satifaction).

    The World is just shrinking (Ireland, India, Italy, Canada ……) and I feel we are all becoming one single big tree as the big tree in Avatar.

    Thanks again.

  2. Debbie

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us – the fusion of the music is just beautiful too.

    Lots of love always.

  3. adrian

    That’s it isn’t it… “our power of intention”.

    …”always with the intent of love”.

    1. adrian

      I wanted to reply to my own reply… because even I forget the depth of the meaning of… “intention”.

      It is… I believe “Mother’s Intention”… to also give to yourself what is so generously given to others… LOVE.

      All we need do is to look at the Painting at the beginning of the article… and the Greenness of Springs offering.

      1. Ioana

        So true dear Adrian. Missing you and your painting .. on Wednesday at Burlington class we will paint rocks and little ones will join – what a connection to the roots of life .. in so many ways. Have great depth every moment dear friend

  4. armaity

    Thanks Ioana, for this wonderful post. If we overlook all exteriors , at the heart of it, we are all one and traditions from different cultures point to this. Unfortunately in today’s world,thanks to individualistic pursuits, most of us are so busy finding differences among things that we miss the point and the crux of the matter which unites us at a basic level.
    I enjoyed the fusion music and the name of the band itself is so suggestive, ‘Tri’ meaning ‘three’ and ‘Anjali’ meaning ‘Offering’.The rhythm of the percussion instrument “Tabla”, puts you in harmony with rhythm of the Universe.

  5. Yvonne Hullin

    Thanks for a such strong vibrations flowing with this music !!!!yvonne

  6. Kalpana Kamat

    Wishing all Canadian Bros / Sis happy St. Patrick’s Day. Music was really great .As mentioned by Chandra, world is really shrinking and all are coming under same spirutual tree of Sahaja (like in Avatar)

    Thnx Ioana for sharing the post.

    May Maa Bless us all.

  7. Elsie

    This is a beautifully written article and gives a wealth of fascinating information and our connection to Ireland. It shows the basic elements of Sahaja Yoga meditation and traditions of Ireland.

    I was unable to bring up the music but could imagine how lovely it was. The pictures were delightful


    Sweet memories.

    Note the next morning December 2009 headlines in the Irish Times was the exposure of sex crimes in The Catholic Church in Ireland ??

    Afterward we joined Mother in a Rome for 10 day’s both Xmas and New Years pujas .Collectively we were sent to clear the city as per Mother’s instructions .
    Soon after we left a Rome 2010 The Vatican City was exposed
    We are Her instruments .

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