Today, February 1st – Brigid’s Day Inspiration with Celtic Fusion and Dance

Today is a very auspicious day celebrated in Ireland – the day of St. Brigid.
In Sahaja Yoga we feel the connection to all representations of pure connection, spiritual ascent, as well with the global awareness on the importance of achieving balance and personal well-being that is peacefully tuned to the global balance and well-being.
Actually on the February 1st, 2010, on Brigid’s Day in the presence of  the founder of sahaja yoga meditation – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi- there was a collective meditation in Genoa, Italy, where sahaja yogis with the attention on the qualities represented by Brigid-Athena archetype.
The following information I had received it from a family of yogis,Pat and Grazyna, from Ireland – Enjoy. Below there is another very interesting article and connections and images (!) related to St Brigid.
“Could we all remember Ireland today and pray for a true spiritual transformation to take place. Brigid/Athena/Minerva – in Irish mythology Brigid is the goddess whose continental equivalents are the Greek Athena and the Roman Minerva. She is a Celtic triple goddess ruling healing, poetry, and smithcraft and is one of the great mothers of the Celts. (The Celts had many mother goddesses, including Danu and Morrigan.) Unlike in Greek mythology where the Triple Goddess represent the three chronological stages of a woman’s life (Maiden, Matron, and Crone), the Brigids were all of the same generation and the distinctions between them were based on their domains of responsibility.

The Irish had a liking for things which come in threes, the Triads of Ireland are wisdom sayings comprised of three parts, dating from the 9th century. Ériu, Fodhla and Banba are three sovereignty goddesses. It was not just the Irish who liked threesomes as this Latin phrase demonstrates, “omne trium perfectum” (everything that comes in threes is perfect). This is also found in modern writing practice and known the rule of three! So it’s no surprise that we have three Brigids.

The Brigid was the daughter of the great Irish god Dagda and she had two sisters who were also named Brigid. Taken together, they were called the ‘Three Mothers’, ‘Three Sisters’, or simply the Goddess Brigid. The three are…

Brigid, the ‘Fire of the Hearth‘, the goddess of fertility, family, childbirth and healing.

Brigid, the ‘”Fire of the Forge’, like the Greek goddess Athena, a patroness of the crafts (especially weaving, embroidery, and metalsmithing) and a goddess who was concerned with justice and law and order.

Brigid, the ‘Fire of Inspiration’, the muse of poetry, song history and the protector of all cultural learning.

Legend says that when she was born, a tower of flame reached from the top of her head to the heavens. Her birth, which took place at sunrise, is said to have given the family house the appearance of being on fire. I surmise that this is a later embellishment as a result of a partial fusion of legends of Brigid and Athena who sprung fully grown from her father’s forehead.

February 1st is St. Brigid’s day and also the famous Irish festival of Imbolc which marks a cross quarter day, half way between the solstice and equinox. (Imbolc will be featured then!)

Many think the Goddess Brigid was Christianised as St. Bridget and this view remains prevalent but is challenged by some scholars. Check out the arguments put forward in this paper. 

(Pagan Imagery in the Early Lives of Brigit: A Transformation from Goddess to Saint? By Lisa Lawrence. Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, Vol. 16/17, (1996/1997) , pp. 39-54 Published by: Department of Celtic Languages & Literatures, Harvard University

Brigid is a popular girls name and has many variants including, Brigit, Bridget, Bríd, Breege, Brídín Breegeen, Bridie and many many more.

with love from Ireland,
Pat and Grazyna

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  1. Nidia

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful information. We can certainly feel the connection with de universal Spirit.

  2. Vivek Raghuram

    Interesting piece of information!

    It is interesting to see that the three aspects of Brigid are the same as the three qualities of the subtle nadis within us i.e. emotions/desires on the left, creativity on the right and knowledge in the centre (Look at the left,right and centre figures on the painting)

    A closer look at the painting also reveals a triad of Kundalinis (three spirals joined together) on either side of the arch.

    Great article! Thanks


  3. purnima clifford

    Actually a number of nationalities were involved and the vibrations were wonderful-this yogini was there 🙂

  4. Thava Govender

    Great article Pat and Grazyna .

  5. Colleen

    Great article, love the information and the feeling of connection. The painting of Brigid is beautiful. Thank you

  6. purnima clifford

    Dear Ioana,

    It was not a meditation…it was a puja on the first of February 2010 with our beloved Mother…I was there and got to decorate the left foot of the Goddess..there were more that 20 yogies there…many different nationalities..Love to you all there in Canada..Purnima from Ballarat Australia

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