Open Your Heart with Irish “Lord of the Dance” & Zorba the Greek Dance @ Humberwood (Summer, 2013)

Photo taken by Thava in Ireland


Zorba- The Greek (sahaj) DancePosted by Sever

Sahaj Irish Dance – Posted by Brenda

We had an experiment this summer when a group of meditators from various classes in Halton and Niagara regions had felt inspired to explore their love for music and dance. We practiced a couple of times: after St Catharines class in the park nearby, then after Burlington and Oakville classes in the parking lot – we definitely had a lot of  fun and had enjoyed the spontaneous collectivity and each other’s creativity. In such a very short time,  when we did not even had a chance to practice in full formation ever (!), only in small groups here and there, we were able though to come up with the following ‘dancing joyful meditation’ that was shared at Humberwood community centre on an evening this summer – during a large community program.

 Sahaj Irish Dancefilmed by Norina/mixed by Sever

What a beautiful day that was, we had been all day in Nature at Webster Falls and later that evening we brought the vibrations of nature as well the beautiful rhythms of Irish & Greek dances to a wonderful large collective of kindred spirits-> That was a day of Perfect ‘Sahaj’Togetherness.

Trees and Sky -Omar

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  1. Shulin Zhang

    We were sooo joyful!!
    This is such a beautiful performance!
    Can’t wait to do it again!!

  2. judith cecilia

    Felicitaciones, hermoso espectaculo, trasmiten mucha alegria………


    woooooooooooow !!!!!!!!! Such a joy!!!!
    Thank you all!!!! Jaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!!

  4. Kruti

    I saw the program live. I was just amazed to see such a creativity, unity, joy, and feel the cool vibrations. I am so glad someone captured it on camera, now anyone can enjoy it. Excellent performance guys! Hope you do it again.

  5. Shivangi

    I also watched it live, was full of love and joy as our divine mother always describes in her talks. All the participants very gracefully handled it. Do it again!

  6. Karen

    Great performance…..feel the vibrations it certainly made this morning a ‘brighter’ day….makes your heart feel lighter.
    And the poster for the Youth Group was beautiful.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Angelica

    Beautiful ! Thank you !

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