Sunday, September 21: “Be Happy with YourSelf” – Join & Experience the International Day of Peace with Paul & Colleen from AUSTRALIA (video)

 (18 min video) Colleen and Paul – Interviewed @ JOY’s WORLD SHOW    (TVS Sydney, Australia –  live experience of meditation with Affirmations)

 Let’s ensure that We all meditate that day, on September 21 – Morning and Evening; See below Why & How

(click!) How to Meditate in the Morning with A Murmur of Starlings & Sea Rose: Contemplate & Listen!

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(click!) How to Meditate in the Evening? Evening Meditation Exercise & Experience with Planet Earth’s Images from Space & Surrender & Devotion to Reach the Depth & the Ascent in Yoga

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Drop a comment in the Leave a reply section below. How was your Day of Peace?

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  1. Colleen Burgess

    Great video, loved it!!! Thank you

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