(video-lecture) What is the Mechanism built within as The Pathway of Ascent for Pure Energy ?

Infinite Column by Constantin Brancusi – Romanian sculptor

Let’s feel (experiment!) and understand the mechanism of our chakras that allows yogis to Realize that “We are One”. Enjoy!

(video – transcribed) “Feeling the Oneness – Awakening of Kundalini” 

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Debbie's Creative Heart - her gift & part of her presentation about Heart Chakra

“Actually I never talk to them about Sahaja Yoga, I said first get your realization (awakening of Kundalini energy). Supposing you have to put the light on, what I would say, that alright, press the button. You press the button and you get the light. But there is a big mechanism behind it, and a very big history for this electricity.

So Sahaja yoga has a tremendous traditional history and also it has a mechanism which works it out. But it is so well done and such a fine mechanism that it doesn’t fail, like German things … Germans are very good with their hands, with machinery, but now they have to learn about the machinery within, and have to become experts of that. :-)”

(excerpt from Public Lecture of Shri Mataji at  Munich Deutsches Museum ,Germany – 7/9/84)

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  1. sshey says:

    jai thank u foor the online lessons i am really enjoying these teaching
    our should bless you all

  2. shey says:

    jai thank u for all the pictures ,
    video and the online programs aim really
    enjoying these teachings,
    God bless u all for the mighty job u are
    doing to enlighten the world for our mother
    shri mataji

  3. Magni Hjálmarsson & Anna Þóra Karlsdóttir says:

    Thank you for a wonderful video.

  4. Colleen Burgess says:

    I absolutely LOVE this video of Shri Mataji!! It is so enlightening and powerful. I strive to live the life she describes. Amazing!! With Love.

  5. Jon says:

    It is so nice to see this video again. It is so strong, and she explains everything so perfectly. I hope lots of folks take the time to watch, enjoy, and absorb it.

    • Ioana says:

      Dear Jon, yes this is a jewel but it helped a lot that you’ve provided the subtitles, and on such a short notice at that time. It is great teaming up with you 🙂 Hope to see you at Friday class this week.

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