What is the Mechanism built within as The Pathway of Ascent for Pure Energy ? (video-lecture) Advices for Germans from Shri Mataji and Khalil Gibran

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What is the Mechanism built within as The Pathway of Ascent for Pure Energy ?

Let’s feel (experiment!) and understand the mechanism built within of our subtle system of chakras that allows yogis to Realize that “We are One”. That represents the pathways of ascent for pure energy. Explore and Enjoy!

(video – transcribed) “Feeling the Oneness – Awakening of Kundalini” 

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Debbie's Creative Heart - her gift & part of her presentation about Heart Chakra

What should Germans learn these days ?

What kind of experts should Germans become these days?

Shri Mataji and Kahlil Gibran provide answers

“Actually I never talk to them about Sahaja Yoga, I said first get your realization (awakening of Kundalini energy). Supposing you have to put the light on, what I would say, that alright, press the button. You press the button and you get the light. But there is a big mechanism behind it, and a very big history for this electricity.

So Sahaja yoga has a tremendous traditional history and also it has a mechanism which works it out. But it is so well done and such a fine mechanism that it doesn’t fail, like German things … Germans are very good with their hands, with machinery, but now they have to learn about the machinery within, and have to become experts of that. :-)”

(excerpt from Public Lecture of Shri Mataji at  Munich Deutsches Museum ,Germany – 7/9/84)

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Advices for German Seekers from Shri Mataji and Khalil Gibran provided in the quote above and in the one below. Please, share your thoughts with us as a comment by the end of the article.

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  1. sshey

    jai thank u foor the online lessons i am really enjoying these teaching
    our should bless you all

  2. shey

    jai thank u for all the pictures ,
    video and the online programs aim really
    enjoying these teachings,
    God bless u all for the mighty job u are
    doing to enlighten the world for our mother
    shri mataji

  3. Magni Hjálmarsson & Anna Þóra Karlsdóttir

    Thank you for a wonderful video.

  4. Colleen Burgess

    I absolutely LOVE this video of Shri Mataji!! It is so enlightening and powerful. I strive to live the life she describes. Amazing!! With Love.

  5. Jon

    It is so nice to see this video again. It is so strong, and she explains everything so perfectly. I hope lots of folks take the time to watch, enjoy, and absorb it.

    1. Ioana

      Dear Jon, yes this is a jewel but it helped a lot that you’ve provided the subtitles, and on such a short notice at that time. It is great teaming up with you 🙂 Hope to see you at Friday class this week.

  6. NITI

    Amazing video and advice of Shri Mataji about becoming the spirit and the importance of realization, love the poem ofKhalil Gibran about the advent of Jesus Christ and all his purpose to come to this earth to make human being a pure spirit and to know thyself.Thanks Ioana for this beautiful article..

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