You are Invited to ‘Honour the Cycle of Life for Mother Earth -> M.E’ in Brampton, on Saturday, February 20


The 2nd Public Program in 2016: in Brampton

Circle of Life (FEB 10)

When:       February 20th, 2016

Time:         3pm to 5pm

Location: Holy Name of Mary Catholic Secondary School

Everyone is Welcome, Special Valentine’s Gift for All Hearts. Free Event + Parking.

Intro to Some of the Speakers and Performers

Nancy Rowe

Giidaakunadaad (The Spirit Who Lives in High Places) n’dizhinikaaz (is what I am called): ‘February is Special for Ojibwe’

Nancy Rowe is a Mississauga, Ojibwe of the Aanishinaabek Nation located at New Credit First Nation, ON.  Nancy holds an honors BA in Indigenous Studies and Political Science. She is an educator, consultant and a Traditional Practitioner of Aanishinaabek lifeway’s, views and customary practices and is currently completing a Master’s degree of Environmental Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo.  She is an avid volunteer who co-ordinates Kinomaagaye Gaamik, a grass roots initiative to provide educational opportunities for all peoples interested in Indigenous perspectives of life, health, education, history and the environment.  “Education is the doorway through which we all can create a common ground and understanding of not only Indigenous Peoples but also, and more importantly, our environment.”

Beverley & Amahays: Black History Month:  ‘Freedom found Within’ 


Youth Led Meditation for Mother Earth

Shulin on Internet - Burlington Transit

Dancing with M.E.’s Friends: Polar Bear, Monkey, Penguins ..

Penguin Dance

Niranada Bhajans – Music Band

We together - Ontario Bhajan Band

Kruti Gandhi – Fusion Dance Performance


Self-Realization Yogic Experience, Chakra /Energy Balancing Workshop, Practical ‘know-how’ Tips, Surprises

About this event

The event represents Brampton’s 1st Climate Change Awareness Public Program in 2016, as Brampton was chosen to be the 2nd stop for our volunteering initiative, journeying across Ontario.
The public program was purposefully scheduled in the week of the Family Day, as we consider the audience, members of our Brampton family of families – joining this public program.
February is known to represent the month of love. We will honor with this event, the passing of 5 years since, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, beloved teacher and founder of the charity Vishwa Nirmala Dharma Educational Society – known as Sahaja Yoga Meditation – had returned to Mother Earth, on February 23, 2011.
Glorie Mamei1
We feel that the best way to express our love for Shri Mataji’s  ‘pass it on’ message of inner peace, love for humanity, and self/global-realization methods shared through free sahaja yoga meditation, would be by offering this amazing multi-cultural event:
– Focusing on Mother Earth
– Celebrating February’s:
  • Black History Month
  • Chinese New year of the Monkey
  • Shri Ganesha Jayanthi (Hindu)
  • Vasant Panchami Day (Hindu)
  • Make a Friend Day,
  • Polar Bear Day,
  • National Freedom Day
  • Saint Brigid of Kildare (Celtic Day)
  • Nirvana Day (Buddhism)
 Live Art, Culture, Science, Meditation, Chakra Worksop, Spirituality and Fun will be bridged together inter-actively, as in ‘Honoring the Cycle of Life for Mother Earth -> M.E.
  RAIN TO HEAL ME - Jan 2016 in Burlington
Our team of enthusiastic volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Brampton and Halton, would really appreciate your presence and support in making Brampton a leading city in spiritual awareness on Mother Earth, Climate Change and Self-Realization in Diversity and Unity.

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  1. paula

    Look at the richness and depth of happiness and smiles of this wonderful event series that started this new year off in the right direction! I would not hesitate to invite everyone I know of all ages to this wonderful program in Brampton on Feb. 20th! We are all One in this global family we share. I love and enjoy seeing the interactive presentations that make us all feel the reality…that we are all part and parcel of the whole. Now let’s all go and enjoy ourselves, from near and far!

  2. Melanie

    Dear Family,

    I didn’t get a chance to attend the Public Event yesterday but did have a chance to attend the meditation session in Brampton at the OSYC (Ontario Sahaja Yoga Center)last night from 7-10. I had the honour of going with Holly and Yolanda (Yolanda runs the Community Wholeness Center in Barrie).

    I have never felt so many extraordinary vibrations!!! It was unbelievable. Being a part of the meditation, listening to the speech about Love from Shri Mataji, enjoying to the wonderful music performed by Niranada Bhajans band, the heartfelt speeches from Nancy (you will be forever in my heart and I will continue to pray for all the women, children and babies of your nation) and Phyllis from Ojibwe of the Aanishinaabek Nation. Extra special attention and love to Phyllis’s son… are a realized soul. You will do many many great things in this world. You are an incredible boy!

    Paying our respects to Mother Shri Mataji and being involved in this wonderful practice was just breathtaking. I have never witnessed such a connection with Mother Earth, Shri Mataji and my spirit. My entire body was filled with wonderful vibrations.

    Special thanks to all the volunteers that put this together, you have given us so many ideas for the Barrie Meditation Class. I hope you will be able to attend one of our classes in the future.

    All my love,

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