Chakras’ Influence on Collectivity, Togetherness, Political and Social Problems

The Importance of Collectivity and Togetherness

“We all have to be Together.

Togetherness is to be felt.”

– Shri Mataji

This article represents a study on Chakras’ Wellbeing, Collectivity and Togetherness: proving their importance for individuals and society and how the lack of inner balance at the subtle level (within individuals) can create Political and Social Problems.

There are excerpts from the talks of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation, compiled together, outlining the specific roles that various chakras play, as well their various combinations and interferences. Let’s realize together Chakras’ Influence on Collectivity, Togetherness, Political and Social Problems!

Advice to Sahaja Yogis on Collectivity and Relationships

“You are Sahaja Yogis! So, we have to build up ourselves. In one group, in one understanding. Absolute unison. There should be no secrets, there should be no domination. Everything should articulate, everyone should talk to each other, everyone should know what is happening with the other. “You have to be absolutely frank-open with each other. Absolutely. Tell them your [chakra] problems: ‘I catch on this, what to do? I catch on that, what to do? How to clear it out?’ Not to feel shy. We have to enjoy ourselves. Also enjoy our weaknesses, so that we clear them out. Laugh it out. Somebody has some habits, laugh it out. That’s the best way to do it.”

“But first and foremost is: You have to become your Spirit. Without knowing the Spirit you cannot know God. But the Spirit itself is a sensitive thing. It is there no doubt, it stays there no doubt, but that it should shine in your attention. You have to know that your attention has to be congenial to the Spirit. If the attention is not congenial, then the Spirit doesn’t shine. Spirit will shine on an attention which is steady. Steady it by balancing, you bring a steady state. Balance your thoughts, balance your eyes, balance your desires. Try to balance it. Ego and super-ego; you balance it. Attention is balanced very much like that.”

“And a small thing like Collectivity, it’s the beginning of Sahaja Yoga. If you do not want to become collective, Sahaja Yoga is not meant for individuals. Here you are coming to become a collective being because Spirit is The Collective Being. The quality of Spirit is that it is a collective being. It is a part of the collective. It is absolutely one with the collective. It is so collective that you cannot imagine on human level how much it is collective. For example, yesterday I was criticizing Geeta and the Vishuddhi (the throat chakra) was opened.  Shri Krishna is sitting here and talking through me. There is no difference at all of that. It’s just the same. … So much one that you can’t imagine how much oneness is there. It’s such a unison that exists.

“It’s you who are my children. It’s you who speak the same language (of vibrations). How to be conscious of it? You are that. So you are that. You are knowledgeable.  Once you realize that, then discrimination will work out much better, that you don’t put down anyone, you don’t discard anyone. This principle you must know. You are not saying that lower or higher or anything. So discretion is very important. In Sahaja Yoga, one of the very great basics for outgrowth, is to discriminate. Sahaja Yogi is your brother or sister, is companion, is everything. This must come into you. So the collectivity will grow strong. You should know, by fighting with each other you are reducing the power of Sahaja Yoga. By getting angry with each other you are reducing the power of Sahaja Yoga. Imagine if the channels start fighting with each other, how are you going to channelize the energy. So first of all, make your channel alright. And understand that we all channels put together are going to do the work better. We all have to be together. Togetherness is to be felt.”

  Subtle Chakra Relationship with the Spiritual Teacher/Guru

“It’s you who are my children.”

“So, we come to Collectivity to understand that you are cells in my body, and I have awakened you!”

If you degenerate, my body degenerates. You have seen that all. When you are sick, I am sick. In the sense I emit, liberate, more vibrations and I feel sick with that, because you can’t take it. When you take vibrations I feel well. But those who have faith in themselves can only understand this and not those who have superiority complex, or inferiority complex. .. Complex means no faith in yourself. You should have faith in yourself that … Once you realize and recognize it you would not bother about small small things of life.

It’s the quality in you that has to be nurtured and looked after, through Collectivity.”

The Spirit is a Collective Being

“So when you do everything the same way (after the awakening of Kundalini), you are doing it because you are aware of that Collectivity of the Primordial Being within you. That’s why you are doing. This transition is the point which you should catch. That’s something I feel, that when you start giving any analogies and all that, how can you give an analogy for something that never existed before? I cannot give you analogies, but I can make you understand that if your Spirit is awakened.. in everybody is the Spirit which is a Collective Being.. then you do it because your Spirit does it. You don’t care for ego, superego and all these nonsensical things, which are barriers in the growth of  living collectivity. Now you have become livingly collective and You are that. It’s a new being that is within you. If you try to do something else, you will not like it, because this time it’s not your ego but your Spirit. As before this (before the awakening of Kundalini) you listened to your ego and were happy with it, now you will be happy if you listen to your Spirit. Because now you have become the Spirit. It’s a very unique situation. You are the Spirit. And when you are the Spirit, then you become different. What analogies can I give? Arguments will fizzle out, because you are in unison. So, for Spirit to be absolutely enlivened within us, to be absolutely shining within us, we have to know that: How do we articulate with others? How do we talk to others? What is our way of judging?”

 What Chakras are Blocked when Collectivity is Disturbed?

Learn from Shri Mataji the Importance of Collectivity for Chakras’ Well-Being

When the Collectivity is disturbed what is the [subtle energy/chakra] centre you catch? Can you tell?

Vishuddhi and Sahasrara [chakras]! Because the collectivity of all the Gods (known as the subtle energies that govern the chakras) and all the (energy/chakra) centers are in the brain, in the Sahasrara. And thirdly when it goes beyond a certain level, then you catch on your Heart. So, Vishuddhi, Sahasrara and Heart [chakras]; this combination starts.

If Agnya left or right, any one of them joins in, you develop Ekadesha Rudra.”  

Left Vishuddhi chakra problems versus Right Vishuddhi chakra problems

Now how through Left Vishuddhi and Right Vishuddhi we spoil other people? It’s so evident. Supposing you have right Vishuddhi centre problem. In Japan I went there. And a gentleman, who is the chairman of a very big international company, came to see me in a hotel. I saw his right Vishuddhi chakra was very badly caught. So, he said ‘I am sorry for this Madam, but this is there because I’ve got cold‘. So, they put that thing on (the mask), whether you have to see the Queen or anyone. They will just put on that and then go and see. Because when you have cold, others catch. That’s one thing that catches the fastest. Now you had a cold, so I have caught. So, to get a cold one learns that if somebody has cold, he himself says ‘Today I’ve got cold, you don’t come’.  You say, “I’ve got flu.” Alright. It’s alright, don’t come. 🙂

So, this is the right Vishuddhi, you can see it very clearly, but left Vishuddhi you cannot see, but feel.

Left vishuddhi creates all kinds of social problems. Right Vishuddhi creates all kinds of political problems.

For example, those who have right Vishuddhi are speakers. They have to talk too much. They may create problems with their right Vishuddhi by talking too much-or by keeping quiet, both ways.   The left Vishuddhi people say something sarcastic, something horrible, something    nasty, sly, non-aggressive but screwing type. They might create holes into people, you see. They don’t believe in killing directly like that. So, they want to do screwing up. Screw the person here and there.

The relationship between right Vishuddhi and left Vishuddhi is very close, as much as the two sides of a coin. One side is aggressing, so on the right-hand side when people speak to each other they oppress or aggress, they say aggressive things. Extremely aggressive things they say. We have seen people talking like that, boastful, aggressive things. Left sided as I told you are the sly people, so they do it. Right-sided spoil the relationships by too much aggression, say for example one party man will stand up and say that “I am the one”, the another will say “I am the one”. The relationships between the political parties are ruined. They cannot articulate. The another side is the one, also cannot articulate. Because the relationship in the slyness when it goes down too much, ends up in perverted sex life. Then you go to somebody’s house, you find a friend came to stay and he ran away with the mother-or some sort of a nonsense like that. So on the left hand side this kind of a funny relationship when you do not understand the purity of relationship in social life, that drops down, that creates problems. So in relationship right and left Vishuddhi both of them play a very big part. Then comes the Sahasrara [chakra.]”

Ideal Collectivity and Ideal Relationships

So, in collectivity those who are Sahaja Yogis those who have joined Sahaja yoga, there should be complete unison and articulation. Absolutely. And enjoy each other’s company. Everyone is a Beautiful Flower. The collectivity has to be with the Sahaja Yogis. Because it is not there it is a fake thing. It’s like “We are brothers and sisters.” How are you?! You are not feeling. It’s not awakened within you. If a leaf says I am the flower, does she become? Leaf is a leaf, and a flower is a flower. Among the Flowers there should be Collectivity. Because that’s the natural thing that’s there, existing.”

  In Conclusion: A Sahaj Promise

” This I think we should decide today that, we all are going to live with One Heart,

  and One desire, with One head and with One liver. All of us. Let’s see, how it works out.”

  All above are excerpts from the same beautiful lecture on Togetherness, coming from the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation. Shri Mataji was invited to the Sahaja Yoga Seminar in England, at Plaw Hatch, on November 15th, 1980. With that occasion Shri Mataji addressed “The New Age” topic. I’ve felt that it is important to meditate on the above words of wisdom, now and any other time.  Enjoy below 2 more Articles on Vishuddhi Energy Centre (the Throat Chakra).

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    Great collection of advice on Collectivity.

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    Thank you for this collection !

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    Such beautiful words of wisdom. Shri Mataji continues to show us how to live our lives, how to love and care, how to have pure relations and how to enjoy our collectivity.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Elsie Kuly

    Shri Mataji teaches us an important lesson “that we all have to be together. Togetherness is to be felt. You have to become your spirit. Without knowing the spirit you cannot know God. We are coming to Sahaja Yoga to become a collective being”

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    What a beautiful compilation. The first picture with Shri krishna depicting collectivity has always been so close to my heart. This is how we should be with each other. Without any seperation,bitter feelings or grudge in our hearts. We are the pure spirit,we know this truth about our selves, we have felt the love from one another and the divine love..then why do we allow shadows of doubt and false influence to take over our mind and create separation, reservations and hesitations between each other. We are the children of God belonging to this extremely special and precious world of Sahaja yoga…where we have the key to our salvation. Its time to leave behind the nonsense that is anti sahaj, anti collective and drench in the ocean of trust, truth, love and joy.

  7. Shuuy

    To be able to solve the Vishuddhi problem of the world, we sahaja yogis have to be very pure and collective ourselves, especially in North America, there is so much to work out. But we do have a very very Lovely Sahaj Family! And we do have the power. We can do it with our love!

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    Amazing article about the advice on importance of collectivity in sahajyoga.Here I came to know that when our collectivity is disturbed then we catch on vishudhi and sahastrara where all the energy centers resides,and when it goes more disturbed then we get caught on our heart chakra where our spirit resides.and the spirit is Collective Being and we all are part and parcel of virata the collectivity. Thanks Ioana.

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