Burlington Highschool Celebrates the World Day for Inner Peace (!)

The world day for inner peace -Shulin

Yes, we are! Shulin who is 16 and had joined last year the weekly “Life De-Stress Program for Youth with sahaja yoga meditation” program in Oakville, had booked March 5th, 2014 not only in her calendar but in her school’s calendar! That day at Shulin’s highschool in Burlington in the School Theater all students are invited to attend a one hour after school seminar and workshop that is celebrating The World Day for Inner Peace . Students will be introduced to meditation and will learn specifically about sahaja yoga meditation and its basic balancing techniques. We hope to find more more details soon. 🙂

 Youth Program’s Dancing Show – Zorba the Greek at Burlington Art Centre, Dec 8 2013

Youth Program's Dancing Show - Zorba the Greek at Burlington Art Centre, Dec 8 2013

(click!) Meditation at Georgetown Highschool’s Students & Youth Program (November 2013)

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  1. anjali

    Shaaja Yoga is THE THING that our youth needs today to deal with their stressful life. And not just the youth, but all those that deal with youth (teachers, parents, friends, family, etc.,) I look forward to all the feedback from the participants of the highschool. As in the past, we can expect a very high positive impact from this meditation. Great job Shulin.

  2. paula

    I totally agree with you, Anjalie! Having now attended and participated at Shulin’s Hayden High School, it was an afterschool meditation hour that attracted quality seekers to “experience” meditation yoga. The event was held in the school’s cafeteria which had a beautiful view of the sky as well. Students learned about the power they have inside. Then we had a guided meditation, and shared our experiences afterwards. The students felt cool breezes flowing in their hands and were able to “cool” their thoughts long enough to feel this flow of energy we all have inside. It is always exciting for us who practice Sahaja Yoga meditation to share this knowledge that does not come from books, but rather a built in mechanism that is free for the asking. It make us feel so surprised at the joy and happiness that is waiting to be revealed when our thoughts float away like clouds. I have witnessed this power in action within myself and seen it manifest spontaneously in many others many times now. Peace and tools for dealing with student pressures, and adult pressures, are all well within everyone’s grasp. One class, one event, one self-realization program is the catalyst, and just a few minutes of meditation maintenance will change the quality of your life, your ability to help others and your ability to absorb joy by a thousand-fold.

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