Flowers & Chakras – Ever Giving or .. Always Receiving?!

 Eternal Present – Circle of Give & Take


 “Now we must understand that… when you give me   flowers… you are asking for flowers for your life.  Supposing we give a flower to God, after all it is God’s  own creation.. what are we “giving “?! When you give flowers, (your) Mooladhara gets  enlightened.  

These flowers when you give to me, they give you two  things.. flowers are very important:
– if they are beautiful, then they give to (your) Swadhistana…
– if they are fragrant, they cure your Mooladhara 

Now think of it… you are doing (offering) it .. to improve   your chakras”.   

 – This image is a painting by Gabriel Marian, that is practising Sahaja Yoga in Romania –


  Yes, sometimes simple gestures from the heart might have a serious impact and act as purifiers on our energy centers (chakras) when both the giver and the receiver are connected to the Source, when both become actually instruments for channeling this universal energy that is here to circulate and sustain the Existence itself.

 When one is observing only a segment of this Perpetuum Mobile of energy  and considers it as an individual and independent act, yes, then it might look like: ‘receiving’ or ‘giving’, that one takes and one gives.

 Actually the Real explanation seems to be so beautifully exposed in the following excerpt:

 “So you see when it comes to giving, give it with your full heart. You just feel that love of giving and you feel so happy, because you feel so big about yourself, like an ocean that’s giving so much of clouds and again it is receiving these rivers into it, and again making it into clouds, a sort of a circle of beautiful conversion into beauty after beauty starts, it’s so beautiful.

 And that’s what we should try to become, a part of that Circle, which is so beautiful and which is so joy giving, to yourself also.”  Lecture in Sydney, 1981 (Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation)


Maybe even when we’re offering an electronic flower,

 sometimes with a pinch of humour, this small gesture IF is not empty but is genuinely meaningful, then it acts with a subtle power that is able to open a smile on “one”‘s face or even make “one”‘s heart jolly again.

 Hopefully that “one” is you, right here and now…in this Present that we all share.

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  1. adrian

    yes… give unconditionally to all… including self… there is great joy in that.

  2. Debbie

    Now I truly understand when my parents did prayers, they would offer flowers to the deities. I feel so much happiness when I give to others – I look forward to seeing someone smile or bringing a little happiness or joy in their life.

  3. Claudia

    Hello ! This week I had many little faces light up when some students received a gladiola bulb – which to them looked like an onion! They were so happy and took so much care to wrap their bulb/onion in tissue and off they went. My heart felt how much they already cherished their little bulb and and their joy put me in a beautiful place.
    Here is a quote that I received from a student…
    ” Nature does nothing in vain” -Aristotle

  4. Paula Erskine

    WOW. My garden outside is blossoming, just bursting with colour and I so appreciate it’s beauty. I want to be beautiful from the inside too…(paraphrasing Socrates). Garden treasures are great for sharing, and it is so wonderful to know that giving flowers in this way are healing our first two chakras, that is amazing news!

    And I love the above quote from Claudia’s student from Aristotle, it’s so powerful and humbling. And flowers, like nature, are so healing.

    My husband helped me make a vegetable garden two years ago. And every day watching everything grow is just a marvel and an adventure, and most of all, healing.

    And the above painting is just gorgeous!

  5. The more u offer flowers from your garden the more it comes even in dry spell, now prevailing in Pune, India.

    Amazing work at Halton!

  6. yoann

    one day I was just walking in the street with flowers of Mother in my hands, very beautiful and colorate, and I really felt that the dignity of the innocence of these flowers, and was feeling really joyous.

    the funny thing was that so much people was looking spontaneously at me smiling me with such sweetness, almost thankfullness, as these flowers really helped to spread the fragrance of Love of our Kundalini when we are aware to the chance that we have to hold it, walk with it, offer it…

    All this is the gift of God, of Mother Earth, and these flowers if they are sustain vibations can give so much joy to the people all around…

    We are One, and Allah Wakbar!


  7. ann

    Flowers always remind me of the Kingdom of Heaven, when you look, smell and feel them you are so at peace. It is so wonderful to know that giving and receiving them is so healing for our first 2 chakras, it is like giving the Kingdom of God and enjoying love and peace of creation in moment of eternal joy.

    Love Ann

  8. ashok kumar misra

    please .. share your experiences on

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