SNAP Burlington – January 2014 – SNAPED Sahaja Yoga Meditation around the community

SNAP Burlington January 2014 -page 24 -We are One Event 2013

 One can re-live that beautiful moment, watching and listening how wisdom, peace, joy, love and enthusiasm spring together from the young people in our Halton community. The video is below! Don’t miss what’s next either.

(video) Enjoy Live Testimonials (Shulin, Yon, Nathan..) at ‘We are One’ Event 

It was quite a nice surprise to be welcomed home from our family’s Christmas-New Year vacation with the January 2014 issue of the SNAP Magazine from Burlington. Same evening after arriving home from a long and sunny trip, this popular community magazine caught my eye and I started browsing it to find out what I had missed happening where we actually live. What touched me the most was the announcement that the Canadian youth business foundation entrepreneur had launched the Halton Integrative Women’s Health Centre on December 7. That was one day prior to our “We are One” Event when we celebrated our 8 years of community service in Halton with offering free sahaja yoga meditation and chakra workshops classes and events open to the public. It is indeed great news to know that here in Halton more and more attention is paid to the needs of women who are at the heart of the society, representing the nurturing power in any family. I kept browsing the magazine, and on the page 24 dedicated to “Snapd around the community” what caught my eye was the photo with few representatives from our  Life De-Stress Program with Free meditation for Youth 🙂 Quite a good start and a very good omen in new year 2014 for Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Halton, don’t you say?! Happy new year everyone and it’s good to find home here in Halton with you all! Enjoy 2 more articles that strive to bring sunshine in your heart, smiles on your face and hope for the years to come!

(enjoy!) Age & Innocence and Hallellujah (Cohen’s BEST Rendition!)



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  1. Chandra

    Youth program is a message from Shri Mataji to all of us that Sahaja Yoga tree has started giving flowers. (Anjali’s two flowers are in my mind too!)

  2. Karen

    Amazing video from the “We are One” event…the vibrations from our youth groups talks were wonderful.
    Congratulations again!!! xo

  3. Brenda

    A truly inspirational video.
    Hearing these stories from our youth is a wonderful testament to the amazing transformations that are occurring through Sahaja Yoga.
    ‘WE ARE ONE’ was a great 8th yr celebration event that will always be a cherished memory.
    Many thanks to Shri Mataji for giving this community Sahaja Yoga Meditation and may 2014 be a great year for continued growth.

  4. paula

    So inspired, and moved by the youth testimonials,about inner transformation, their own. They are like sponges and can absorb the information and output in a very dynamic way. They naturally spread the good vibrations with every word and every movement, including the Greek and Irish dances, every movement evolves the consciousness of everyone who witnesses them in action. The youth are not just the future and the hope of the future, they are actively changing the awareness of this planet right now and letting us know that something amazing is available to all of us…a chance to feel and manifest inner and outer peace, inner and outer happiness, inner and outer connection…with everything and everyone. I am not the only one that feels this energy emitting from people, from words, from places and things…it is a gift that we all have, built to share. All we have to do is “be” the student in thoughtless awareness, so we can become connected and feel this new awareness that is so amazing. Then we just witness the divine play, and can enjoy that much more.

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