Children Love to Meditate in Halton (Photo-Album: EcoFestival 2012)

Sahaja Yoga MeditationEnjoy Positive Impact @ Annual Halton Eco-Festival 2012

Now, enjoy some more detailed feedback from Peter and Jon, both volunteer instructors to our Sahaja Yoga Meditation classes in Halton and Niagara regions.

“Friday night, and the end of our weekly Oakville class at Glenn Abbey, Chandra and I announced that the Halton-Niagara collective would be hosting a booth at the 2012 Eco Festival in the very same building! We invited everyone from the class to stop by and say hello or bring a friend to try a workshop. We packed up and moved to the arena to find our booth.
The setup was perfect this year. It’s a good thing Peter went out to make photocopies, we would have run out of flyers about half way through the day, even though we came with many.
People were much more open and receptive to the idea of self realization through Kundalini awakening. Nearly everyone experienced this energy that can be felt on the palms of our hands, throughout our subtle system, and above the tops of our heads!I recall one woman that told us ‘I could feel the energy ascending in a spiral from the base of my spine!’

Many of the other exhibitioners came over to try a workshop. One of the highlights was our booth filled with green tee-shirts! All of the high school students volunteering at the show came over to receive a workshop and experience the energy flow. The energy was very strong for all of the young ones.
We had a number of new people who attend our Friday class come to the festival to try a workshop and say hello!For me, the most amazing and spontaneous workshop I gave was received by a 12 year-old boy. I was standing at the entrance to our booth, when out of the crowd this young man ran up and suddenly stopped, watching workshops in progress inside our booth. After a few seconds, I said to him “Would you like to try a workshop?” Without hesitation, he said “Sure.” He grabbed a chair, I gave him a brief explanation, and I started. Immediately, I felt a strong response from Kundalini! I proceeded with the workshop, finished up (there was nothing to clear), then I gave him a few moments to enjoy the experience. When I tapped him on the shoulder, he opened his eyes and I asked him what he felt. Of course, he felt tingling all over, and he could feel a strong flow of energy over his head. I described in some detail what he was feeling from this experience, then I asked him if he had any questions. He said, “Yeah, how did you do that?” I chuckled a bit, then I told him that it wasn’t me at all, it is the Kundalini energy within me that allows me to raise the Kundalini of another. Very simple, completely natural, and born within all of us. I gave him a pamphlet and invited him to the class, although I think he should probably be teaching the class. Amazing! It was a fantastic day! We were busy right up until the very end with very few slow periods. Chandra says we were close to 100 people that tried Sahaja Yoga meditation, and I think he’s right. I look forward to the next one! ” Jon

“There we were again at the Oakville Eco-Festival. For Jon and I it was the anniversary of our first time giving public realizations at this same festival in 2011. Again, seekers approached us constantly and were responsive and appreciative. We were one of the last exhibitors to close up at the end of the day as several of the vendors working the show wanted to come and experience our Sahaj workshops. Another rewarding day doing Mother’s work and spreading our Sahaj message.” Peter
As a passing by visitor with my husband, I have to say that it was a very enjoyable and interesting event. Our daughter who is 17 – also a sahaja yogini –  and who was a volunteer at the Eco festival had come for a chakra workshop too; she even sent some of her team members to relax with meditation at our booth. While I gave a hand (literally, both my hands 🙂 at our sahaja yoga booth, by offering chakra workshops and taking the photos, my husband enjoyed meeting his sahaja yogis friends, chatting with their family members as well engaging in conversations to other exhibitors /neighbours at the eco-festival. We really felt that the couple of hours we’ve been there were very fulfilling to  spirit, mind and heart. So, take my advice: do not miss it next year!! Something special about Eco festival 2012: at our booth, we have received many inquiries from parents for offering meditation classes to families (children and parents) ; everyone was happy to hear that we already have started such classes. See here some more INFO, feedback and Photos from our “Cool Kids” Free Meditation Classes for Parents & Children.

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  1. paula

    the pictures tell a thousand stories, permeating peace, and joyful faces!

  2. James Murdock

    Wonderful! Very inspiring, congratulations!

  3. janet cade

    I’m a member of Lee and Kent’s Meet-Up group in StC and linked that way. I am very interested in your meditation group
    and would like to come out. I am fascinated that you also are involved (it seems) with teaching children these techniques. Please let me know when and where you are having the meditations.
    Many Thanks!
    Great Job,

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