Awaken That Beauty of Permeation in Swadhisthana Chakra – Say “I am You” not only with Rumi!

Binding Chakras, Nature, Music, Beauty, Collectivity and Sahaja Yoga in One Personality

Great Quotes & Two Poems with Enlightened Dust

Life as a beautiful combination of Love & Matter

Vibrations permeating during Sahaja yoga Meditation

Quote 1The Permeating One Personality

“So that is how we have to take a mode by which we should think of ‘one personality, all of us together…’ And anybody who tries to be something separate .. will drop out. Everybody must do whatever they like to nurture the whole, to help the whole.. to emancipate the whole. But not to, in anyway,  put anyone down. Because this is not the way the Sahaja Yoga is! Sahaja Yoga only works in Collectivity. And the one who has developed this permeating spirit, is a real Sahaja Yogi. Who has not, is not! Whatever you may think of yourself, I have nothing to say, but This Permeating Personality which moves from places to places, whether you talk or not, like your Mother is. 🙂

Whether I meet you or not, makes no difference, but I am permeating through All of you, by little, little things also I am there with you. So like that, try to permeate into each other and see the Beauty in you. Enjoy yourself the best because that is the biggest thing. That’s the biggest thing that is to be achieved. Because this ego you know makes you like a nutshell and it just cannot have a rapport with that Beauty of Permeation  .. just see how the notes move into each other…  A Sahaja Yogi should permeate – like Music …”

(Shri Mataji  at Dhulia, 1983 – Excerpt from the address at the Seminar on Principle of Creativity, Art and Knowlege: Shri Saraswati – governing the 2nd chakra, Swadhisthana energy centre)

So much I love the genuine connections that are rich in subtleties but also have that mint-like freshness of authenticity. This is what I dare to call: “Sahaj!” For instance the excerpt above is from quite a complex talk on this hectic Swadhisthana chakra – and the Seminar had taken place in Dhulia (which means ‘Dust‘).

The chakra mentioned above is all about Creation, Creativity (at mental or physical level), Intelligence, Planning, Attention and so on. Kind of “think Big” and pushing towards the asserting type :”I am the doer“. Now it’s such a lovely paradox how one can balance this attitude by humbling down with a dust-like attitude, where is no more about I/me, instead it’s about One personality and where one is neither lost nor becomes a conqueror, instead it becomes enlightened and united (=in yoga/ in union/in connection) through the loving and dignified action of permeation. Then the beauty of this energy centre’s complete potential is fully revealed.

Rumi says: “I am You” & Shri Mataji’s Dust Particle

Who doesn’ love Rumi?! Who doesn’t feel that he is such an ideal example of Art & Spirituality expressed with grace, simplicity and power?! Enjoy Rumi’s Poem that is entirely about (Sahaja!) Yoga /Connection /Union.

Jalal Al-Din Rumi: Say I am You

I am dust particles in sunlight.
I am the round sun.

To the bits of dust I say, Stay.
To the sun, Keep moving.


I am morning mist,
and the breathing of evening.
I am wind in the top of a grove,
and surf on the cliff.

Mast, rudder, helmsman, and keel,
I am also the coral reef they founder on.

I am a tree with a trained parrot in its branches.
Silence, thought, and voice.

The musical air coming through a flute,
a spark of stone, a flickering in metal.
Both candle and the moth crazy around it.
Rose, and the nightingale lost in the fragrance.

I am all orders of being, the circling galaxy,
the evolutionary intelligence, the lift, and the falling away.

What is, and what isn’t.

You who know, Jelaluddin,
You the one in all, say who I am.

Say I am You.

Shri Mataji (she was 7): To be a Dust Particle

I want to be smaller,
Like a dust particle
Which moves with the wind

It goes everywhere,
can go,
Sit on the head of a king
Or can go
And fall at the feet of someone

Japanese baby falling at the feet And it can go
And sit everywhere
But I want to be a particle of dust
That is fragrant,
That is nourishing
That is enlightening.

Quote 2: How to Overcome the Futuristic Side?! How to Worship Saraswati?!

“It is great thing today that we are .. at Dhulia. Dhulia means the dust. Dust. And one day I had written in childhood, a poem, I remember. Very interesting poem it was ..which said that (see above the poem)..”

“I was about seven years of age, I remember – ‘To be a dust particle’, I remember that very clearly, long time back, ‘That I should be a dust particle. So that I will permeate into people.’ Which is a very big thing – to become a dust particle of that kind. To just whatever you touch, you see, that becomes enliving, whatever you just feel, that is fragrance. It is such a great thing to be like that. And that was my desire, and it will be achieved. At that young age, I had this idea of becoming a dust particle and today just while talking to you, I remembered that I wanted to be that, and that is what this place is. And Raulbai (one senior sahaja yogini) is like that. She is a very simple woman, very simple woman and she lives like a very simple person. She has a sense of permeation. And now there are so many Sahaja Yogis.. and I am sure that they will take up Sahaja Yoga very well. There are lots of Sahaja Yogis from Dhulia now. And I am sure there are going to be more people. I hope you have met all of them. Make friends with all of them. Try to know them, who they are. They may not know English. You get somebody to translate. Talk to them and be nice to them. Be friendly with them. I wanted you to meet them for Permeation. You should know who are the people here.. Ask questions about them.

This permeation is only possible when your ego starts permeating all around.


And this is the way to overcome the problems of the right side (futuristic side within us) and that is how to worship Saraswati (divine principle-energy governing the creative aspect within us; represented as a goddess with many symbolical attributes).


“Because Saraswati (the energy represented as a Goddess) has a Veena (musical instrument as above in the photo) in Her hand and that Veena is the primordial instrument which She plays like music, and music that penetrates into the heart. You don’t know how it goes into you and how it works out. That is how a person who is Sahaja Yogi should permeate – like music.

Seema at Sitar - Sahaja Yoga Special Class with Tabla & Sitar performance 2009

There are so many qualities as I told you which cannot be described in one lecture.”

“But one of the greatest quality of Hers is that She ends up into subtler things like the Mother Earth will end up into fragrance. Music will end up into melody like that whatever She creates ends up into something greater. Matter, whatever She produces ends up into aesthetics. If matter does not have aesthetics then it is gross, like that everything. Now you will say what is water. Water becomes the river Ganges !

These are the subtler things. So the matter gets into subtler thing because it has to permeate, it has to permeate. So everything whatever it is. And the best of all is the air. That air becomes the vibrations!

So you can see how whatever has come out from this matter, from these five elements, becomes that subtler thing. Of course, the left and right side (subtle energy channels) both work it out.

Because the love has to work on this and when Love acts on Matter it becomes that and

“That is how one has to look at your own life, to make it a Beautiful Combination of Love and Matter.”

May God Bless you!”

(Shri Mataji – Dhulia, 1983-  excerpt from a lecture on Saraswati Power – the Principle governing the 2nd energy centre called Swadhisthana chakra)

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  1. Chandra Sekhar

    In this posting, the Word ‘PERMEATION’ brought new awakening to me. We are still a sort of isolated islands, I feel.

    ‘PERMEATING into people’ is a new feeling for me. I try to achieve it.
    Thank you, Ioana, for posting this message.

    1. adrian

      I am you…
      In Being you…
      I am Me…
      I Being Me and You…
      I permeate you…
      And am Me…
      I am…
      From Love…
      With Love…
      Just Being Dust…
      Permeates Everywhere…
      And Eveything…

  2. adrian

    I understand what you mean by “awakening” Chandra… it is like the Light being emmited in the photograph shown… it is emmited when we are awake… and it is received by and for those when they are also awake… so it is truly a union.

  3. Raj

    Thank you for such pearls of Sahaj wisdom!
    So often we get into the maya/illusion of everyday life and our attention moves away from the centre.

    We need to be continuously aware of our state of being and these wonderful words of wisdom helps us to wake up to the Reality that is within us.

    Shree Mataji, please forgive our ignorance and keep us in Your Attention.


    1. adrian

      Shri Mataji would want you to forgive yourself…

  4. rhoc

    such a feeling of nourishing innocence when one views this adorable picture of this baby with Shri Mataji. The sweet baby being the dust particle so small, humble and gentle, effortlessness. Shri Mataji nurturing the baby effortlessly.

  5. Claudia

    I thank you for sharing this beautiful wisdom.

  6. adrian

    I love the photograph of Shri Mataji emitting divine energy. I have read that there is a “Divine Matrix” that connects the all. Perhaps the photo is showing us that we are capable of seeing more than what we think we can.

  7. Manga

    Ioana, Photograph with little one at the feet of Mother is amazing, thats what we want really.Lovely:)



  9. Antoinette Wells

    So Beautiful, Iona, starting with the Statue of Liberty and the history which goes with it which was very interesting, symbol of light and freedom and followed by the depth of Shri Mataji’s poem and its tremendous meaning for us: permeate: it we permeate, we can’t have egos: it is like waves of nourishing vibrations from one individual to the other. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures and comments with them.

  10. adrian

    On Permeating…

    Quote by Shri Mataji

    “Enjoy yourself the best… that’s the biggest thing to be achieved”.

    …without ego

    do we know the subtleties of our ego?

    It is in sharing that we get to know…
    And it is in sharing that we can learn to let go that which keeps us in the “dark”.

  11. adrian

    Shri Mataji’s quote…

    I am happy to see this quote again… so I am going to repeat myself again!

    “Enjoy yourself the best because that is the biggest thing”…

    So Enjoy everything…….

  12. cristina

    I was always amazed by the combination of qualities that manifest through Swadisthan chakra… and the most recent amazement is how these qualities merge into Sahasrara, enabling personal realization (not only in the spiritual sense)

  13. Anjali Gandhi

    Our realization allows us to permeate into people and work out so many things. We can feel each other better as long as we are alert and not just in our own zone. Something I learnt a few days ago. So much we can achieve in sahaja yoga like permeating into people like music permeates. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  14. Jolanta


  15. Kyla

    I love this notion of permeating. It is definitely something new I have been aware of since being a sahaja yogi, since being able to let go of so much shyness and boundaries limiting who and how I was able to connect with others; strangers and loved ones.
    Just this morning, before reading this article, I really enjoyed several moments with my son and then later in the morning when I dropped him off at his Dad’s home and ended up being able to have a casual conversation with another mom as I biked back to my house and she walked her dog.
    After reading this article, I would say that it was the permeation that I was enjoying in the interactions with these people.
    Of the dust particles that are similar within us and that are so tiny but so enlightening. Sparks of joy and brightness.
    Just a subtle and simple beauty that can be hard to capture, express, or describe, but I feel this article of permeation does capture it.
    And maybe I get to enjoy this because I am a sahaja yogi.
    So many more blessed experiences in the simple, everyday way.

    1. Anjali Gandhi

      Dear kyla, I felt sweetness and coolness in my sahasrara while reading your comment. So beautiful to see how you became aware of this new subtle gift of permeating…and Shri Mataji s talks always help confirm the beauty unfolding within us and take it a step further by enlightening us through her words that are usually not so easy to describe. But Shri Mataji says it so simply and our hearts are able to absorb and thus permeate.

  16. Kathleen

    The poem showed wisdom and humility of Shri Mataji even as a child. So sweet and loving. We as sahaja yogis are so lucky to be aware that we carry this permeating personality, without ego and just pure love.

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