Real Answers to What is Baptism and What is Self-Realization

Let’s find out the Real Answers to What is Baptism and What is Self-Realization

Let’s find out the Answers from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation – to these fundemental questions: What is Baptism? and What is Self-Realization?

One might find very interesting and enlightening these answers that contain both great Definitions as well they emit what we call “cool breeze” of positive energy. We are presenting excerpts from Shri Mataji’s lectures as well excerpts from the Bible, as well from other spiritual teachings such as Saint Thomas’ Gospel, or the analysis provided by Carl Gustav Jung. Let’s get ready for quite the journey!

Sahaja Yoga’s Answers-Definitions

“Self-realisation or Self-knowledge is the destination of human evolution and also of all the religions. This is the last breakthrough a human being has to achieve, for which there is a complete living machinery placed in the human spinal cord and in the brain. This machinery is being established step by step during our evolution.

This living machinery works out through its power manifesting the parasympathetic and both sympathetic nervous systems. Whatever we achieve in evolution is expressed by our conscious mind through the central nervous system.

To connect us to this subtle energy which permeates into every atom and molecule, there is also a Power of Pure Desire which is placed in the sacrum bone of human beings, which is called as Kundalini. “Kundal” means “coils”. It exists in three and a half coils. There is a Divine mathematical coefficient about three and a half coils.

This triangular bone is called “sacrum”, that means that the people in Greece in the ancient times knew about this divine sacred power of Kundalini; that is why they called this bone sacred. This sacrum bone is placed at the base of the spinal cord and it is triangular in shape.

The Kundalini is like a connecting cord as in every piece of electrical machinery, which connects the machinery to the main source of electricity.

In the same way, when this energy of Kundalini is awakened, threads (some of them) rise and ultimately connect the human being to the all-pervading power (Paramachaitanya).

It is a spontaneous happening, it is a living process. The whole evolutionary process has been a living process, and now a stage has come for human beings to have the last state of Spiritual existence through Self-realisation.

Human being can be compared to a seed which is not active spiritually, and has not started its living process of growth in Spirituality, but when it is embedded in the Mother Earth, the Mother Earth has the power, (with the help of water) to sprout the seed.

In the same way the Kundalini can be awakened spontaneously by the power of Sahaja Yoga.

When this Kundalini rises, a new life process starts in the human awareness, resulting in the growth of spirituality. This spiritual life growth is a new state into which a human being starts growing in his innate Divinity. This nourishes and enlightens his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being.

This living process is very clearly described in Indian scriptures since ancient times. There are 108 Upanishadas in the Sanskrit language which have exposed the knowledge about Kundalini awakening and the spiritual ascent. Also it is indicated in other scriptures of other countries. In the Bible it is called the tree of life and it is quoted that, “I will appear before you like tongues of flames”. When the Kundalini rises, She passes through various centres which look like tongues of flames when enlightened.

The Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost of Pentecost is this power that you can feel in Sahaja Yoga. In the Gospel of St. Thomas, very clearly describes the Sahaja experience as the ultimate of our religious life. Also it says we must look after our centres. This Kundalini has to ascend and pierce through six subtle centres which are placed in the spinal cord and in the brain. The last breakthrough is the actualisation of the “Baptism” as one feels the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost emitting out of one’s fontanel bone area.”

( first Chapter: Sahaja Yoga  (excerpt)- from an early book based on Shri Mataji’s teachings)

“..People felt the Cool breeze coming out of their heads.”

Definition-Explanation of Baptism in Sahaja Yoga Meditation

“..People felt the Cool breeze coming out of their heads. Can you do that by jumping, or by paying money?! They felt the cool breeze in the hand. It’s written in the Bible, even in the Bible very clearly, that it’s The Cool Breeze, cool breeze is the sign of the Holy Ghost. You start feeling the cool breeze in your hands and you start feeling the cool breeze on your head. This is the actualization.

Of course, people don’t read other books which are very good, like Adi Shankaracharya. People don’t even like the mention of his name who has really and clearly said that it is the cool breeze: the chaitanya (the divine power) is to be felt like cool breeze in the hands. They do not want that you should know the truth. And this is the Truth: that when you get your Realization you have to feel the Cool Breeze in your hands yourself. You have to judge yourself.

I’m not going to tell you, it is you who has to see, it is you who has to feel, and then you have to grow and you have to know all and everything, all the secrets of Divine Science.

You become the master then, you are the guru. You are the Spirit, and you should get it, it’s your own which is given to you. I have nothing to do about it, I’m just a catalyst...

You see, I don’t work much in the cities, I work in the villages because villagers are easier to get realization; the other day we were in a village called Kadus, where six thousand people got realization, it was announced in the (news)paper. So, in the cities these gurus work out because they want money and the purse, you see, it’s there in the cities ..

I work in the villages…where they don’t even have proper bathrooms, you have to go to the rivers to have your bath and.. it was very spartan for comfortable Australians.

And now they know such a lot about Kundalini, about awakening, about enlightenment. It’s all logical after realization, before that it is blind rationality, which doesn’t understand anything.

This Kundalini is there, your own, Sahaja. ‘Saha’ means ‘with’, ‘ja’ means ‘born’; it’s born with you, it’s within you ! It has to only rise with authority, with a person who knows how to do it. One should not feel hurt about it because I’m doing it. You see, I’m avery happily married woman, you know, I don’t need anything.  My husband has permitted me to go about doing this because he knows nobody can do it. I’ll be very happy if you can do it, really I would like to retire :-). Moreover why should you feel bad if I do it ?! After all there are so many things I can’t do. I can’t drive, I can’t type, I don’t know even how to open your tins, I’m so hopelessly bad.. So what is there to feel bad about it if I know how to raise the Kundalini and when it is your right to know yourself and to get it within yourself so that you achieve your real baptism, your real force, and once you have achieved it, first thing that happens is that you become a different personality. You become something so different.

I’m talking about the unlimited; our rationality is limited, our brains are limited. But many things can be understood. So many people reached the conclusion that it is the Kundalini awakening, is the one which is going to give us Self-Realization. Through their limited brain only, they reached it. They also reached so many conclusions, that like persons like Jung, the disciple of Mr. Freud ‘the great’..

( *Jung) was such a sensible man that he said you must get your realization, you must get your self-realization, and he prepared the ground for Sahaja Yoga, for he said, when you get your self-realization, you will become collectively conscious. He talked about it.”

(Excerpt from Shri Mataji’s lecture in Australia, Sydney 1981 on March 22nd, in Maccabean Hall)

” So many people who are real scholars, who are seekers, have reached the conclusion that it is the awakening of the Kundalini only that gives you your second birth, your Baptism, but they do not know how it will work out because it is a living force… You cannot pull the primule out of the seed, you cannot force a flower to become a fruit, you cannot pay money for it, you cannot rationalise it or mock at it or laugh at it or if you doubt it whatever it is. It will work out when it has to work out. In the same way today we are at the junction of a great happening, en-masse realisation has to take place, evolution has to take place, otherwise this creation will have no meaning, you will have no meaning either. So don’t worry for cheap sensations and sensational stuff that is around, you have to ask for the Real and that real you will only ask for if you have self esteem, that you understand that you have to get the real and not something that you can purchase on the market!!..

This is what you have to ask.. this Kundalini rises and gives you your baptism in the fontanelle area. The time is so short that I can’t describe the whole lot to you… When there is Kundalini crosses over the Agnya chakra which is the centre of Christ, you become thoughtlessly aware – you become – again I say it’s the becoming; then it crosses the fontanelle bone. This is the real baptism one can say – you can feel the cool breeze on the hands from the all pervading power around; but that’s not the end of it – it’s just the beginning. It’s just that your seed has been germinated but as Christ has said – some seeds got lost because they’re places on the rock. So do not have a heart of a rock – just keep it open, keep it open. You’ll feel very relaxed also – extremely relaxed. You have to ask for it. You have to say, ‘Mother give us our self realisation please,’ you have to knock on the door. If you if you are arrogant about it – it’s rather difficult for me. You are asking for such a great thing which you have been seeking for ages – for many lives.
In humility you have to ask if it works it’s your own gain – if it doesn’t – we’ll work it out later. Not to condemn yourself for that, you’ve no way to feel guilty please don’t feel guilty about any thing – whatever you’ve done forget it – don’t feel guilty – that’s one of the diseases people have, when I say something, they start feeling guilty about it. Not to feel guilty about because what guilt can have with what wrong can you do – in the presence of God who is the ocean of love. He is ocean of love. Kundalini is universally there, exists in everyone – She is your Mother – She is you individual Mother. Mother – that is the desire. The pure desire which is waiting for a chance to give you your second birth.

And when She rises, She touches the seat of Spirit on the fontanel bone area and the Spirit – which enjoys itself by itself – shines in your awareness and you get collectively conscious – please put your hands out.


.. Please don’t doubt me for the time being because I’m not selling anything – I’ve spent my own money for Sahaja. I have come here to give you a gift which you desire. have to become. Just feel it … if you are feeling the Cool Breeze, it’s a Subtle thing. It’s very Subtle – so be careful.”

Interview on Baptism & Yoga with Shri Mataji on “Liberty Radio” in England

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  1. adrian

    Shri Mataji speaks of “villagers”… and how easy it is for them to become realized!
    Perhaps that is because they view life as being essentially simple. How simple? Very simple…no magic, no formulas, nothing to purchase, nothing to own! Just to be open to what we already have and have always had… our spirit.

  2. Sharadindu Tripathi


  3. Sharadindu Tripathi


    The connection must be felt by all. Recent addition in Jaipur& NOIDA( India) i( during inaugurations of Sahaja yoga meditation Hospital on what mother wants: 1. Take care of poor.
    All are part of Mother whether realized or non-realized.We have to work with this aspect in mind & the love has to permeate in all living beings. More realization programs & greater responsibility. What a Joy!

  4. Debbie

    Mother Kundalini will be awakened by anyone with a true and pure desire. Like Shri Mataji says “you have to knock on the door”.

    Lots of love always.

  5. Avdhut

    The self is in the heart. We realise it when we accept the fact that we are automatically taken care of by the forces of nature within us. The locus of the awareness is the heart organ because the heart is what actually keeps us alive and colours our motives. The kundalini purifys our motives and integrates all the aspects of our unconscious autonomous being in the limbic area. That is when we feel the ‘baptism’ of the ‘cool breeze’.

  6. Chandra

    Whenever in despair and hurt or raging with anger or in frustration, SHE comes and tells “In humility ask me, I will be there for you, always”.
    This posting is one such divine event.

  7. ayesha

    Its so beautifully said and what Adrian said i truly feel the same that villagers view of life is different and more innocent.
    I like the article

  8. Colleen

    I love this post, thank you Ioana. We all need to be more aware and grateful of the simple things in life, that’s where true happiness lies!!

  9. Holly

    Such beauty! The biggest truth in the universe! How I feel so much love and beauty from within. Jai

  10. Rabi Ghosh

    Only path to redemption as promised by Almighty…to human beings by becoming the true reflection of Divine. The ultimate Baptism- the Realization. So simple so Sahaja.

  11. Jolanta

    It is significant that Shri Mataji says: Please don’t doubt me for the time being because I’m not selling anything – I’ve spent my own money for Sahaja.
    “If the product is free, you are the product.” In present day world, unfortunately, this saying is often true.
    Thank you for creating this website. It is priceless!

  12. Kartikeya

    Thank you Shri Mataji for showing us what the real baptism is and for always leading us towards the truth. We are truly blessed to have Shri Mataji in our lives!

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