From the First Floor to the Seventh Floor – We have to Grow!

Attention: From the first floor to the seventh floor we have to grow by following the following “three steps divine plan” obtained from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. 🙂

Ioana: Photo from an Italian town

Follow a Three Steps Divine Plan to Reach from the First Floor to the Seventh Floor of your Spiritual Evolution for a Successful Collective Happening

(Roses from our Burlington garden nurtured with ‘vibrated water’)

This article is intending to present a subtle solution for spiritual growth through the quotes of wisdom found in the lectures offered by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. If you are a seeker of truth you might find it inspiring and compelling indeed. Enjoy!

Step 1. Merge and Surrender the Little Things to the Whole

“People have their own ways of doing things, that one has to merge, has to surrender to The Whole.

We must learn to surrender our own little, little things to The Whole, and then you’ll be surprised that we will become so congenial, so integrateddespite our different characters.”

(photo: Sahaja Yoga Public program in Ireland attended by Ioana and Ana-Bianca from Halton region)

Character versus Temperament

“Now every human being has a character and a temperament. Apart from his Self, is his Spirit which is pure, in Its own form, It just gives you Vibrations, tells you right, left and all that. But everybody has a character, is important, because the light that is burning in a candle can be different style, another different style. Looks nice, variety looks nice, it gives you beauty.

So your character you must know. Respect your character and enjoy the character of another person. I really enjoy your characters and how sweetly you behave towards your own characters. But temperament is not your Self. Temperaments you must give up. Temperaments are horrid things.

You give up your temperaments but keep to your character.

A character is something so great, is something so sweet, and I see that character in a person, and I feel like –  how is it they are not identifying with their character but with temperament? For supposing somebody has a temperament of saying something silly – is a temperament. So you just say, ‘What is this going on? Why am I saying things silly? I better get rid of it’. Somebody has a temperament of getting boiled up very fast – so you see to it that this temperament is not your character. But some people are so low level that even in their character you can find something going on and on and on, which is – their temperament has become one with their character. So try to separate. First of all you separate yourself from your temperament to your character, and in that character you enlighten your Light. See how beautiful you will be, you’ll enjoy each other much more.

Now when you are with me, I know everything about you, no doubt. Everything. In your mind, what’s going , I read minds. I read everything, but what I see is your light. Then what I see is your character.”

From ‘I’ to ‘We’

(photo: ‘family photo’ at Burlington Sahaja Yoga Meditation class)

“I do not bother about your temperament, but a time comes when this temperament becomes more dominant thing. You become so much identified with [it], ‘I am like that! I am like that! What to do? I am like that! It happens to me. I…I…I…I…I.

So the fourth resolution should be – ‘No more “I”!’ We are not going to talk about “I”, “I think”, “I believe”. Who are you? “I believe” – now who are you? Are you Jesus Christ, that your beliefs and your faiths are that great? So we should say, ‘We believe’, ‘We are like that’.

Now we have to move in one body, with all our different characters we have to say ‘We‘,  which are part and parcel of One personality. So always say ‘We’, and this is how we must know that these temperaments are the things which keeps us out from everyone. Temperaments can be – somebody is a crying baby. Then that person will remain a crying baby for such a long time .. If somebody is a frightened person, he’ll be always frightened like that… It’s useless. Why to be like that? You be normal…

Some person is an aggressive person, or a hot tempered person. He’ll be losing temper all the time. That’s a temperament again, that’s not his character. Character shows in small, small things. ..Now a person has a character that he’s very generous. He will say something which will be very generous. A person who is a loving character, he will do something which will show that he’s extremely loving. So you first find out what is your character. Supposing you are a loving person, then why not love each other? Why not talk of love? Why not be kind? We suppress that, and we take our temperament as our own. And once you take your temperament as your own, there are problems and problems and problems. They are just like bubbles. These temperaments have no value, no substance, useless. And they are the greatest joy killers. If you have one person who is temperamental – [you’ve] had it. All of you will know that this person has this temperament – they’ll run away.”

“You have to maintain your different character, different style of talking, different style of walking, different style of expression.

But the character, if it is not brought forward, the whole thing is so ugly so horrid.

Like the stinking, rotting leaves these days. But if you remove the leaves, these old leaves, these useless leaves, then you find the beautiful grass below.”

(photo: Romanian mountains – the grass was touching the Sky)

“So nobody should identify with your temperament.

That is very important for Sahaja Yoga.”

Who is the Reflection of Shri Mataji ? Why are People going to Come to Sahaja Yoga?

“You must know that people are going to come to Sahaja Yoga because of You, not because of Me (Shri Mataji is referring to herself).

They cannot understand me.

I am beyond them.

I say something of the seventh floor.”

(photo: Burlington sahaja yoga class is attentively listening to Shri Mataji’s talk)

“They just don’t understand. They will understand You, not Me.

This is very important, perhaps you people do not realize.

You are not, supposing, taking Sahaja Yoga seriously, you are not doing anything about it. You are still very much attached to things. You are not willing to do this, you are not willing to do that, you don’t want to give up this or that.

Then people will say,

‘Oh he’s a Sahaja Yogi, such a person ?! How can he be? What has he achieved?’

You may say,

I’ve got the Bliss, Mother (Shri Mataji) has given me the Bliss’,

they’ll say, ‘No, we can’t see that in your face’.

You are still criticizing each other. Still you think no end of yourself’.

Still you are catching (have chakra blockages) here and there.

So it is You , You are the Reflection of Sahaja Yoga, not Me.”

(photo: volunteers from Burlington sahaja yoga meditation class)

“They will know, they will see, ‘All right, She is all right”.

I have seen people who are My relations, they will say,

Oh You are Beyond.

Nobody can reach You and so we are not going to try.’

But IF they see there are some people that have reached somewhere,

THEN they will come, isn’t it?!

  First Floor ->  Third Floor -> Seventh Floor  

“So .. Say I’m placed on the Seventh floor and

You are placed on the First floor, all of you.

Then you come to the Third floor, THEN people start seeing!!

The ‘first floor peoplecannot see the Seventh floor,

(photo taken right after a meditation gathering of Halton yogis)

but if you are there at least on the Third floor they say,

Oh there are some people on the third floor, let’s go ahead!

It is like that, because people see what they can see, they cannot see what they cannot see.”

“So when they see transformation in you, they see that beauty in you, THEN they know that there is Sahaja Yoga.

So for Sahaja Yoga’s sake we have to sacrifice certain things and I have told you already that we have to sacrifice all the funny habits or temperaments we have got.

Today you have to decide that,

‘I’ll give up this’, and it is, today, as I told you, there are special blessings, it will work out.”

Step 2. “You have to become really good Sahaja Yogis.”

(photo: the founder of Sahaja Yoga teaching one of the greatest yogis)

Now, by comparing with each other you cannot. By talking to each other you cannot. It is your own, it is you who has to certify:

‘Am I all right? Am I a good Sahaja Yogi? Am I really progressing?’.

You must progress, if you do not progress then you are not growing.

(photo: Bronte Creek provincial Park – Burlington, Halton region)

Step 3. “All of you have to grow, and grow and grow.”

(excerpts – Shri Mataji’s Birthday  speech in London, UK, 1980)

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  1. Julia

    Very interesting

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    how much oneness, we-ness, a sense of familyhood with a world that wants to grow together, by meditating together, live better, grt healthier, grow awareness together, and share it 1 million fold till it reaches enough peoplr that the whole society reaches that height.

  3. Vinod Nawab

    Sahaja yogi is a reflection so should shine to spread light. People see us, analyse us, treat us as benchmark of Sahaja Yoga, during public programmes.

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    Very encouraging readings on the need for us to keep on growing at our many different levels of growth and in so doing shine our inner and outer lights to guide ourselves and others.

  5. Jolanta

    It is great to be able to read about the distinction the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, makes between character and temperament, as well as the point that Sahaja Yoga is for the person’s self improvement.

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    Very well explained the difference between the character and temperament. Thank you!

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