Thanks from Halton Students and Teachers with Mini-Lessons of Ascent from the “School of Humanities”- An Eastern Philosophy Class with Meditation Workshop

The photo above captures the best Christmas gift received last year: a mail package containing many hand-written Thank you cards from students / teachers that attended one of our Eastern Philosophy classes with an introduction to Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

The Students were so open and keen that we ended up even discussing concepts such as Self-realization, the inner tree of life and the subtle energy channels, including their Sanskrit names, and connections to human biology.

In their letters many mentioned that they wanted “more” of those, including mantras and Sanskrit (!) ; others wanted “more meditation”, while others asked for “next time” to learn more about the “history of meditation” and others requested “more movement” — precisely because we offered them “all in one class” with a promise of “to be continued for more of everything” 🙂 . We offer a few “generic samples” here.

One of our team members happened to be a “fresh” master graduate in neuroscience, therefore the entire workshop became positively inter-active and we ended up experiencing collectively two sessions of meditation based on sahaja yoga technique. We are looking forward to  the invitations / opportunities received for 2020 !!  Thanks again for Your surprising and most generous feedback!! Yes it’s an honor to return and meeting again such amazing students and teachers!

Ascent – A Spiritual Definition

“If you are seekers and if you are ascending you are definitely unique, especially blessed. And you have to pay special attention to yourself. You can’t afford to play with yourself. So you have to discriminate between ego or ego trips as they call it, and Ascent. Ego trips bring you back with the worst hurting. It would be something like throwing you in the air and again you come back with a bump and break one of your necks or something like that. That’s what ego trip is.

But Ascent is where you really rise above. Not only that you rise but with you, you make others rise.

In your ascent you develop tremendous powers. The higher you ascend the better it is. But not by understanding that I am perfect you can ascend, never so.”

Story about a Teacher and his Students

“There’s a story of a teacher and his student. The teacher was very kind to the student and he (the student) would come and show him his creations. He  (the teacher) was very kind to him. And every time he would say that, ‘I have done this good and this is the thing that I have not been able to do so will you please tell me how to correct it?’

And the teacher would say, “Yes, good, you better correct this part, then do this.” And one day the student came and said, “Now this is perfect”.

He (the teacher)  said, “You are no more a student now. You are not to come to me anymore.”

There was another student who was coming everyday and correcting himself. And he told to his teacher that, “Today I think I can teach others but not yet perfect”. He said, “All right you go and teach. The third one was a student who came and he was always trying to see what was the mistake and how he has to correct and how he (the teacher)  worked very hard, very assiduous, very hard working. And he came to his teacher one day and said, “Sir, I will not trouble you anymore now”. He (the teacher) said, “True. Now you take my seat.”

Ascent and Humbleness go Together  

“That is what one has to understand. You ascend. You will become humbler. It is just the other way around people understand. You see when they ascend they think we have achieved some special powers. I don’t know. Suddenly self-certification starts you see: I am, I am very good in spirituality. I am very high up and all that.

This self-certificate starts. And then it can reach such a point that suddenly you found you are on the earth again. This kind of thing is not the way it works out. Actually the people who ascend there are certain qualities that show on them. “

Ascent and Collectivity go Together  

“Actually the people who ascend there are certain qualities that show on them. The first thing is your collectivity. How collective you are?! With how many people you can carry on ?! At how many things you can laugh, that is one of the biggest qualities. “

Ascent does Not go together with Spiritual Domination

“The second quality is that how much you accept another’s domination who cuts down your collectivity. You must have your personality separate from everyone. If you allow others to cut your personality, say for example: There is a boss and you are the employee. And the boss is not realized soul and you are a realized soul. Or maybe both are realized souls. Take it like that. And one of them is ascending. Then he becomes humbler, he becomes better, there are congenial relationship. But to a point. He will never compromise with his boss when it comes to his ascent, to his collectivity, to his giving, to his doing things for others.

On that point he’ll never have any domination because how much you feel responsible about yourself is the second point: How much you are responsible to be there, to be a cell in the Heart.”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the Mini-Lessons from Shri Mataji’s Lectures: “School for the Humanities”, NY, USA on June 5th, 1985 and “Seminar in Mill Farm”, Sherborne, UK on Aug 2, 1981.

Fall 2019 was so rich in what we call “sahaj” experiences — that have a heart and open hearts, as well that teach us all to remain detached, let go of what is meant to fall and change colors – enjoy and accept the Present.

Feel free to drop a comment, adding a new “leaf” to this sharing. 🙂

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  1. Anjali Gandhi

    Such heart warming comments from students..and real life learning about ascend and ego from Shri Mataji. Thank you.

  2. anaic

    Such a good job with this class: to share experience with others is the best way to experiment the Sahaj knowledge of reality.

  3. Jolanta

    Great news about sharing the knowledge and practice of Sahaja Yoga, and positive feedback/interest!

    Thank you for reminding us, in Shri Mataji’s words, about the true meaning of ascent.

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