A Fantastic Meditation Retreat for Children (Daglio)

Daglio – A Fantastic Meditation Retreat for Children

Enjoy Ana Bianca‘s impressions about Daglio – the truly fantastic meditation retreat (as a scamp for children and parents) that is offered annualy in Italy, near Cabella Ligure, by dedicated volunteers from Sahaja Yoga Meditation. She wrote this feedback when she was 15, right after returning from her vacation abroad. Most of the photos she took from there are shared in this article. Enjoy!

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After two weeks of my stay in Cabella, I spontaneously decided that I’d go to Daglio. I only had about 1 minute to decide, but I knew I was up for an adventure to unfold. The view and serenity is unimaginable.

daglio-panoramaI was awe-struck because it felt like I was once again in Dharamshala. The whole place was surrounded with mountains and valleys and the vibrations were amazing. Someone even told me that Shri Mataji Herself said that it really was like Dharamshala. At Daglio, I taught music, mostly the harmonium and some new bhajans, and also Nature art.

It was simply art, but only using things you found outside in the wilderness.

Slideshow with Nature & Bonfires from Daglio:

In music the kids learned some easy bhajans like Ganesha Ganesha (video) and Om Bhur Buva (video).

Two songs that they really loved were “Bathe in the water” and “Raining on the rock” (an Australian bhajan I’ve learned at Cabella few days earlier from my new friend Praveena).

Whenever they would practice or sing them at the meditations, it would spark up so much joy.


Unfortunately (for me), or fortunately, it would usually start raining after each song was sung.

In nature art we built people out of wood, nuts, leaves, flowers and whatever else we could find outdoors.

It really got the children in touch with Mother Nature and awakened their creativity even more.

Shri Ganesha made of 4 Cabella river's stones - Nature Art at Daglio

One day, one of the girls found 4 stones in the Cabella River that made a faultless Shri Ganesha .

They fit in together so beautifully.

What I really loved about Daglio was that I felt like a little child again..


I could play and hide in the forest, climb up trees and tree houses. I felt young again (not saying that I’m not young).

I did feel like I was in Dharamshala again.

“I really hope more people in America know more about Daglio, because it is a fantastic camp for young and old.”

Article and Photos were provided by Abi from Burlington that is 15 and who loves practising Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Dharamshala is in India at the foothills of Himalaya; Abi had the opportunity to study there for a few years in an international school under the auspices of Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. At that time all teachers were also practicing meditation and children meditated daily (even conducting guided collective meditation from a young age) and the school’s standards had a strong academic foundation. Special place and special times indeed!

Shri Ganesha –  described as a child with an elephant head that is one with the subtle energy divine principle/deity that is rulling over Mooladhara (our 1st)  chakra and  who represents the perfect innocence and the always present child within us.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Feel free to drop a message for Ana Bianca. The drawing above is representing a child in meditation that ia receiving the Joy as the blessings of Shri Ganesha – who represents the Personification of Joy, the child with an elephant head, symbolysing there is no ego, only complete innocence within. 🙂

Check the video below from one of our COOL KIDS and PARENTS Workshop in Halton region:

We also recomment the Youtube Playlist with video Testimonials to explore, learn and enjoy!

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  1. Cristina

    incredible the Ganesha stones… thanks for sharing Abi

  2. Shashidhar Rao

    Was fortunate to stay there during Guru Puja 1995. The place is tailor made for yogis to meditate. Fits so beautifully with one’s idea of a ‘retreat’ – in the midst of Nature in all it’s splendour with Mother’s Love providing the unadulterated Blisssss…

  3. Claudia

    What a beautiful experience ~ Thank you for sharing .

  4. Thava Govender

    Thank you for sharing your experiences at Daglio….your abundance shines through.Beautiful pictures too!Blessings

  5. Ali

    Loved your story! I’d like to visit Daglio one day! maybe for next World Festival in Cabella…

  6. clara

    hey abi! u didn’t tell them that we sung bathe in the waters and raining on the rock when we didn’t want to do a certain activity! but i really enjoyed reading it and what u think of daglio camp. i was in daglio too as one of the children and what i enjoyed most were the activities and bonfires!

  7. Anastasia

    There is so much innocence in your story! And the pictures convey so much beauty! Thank you for sharing!

    Anastasia (Russia)

  8. Elsie


    What a beautifully written article. How lucky for children to be able to have such a meaningful experience in such a magnificent place. I was happy that my granddaughter met you. You are an inspiration.

  9. Liviu

    The girl who found these stones is from Romania , name SHIVANGI, 10 years old !
    Very beatiful !!!!

  10. Pauls Water

    Pretty good post. I just bumbled upon your blog and needed to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way, I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again very soon.

  11. Edda Escudero

    it is a beautiful article.. I felt so much Coolness ~ thank you very much for sharing

  12. Debbie

    Mother Nature has blessed us with so much beauty around us yet many take it for granted. Thanks for sharing this lovely experience.

    Lots of love always.

  13. Shulin

    Dharamshala was the first word came to my mind by seeing the first picture, and I totally didn’t expect its Abi who wrote the article and she was only 15! haha! the article has so nice vibrations and I really enjoyed it 😀 😀

  14. Kruti

    The stone art of Shri Ganesha is so magical. The whole article emits such a cool vibrations. Thanks for sharing your experience with us dear Abi, felt like I was there with you.

  15. Oresta

    I really enjoyed this article. It sounds like an amazing camp with so much creativity. I would have loved it there since I love nature art and singing. It was unbelievable that a child found the stones that looked like Shri Ganesha.

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