What is a Seer?


Meditating ‘Seer has double meaning:  the one who sees only, just sees and he is only knowledge, he is a Seer. Without any thought, without any reaction, just sees and absorbs automatically, spontaneously, he is the Seer. ‘ (Shri Mataji – Lecture 1983, Paris, France)

‘Seer .. is above the normal mundane people and sees the things in a proper perspective and delivers the proper understanding of this perspective he sees..’  (Shri Mataji – Talk about Creativity and Second Chakra, Italy,1989)

Where & How & Examples

‘The climate has affected the seeking in people; in India the temperature is good for meditation, and provided a good environment for Seers who then found out the Truth, discovered Kundalini.’  (Shri Mataji – Talk in Vancouver 1989)

‘These are the Seekers all over the world. What they are seeking is the peace of their own mind. It is a good news for such people that a unique discovery has been found out by which one can achieve the peace within. One has to go beyond the mind. This was very old knowledge in the East, especially in India. There were Seers in the West who also knew about this knowledge by which one can achieve that state of Self-Realisation.

In England William Blake, Moliere in France, De Maupassant in France, and many other poets like C.S. Lewis, and certain persons in America, have been endowed with this future vision of Divine life entering into human beings.’ (Shri Mataji in her book Meta Modern Era, chap.11, The Subtle System)

‘That way the findings of the Indian Seers-because in India there is nothing like a religion, it’s just a seeking,  a true seeking of a person. It’s neither a Hindu, Muslim, Christian.’

‘Those who are Seers, you see they say “there is no caste for a Seer“. A person who is a Seer, has no caste, he has no religion. Because he’s a human being he doesn’t belong to any conditioning of the kind, but to the Truth itself. So, they found out through meditative’ method, not through reading, through mental projections or through imaginations or anything, but through meditative method. First they had to become Realised Souls. Like in Patanjali it’s not written clearly but it is said, “first you have to have Ishvar Pranidhan () means you must get your Realisation first, God must be established within you”. Before that, anything else you do is just artificial. For example now, this thing they have put it here for me to speak (the microphone). Supposing it was not connected to the mains, it would not work. It is a very simple thing again. I have said: any machinery, if it is not put to the mains it doesn’t work’.

‘In the same way human beings, who are not connected to the mains, if they start working out they either go to left or to the right.’  (Shri Mataji’s address at  C.G. Jung Society’s Hall, 1983, New York)

Modern Seer

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  1. adrian

    So, for me a Seer is one who is not bound by rules of artificiality… it is a knowing through remembering where we came from, and that we already know because we are not afraid to go within in order to expose our uncertainty.

  2. David

    Told I am a seer. Confused.

  3. Kasthurie

    Thank You!

  4. Gulam Mohd Chinchwalker

    Seer is Saints
    Seer is one who shares
    Seer is one who is one with every one
    Seer is of love and patience
    Seer is submission
    Seer is simple and complex at the same time
    seer is the driver and the driven at the same time

  5. Colleen

    Thank you for posting this article, I now know without a doubt that I am a seer. I have been for a very long time but didn’t know what it was. But since practicing Sahaja Yoga Meditation for almost 4 years now it has opened me up to my true authenticity. With Sahaj I have learned how to connect to the Divine, and have been able to stay connected for longer and longer periods of time. It’s living in the *flow* and it is amazing!!! To follow the sycrenicities and *know* that it is the Divine communicating with me. It is the most amazing peaceful feeling one can have, to truly Trust in the Truth!! Thank you Shri Mataji. With Love.

    1. Baskaran

      Jai Shree Mataji!!! Great well Enjoying the spirit…

  6. Sahaj

    Seer is a true identity of a being. To discover the seer within is the spirit journey. Seerhood has no boundaries of religion, caste or nationality because it’s the conquest of the absolute.

    1. Annie

      I like your analogy that “seerhood has no boundaries of religion, caste, nationality” as we are all of the same star dust, sharing all the same origin, just individual paths are taken.

  7. Jolanta

    I like the analogy to a (dis)connected microphone.

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