Kavita – I was lost and now I’m found

.. I was sad .. then, as a Mother finds her stray child, Shri Mataji found me ..

Photo taken in Burlington by a local sahaja yogini

Sahaja Yoga came into my life when I needed it most.

I was sad and what does our life mean? Why have we got this life?

And where is the guide? Who is it ? Such questions used to come everyday.

At such a time as a Mother finds her stray child, Shri Mataji found me.

Nirmal Maa (Immaculate Mother, used for Shri Mataji ) called me into her Sahaja Yoga family. I was so happy with this company that now every day I feel support and love.

I am in the Burlington – Halton family.

There is a lot of good Sahaja Yoga meditation here.

I would like to tell you my story of Burlington. I came to Hamilton from Toronto because of my job. Sahaja Yoga at Hamilton also came with me, but It was a single day in the week and I missed many times due to work, so there was a prayer in my mind that I want to have meetings close to home.

Then after a few years when we were searching for a new house, the first house in Burlington we saw, liked it very much and we took it and at that time I wasn’t aware that there is a class behind the house. But then later it was discovered that there is close by the Yoga Meditation Center at Brant hills community center:

and I felt that my Mother fulfilled my wish.
Our guru has shown many such miracles to us.

I consider Mother (Shri Mataji) as my Guru.
I realized that whatever is asked with a pure wish it is heard.
There should be pure desire and trust in your guru.
From my own experience, I can say that Sahaja Yoga is the door to our spiritual path. Open it and go inside – see how the lovely experiences which we call “Miracles” are seen and felt everyday.
This is such a wonderful journey in which there is joy at every step. “

Kavita – Burlington, Halton region, Ontario, Canada

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  1. Anjali

    Dear Kavita didi, Not only did we find ourselves in Sahaja Yoga but we found each other to share in our yearning and learning for growth! Even with our complicated busy lives, We have the ability to go deep within and help ourselves, support each other and make a difference! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Love to hear your voice on our meditation calls.

  2. Paula

    Kavita, what a touching testimonial. Sincere, and simple.You are a wonderful addition to our Sahaja yoga family..
    Reflecting yogic values in your actions and words….hugs….

  3. Rebecca

    It is so rewarding to read testimonials from members of the Burlington Sahaja Yoga family. I loved reading about your journey and knowing how your life has changed as a result of discovering Sahaja Yoga. I look forward to meeting you.

  4. Rajinee

    Beautiful story Kavita, it truly captures the power of pure desire. I’m so happy that you found your way into Mother’s arm.

  5. Nellie

    What a lovely experience. It is true. The joy of our Spirit is nourished daily with meditation. Thus, revealing how we can navigate our every day life with a new perspective as part and parcel of the whole.
    Nellie García

  6. Kartikeya

    What a wonderful series of events that happened for you. It really shows that when you have a pure desire from heart how it manifests and fulfills through the grace of Shri Mataji. It really strengthens our faith in us and shows how much love she has for her children.

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