Meditate Each Day to Keep the Pain Away

Carmela says: Meditate Each Day to Keep the Pain Away

Watch the following two short videos to get to know aunty Carmela ‘Mama Carmela’ and her journey with sahaja yoga meditation. One will realize that ‘Meditate Each Day to Keep the Pain Away’ is an advice that deserves serious consideration!

(VIDEO#1) Check Carmela’s Testimonial and her walk through certain dangerous woods


(VIDEO#2) Check Carmela’s Testimonial offered during Burlington Class’ 10th Anniversary

Listen to Carmela experience with being pain free after surgery and how Sahaja Yoga Meditation helped both her and the dentist :-). Please, set bring the volume up as it was recorded in a large room filled with people.

Enjoy Carmela’s Sahaj Life (FamilyHome and Garden) and learn about Sahaja Yoga Meditation’s positive impact on our communities

(video + article->click) Carmela’s Interview@ BAXTER’s Christmas

Carmela with ON yuvas and Marie-Joelle - SEPT 2015
Carmela with Halton yogis and International Artists - SEPT 2015

At Carmelas home - SEPT 2015

Yogis in Carmela's Garden - SEPT 2015

Carmela and Wendy - halton Sahaja Yoginis SEPT 2015
Carmela with her good friend and sister sahaja yogini, Wendy from Burlington Class. They both helped immensely during the GREAT EVENTS offered on Canada Culture Days 2015 in Burlington where Sahaja Yoga Meditation’s Programs were featured in Civic Square.  We get together quite often at Carmela’s home after our Burlington classes, as it represents one of our beloved “sahaj family” ashrams.

(click)  Mayor Goldring  and CARMELA are SNAPed !!

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  1. Colleen

    Great video!! My heart opened up so much Carmela, incredible story. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Gratiela

    Beautiful activities we had,and Carmela”s interview
    with Shulin,that Sahaja Yoga gives us right direction in our life is so truth.

  3. Kruti Gandhi

    We have amazing memories with mamma Carmela each time we visit her home. Delicious food, deep meditation, and loads of treats to bring back home. Beautiful testimony and so collective she is, a true inspiration!

  4. Paula

    What a joyful surprise to see Mama Carmela grace this article and our lives with her zest for life and living life to her loving fullest as a sahaja yogi. She was always the best mother I could ever ask for and life was challenging for her taking her through some tests….her resilience and thirst for self improvement lead her to blossom once I introduced her to Sahaja Yoga. She has so much respect for the teachings that shower her life with beautiful people, with whom she shares her warmth, generosity and glorious vibrations.

    I am so grateful to share sahaja yoga with my mom who has embraced the pure knowledge and is willing with her boundless energy to welcome seekers of truth and yogis from all over the world into her home for tasty food made with love and collective meditations.

    Her welcoming nature is amplified by the vibrations we feel when we meditate together. Together we achieve new heights meditating online, in her backyard, in her house, in the classroom (coming soon again!) and public parks and self realization events.

    Grateful every day for Carmela my mom. And I am so glad to share her profound depth as a yogi with our community and the world. We were meant to find Sahaja Yoga which embraces and unites humanity and raises the consciousness of the world to a higher plane.

  5. Antonia

    Our dear Carmela! We miss her so much here in Croatia! This year she will finally be back after 3 years to bring back the sunshine in a small town of Selce, which is sooo empty without her colorful personality. We can’t wait for our Selce “ashram” to open!

  6. paula

    We are coming to Croatia! See you this week! We will meditate together on the beach! The vibrations are super good together. Can’t wait Antonia!

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