Yogis with Mayor Goldring and Seekers SNAPed in 10 Year Anniversary Celebration at Art Gallery of Burlington

On July 11, 2015, there were many Yogis with Mayor Goldring and Seekers SNAPed in 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Halton Sahaja Yoga Meditation at the Art Gallery of Burlington. Here there are only several photos yet you can get a good feeling about “how was it?!” at this celebration. Enjoy!

Snap -1 10 years sahaja yoga

Mar'yana Paula Maria Pooja Khyati and Carmela

Jon Ana Bianca Ioana Mayor Goldring  Shulin and Paula - SNAPED1

Hema at Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington -10 years Celebration

Jayanthi and Razvan Gabriel are SNAPedVisitors to celebration

Visitors to celebration from Brampton

Kathleen and Mohinder are SNAPed

Hema at Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington -10 years Celebration-1

Youth team with Mayor Goldring

Yuva Maria and Yogis from Ontario

We Thank SNAP Burlington for its support and for the wonderful coverage offered to our 10 year Celebration of Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Burlington!

8 SNAPed 

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  1. Colleen

    WOW!!! These pictures and the coverage of this event is so amazing!! I feel so blessed and honored to be apart of this collective, it was an amazing day from beginning to the end. The vibrations were very strong and beautiful. Love to all. 🙂

  2. Helen

    Reading this is like a breath of fresh air. The vibrations are amazing!! So strong and happy!

    Love to all.

  3. lekha iyer

    jai shree mataji
    great pictures , beautiful events congrats
    love to all

  4. Jayanthi

    Wow !!! what a beautiful program, I love Razwan’s Mona Lisa smile worth framing.

    1. Ioana

      This is such a good one, I had to say it and will let him know 🙂 Razvan truly enjoyed your company! He is really proud of what was achieved in these 10 years .. it was such a beautiful day in and out, for our little family too, it was a very special day .. looking back for the 10 years that passed … starting with empty halls .. in a city where we did not know anybody to begin with .. having now such a beautiful, strong and dynamic spiritual family. We thank Shri Mataji who orchestrated and directed this play — sending us to plant the seed in Burlington … and giving us enough time and providing the tools to see the seeds sprouting .. then becoming a beautiful forest of powerful trees — each one amazing in its own particular way, however all waving and dancing collectively, following the rhythm and the direction of the Cool Breeze of Change .. providing shed to the shooting smaller trees following their growth .. as well bowing down in generosity, offering their fragrant flowers and nourishing fruits to all in need. Such an amazing spiritual journey .. that is still unravelling .. Thank You Shri Mataji for being here in Spirit and essence as the guiding force .. offering comfort, speed and the unstoppable urge to pass it on, further and further, but always with love, respect and utmost care .. for each and for all. Thank You for always watching over the quality of our community of sahaj yogis..

  5. judith cecilia martinez

    Hola mis queridos hermano, que alegría ver las
    fotografías, les felicito que nuestra madre siga
    dando muchas bendiciones para que cada día nuestra
    colectividad sea mas grande.
    Jai Shri Mataji.-

  6. letitia

    Jai Shri Mataji!Ce frumoase fotografii,pline de vibratii.Felicitari pentru toata munca pe care o depuneti!

  7. paula

    The vibrations were palpable and the pure love for our community and our extended family was wonderful…the brother-sisterhood feeling was in the air. Had I known how much joy expands within my being from this particular type of meditation,I would have tried it decades ago!
    I am so impressed with the photographic coverage from snapd newspaper. Although I have not been around for the whole 10 years in Burlington, I did discover the free classes about 7 years ago. It changed my entire life for the better, and I am so grateful for the help I got through tough times, and intermittent seeking…and I have heard many people after just a few classes experience positive shifts in life like myself as a direct result of collective meditation. I do not for 1 second take this for granted, and can never go back to how I coped and dealt with life before Sahaj yoga. The joy is within our reach, and
    we become empowered through “thoughtless aweness”. It was an arts packed event and it was great to have the mayor in board. We salute the light in all of you.

  8. Helen

    Such a joy to read the articles and see the pictures!!
    Thanks very, very much. Deep gratitude

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