Four Essential Q&A about Meditation and Spiritual Seeking

Question: Even though I meditate, thoughts come to my head, they just come all of a sudden and I know they’re not part of me. Is there a method to control these thoughts even though we do meditate?

Shri Mataji: See, you must raise your Kundalini. Try to raise it. Put your attention to your Sahasrara (crown chakra)

Say: ‘Mother (Kundalini), come in my head. ‘ 

As soon as Kundalini crosses the Agnya (= Third Eye chakra) you cannot have those thoughts. You should follow this simple method also, that if you see any thought coming in, you should say, ‘I forgive. ‘

“I forgive” is a very big mantra. Say that, thought will stop.

Question: Can you get too right-sided (= too over-active, using excessively the subtle right channel that is known as Pingala Nadi in Yoga system) in your spiritual seeking?

Shri Mataji: In the spiritually seeking, a speed is not felt at all, you see… In that you just feel the state. Your state you feel. You don’t feel the speed. You don’t feel that, you must do like, I have seen some people, even when I am giving lecture, they’re doing like this (various gestures, etc.).. 

 This madness is not necessary. Just be quiet. Quietude is the best way to ascend. I’ve said that there should be Thoughtless Awareness. Just be quietly. Your speed will reduce actually. You’ll come to a position when it is maximum for your quietude. Quietness within, peace within. That’s very important. If there is peace, you’ll grow. There’s no other way out. But you see all this ritualism, sometimes giving bandhan (subtle protection technique that one learns in Sahaja Yoga) all the time or raising Kundalini all the time and people even would like to see the table, if it has vibrations, you see.. 🙂 That’s going too far. There’s no need to do all that nonsense. Sahaja Yoga is sense, is not nonsense.

Question: May I ask an intellectual question?

Shri Mataji: All right.

Question: Is there any difference between witnessing in meditation and paying attention?

Shri Mataji: Witnessing is very different from paying attention. Paying attention is a deliberate thing. You deliberately pay attention, you see, to something. As I am talking, you may not be realized, you may be realized, you can pay attention to me. But witnessing is a state. Say, I’ve seen with myself what happens. If there is a problem or some calamity, something, suddenly I find I’m witnessing the whole thing like a drama. It’s a state but you can develop it if you remember. I mean at that time, people don’t remember. Supposing you see some calamity coming to you, just try to witness the calamity.

Question: Why is it sometimes after listening to one of your tapes or videos, we can’t remember consciously what you said? We seem to be as centered as we can be.

Shri Mataji: It has an effect all right. It has an effect. But after that I think you should all go into meditation for a while. After listening to my lecture, you just go into meditation. Actually, my lectures are not to be understood by your brains but through your Kundalini and through your Heart. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t remember something. It’s all right. With so many lectures I’ve given how can you remember? I also don’t remember much of it. But it will come handy, whenever you want to use some words or sentences. It will come handy. You will not know from where it is coming… It’s all recorded .. (by our Kundalini)

All above are Excerpts from Advices given by Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation –  at the New York Ashram, in 1988.

Reminders: Sahaja Yoga is ‘Sense’ and Quietude is the Best Way to Ascend!

Below you will find a few articles with Answers about Kundalini and Self-Realization with the contribution of  C.G.Jung and Kahlil Gibran.

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  1. Prakash

    Thanks….The questions and answers cannot be more precise than this. I enjoyed especially the last question and the answer by Shri Mataji.We often experience that listening to such talks comes handy when you are in a situation to explain to people about Sahaja Yoga. We will never fall short of words as Mother Kundalini, the tape recorder within will play out all we heard so far.
    Listening to talks by Shri Mataji is an important aspect of our spiritual ascent and meditation.Thanks..and continue the good job.Regards,

  2. armaity bhabha

    With due deference to William Shakespeare , here the question is not “To be or not to be” but “to do or not to do”. We have to consciously unlearn that we are the doers, and that we have to let the Divine take over and simply witness and let it work it out using us as the channels.

    1. adrian

      It is interesting to note that we are called… “human beings”… or should it be… “human undoers”?

      1. armaity bhabha

        or perhaps…. non-doers. :))

  3. Shivani

    Beautiful – thanks to share.

  4. adrian

    Shri Mataji’s quote… “This madness is not necessary”… this statement was made in reference to the degree with which we do, what she calls RITUALISM… ie bandhan, gestures, speed off doing things and etc… these are all external controls and require moderation. The focus should be on quietude, peacefulness… and simply allowing (control from within, from Spirit). My own experience has been to simply allow myself to surrender to the “invisible”… the ALL pervading power within. Keeping it simple, is for me the best way… letting go fear, honoring self and surrendering.


  5. Mary Iglesias

    I think like Adrian Says.
    Love: Mary.

  6. abhay jain


  7. Debbie

    Thanks Mother for reminding us that Sahaja Yoga isn’t about being ritualistic but being simple, being at peace and by surrendering, allowing our kundalini and our hearts to guide us accordingly.

    Lots of love always.

    1. armaity bhabha

      Dear Adrian and Debbie,

      I loved both your comments, getting to the crux of the matter in simple words, straight from the heart !!

      1. adrian

        Dear Armaity

        Life is meant to be a simple and enjoyable experience.

        The beauty is that we can choose to make it simple or complicated… and enjoyable or not. We can actually choose… especially when we understand that there are two ways of”steering” ourselves. We can choose to be steered by Externals… or we can choose to be steered by the “WITHIN”.

        That is quite an awareness to have… or Self Realization”.

        Thanks Armaity

  8. Katalin

    Thanks! Good questions and perfect answers! Thank you for posting them!

  9. Sunaina

    Thank you Ivona. Whenever I am in need you send answers. Jai Shree Mata Ji.

    With Love

  10. Paula

    Excellent answers particularly the difference between paying attention and beimg the witness with your attention ( rather than focusing). I was in a situation where it could have been a calamity. It was happening moment to moment and i was witnessing and dealing with the unfolding event. When witnessing I felt a forcefield of energy protecting me like the the deepest meditation. And i witnessed complete calm and efficiency in my carefully laid out actions. It was miraculous how the power of sahaja yoga saved the situation and removed the problem.

  11. Paula

    Timeless relevance every time I re-read these wise words…the depth just fills one up with awe. The comments are ponderous.

  12. Patricia Fischer

    Thank you all for all the and explanations of our Mother kundalini
    and the simplicitities of surrending that makes all the power working out…,

  13. Jolanta

    It is helpul to read that Shri Mataji refers to ritualism as not needed…and instead just being / becoming quiet inside during the meditation…

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