Meditate on Father’s Day with Unforgettable People from TWO Inspirational Father Daughter Stories (video-clips)

Let’s Meditate on Father’s Day with Unforgettable People and Father-Daughter Stories

Let’s Meditate on how a Father can support the mission of an exceptional Daughter.. Also, check out the exceptional  “IF” poem-video-article  (heart and crown chakras together with Rudyard Kipling’s wisdom) and take the Test proposed at the bottom
Happy Father’s Day and let’s be inspired by Shri Mataji’s wish (as a little daughter) shared with her Father for many people to become that kind of Star (read below).

Stars and People “Daughter and Inspirational Father” True Stories

European Realization Day

“My father felt that I would do something great”, said Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation

“Interviewer: Let’s talk about God, or your concept about God. You were raised as a Christian, were you not? Or were You born as a Christian?

Shri Mataji: I was to be born something – either I was to be born Christian, Hindu, Muslim. Anywhere I could have been born. But I choose a father and a mother, and a father (who) was an enlightened soul and a great man. It was he who told me about human beings, how they are. I didn’t know they were that complicated. 🙂

Interviewer: Where did you learn about Kundalini and, and the various techniques that you now teach?

Shri Mataji: I didn’t learn anything at all because I knew all this from my very childhood. This is innately built within you, the whole knowledge. Like as you are born as a human being, you can see it is bad smell, isn’t it? Nobody has to tell you it is bad smell. But a horse doesn’t feel the bad smell. In the same way you are born at a higher stage, you see many more things and you know many more things. I knew that, I was like that from very childhood. As you know that you are a human being as soon as you are born.

Interviewer: Did the people around you recognize this in you very, very early in your life?

Shri Mataji: I mean, some people like my Father did recognize. Not only that, but he knew the purpose of my life.”

(1981/03/31, Australian Radio Broadcast – Interview with Shri Mataji)


“When I asked someone ‘what did you get in Sahaja Yoga?’, the person replied: ‘Mother, I cannot tell you what I got but I got everything.’ Everything means what? Me also, I can say today (on her birthday) that I got everything.

When I was small I told to my father that:  “The number of stars shinning in the sky, I want the same number of people to shine in this world and spread the light of the Divine.”

My father said that << It is possible but try to awaken the collective consciousness and don’t give any speech, don’t write anything, otherwise a new Bible will appear, or a new Koran and a fight will start. So first You (Shri Mataji) try to Awaken the Collective Consciousness. >> And then the Awakening of the collective consciousness started in Sahaja Yoga.”

Shri Mataji – founder of Sahaja Yoga (21/03/97 — Birthday  Talk in Delhi, India)

“Lady seeker asks Shri Mataji about Shri Mataji’s Christian background whether she was a Protestant or a Catholic approach.

Shri Mataji answered: Lutheran. I was baptized by Lutherans – then my father was a member of the Church of Scotland, Presbyterian. I have no background, neither my father had. My father was a very learned man, and a very evolved soul, you see. He knew 14 languages, then he had mastered Sanskrit language and all that.”

(Extracted from Shri Mataji’s talk to seekers during her Public Program Day 4 in New York,USA, on 27 September 1981)

“My father felt that I would do something great in this life. I don’t know if he dreamed it or simply understood it, but all the time he used to say, ‘You have to find out the way of giving en masse Realization.’ By Realization he was meaning the need for a deep, spiritual awakening in people.
He gave me a good education in different religions and also a good education about human beings: what are their problems, why do they act the way they do, why don’t they take to God, why are they hypocritical. He told me all  kinds of things …”

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Father’s Sahaj WeekYou Are Invited !



Two Special Classes dedicated to … our inner fatherhood!

Interesting connections will be launched, from history to mythology, from chakras to medical science, from art to the day to day business.

The common thread  is the subtle energy that reveals mysteries and explains the root cause for events as well for our individual physical and spiritual evolution.

The Principle of  Father is enabled within each of us (either female, male or child) and the quality of our inner relationship with this subtle entity  has important consequences and implications at personal level and even at a  larger scale.

Quite a fascinating subject that will not only get discussed during the Oakville Class but more importantly, we’ll try to experience and feel it in our system through a collective meditation and individual introspection & workshop.


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Sky-Shri Mataji

Let’s take this Journey together! Test: Can you see something on the Sky in the photo above? Any answer .. or any question, please, drop a line/comment.

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