The Roles of Avatars and Incarnations (Shri Mataji’s Job)

Shri Mataji: “The Sent One, means the Avatar, means the Incarnation

“..the Aim of the Incarnation is to Save, to Protect the people who are Seekers because they are the most important people in the realm of spirituality.”

Let’s explore in this article the deep significance of the roles of Avatars and Incarnations. One will realize their contribution to the overall evolution of human beings. You will have access to a compilation of excerpts from the immense pool of pure knowledge shared via thousand of talks of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the Founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Enjoy and reach out if any question!

Shri Mataji – the founder of Sahaja Yoga meditation

WHY Incarnations Come and WHAT is their Role?!

Let’s Explore the Evolutionary Reasons through Yoga of God with Subtle Knowledge about Lord Jesus, Lord Krishna, and Shri Mataji

“But for an Incarnation it is always the higher goal. Is not bothered about smaller goals at all. He doesn’t have to weigh things, rationalise, or to train himself, or do some drama or anything. It’s ‘all’ done. Even the movement, every moment, ‘every’ movement of an Incarnation has a ripple in it, which is for the good. There’s nothing, not even a movement is such which is not for the good of the world. So the Incarnation is a very different thing that is not to be achieved, that has to be. Now for example the Incarnation is the.. The Enjoyer..  He’s the enjoyer of everything..

Different stages of human evolution took place when all these incarnations came on this earth. Incarnations have to come. If you reason it out you will understand why an incarnation is needed to come on this earth. The unconscious can guide you through symbols which appear in your dreams. There are so many other ways by certain happenings the unconscious, the Divine can guide you, but it is all vague, extremely vague. The conscious must have a mouth to explain itself. It must have proper body to be able to communicate what it has to say otherwise how are you going to have a rapport with unconscious. You cannot have any rapport with the divine unless and until you know you are Atman, your Atma (Spirit). Before that whatever you may try may create a depth in you, a serenity in you, a character in you but still you cannot have a direct rapport. You are to be connected. Now somebody has to do this job. That is why many incarnations came on this earth.

In India we believe that God Himself takes incarnations with his Vishnu principle (responsible for evolution) whenever there is the decline of righteousness and tries to elevate. Every incarnation has done lot of work and — and have done also work within ourselves. Whenever there is an incarnation of God, or a Saint is born, and you ask a question whether such a person is an incarnation or whether he is a pious Saint, a Sahaja Yogi would immediately feet the cool breeze on his palm, if the answer is in affirmative. There are many things in this world in respect of which man has not been able to find any satisfactory explanation. Have you ever considered how a seed sprouts? How you breathe? How you make movements? Where from the power in your brain comes? How you came into this world? There are many such things. Can any man satisfactorily explain these things? We say that earth has gravitational force. But from where this force came? A number of things need unfoldment. This is because you are under the influence of an illusion. You have yet to come out of that illusion. Your illusion has to be blown up, otherwise it would grow from strength to strength. For spiritual evolution of man, it is necessary to demolish his illusion. At every stage of evolution, the incarnations have appeared. All of you know that Shri Vishnu incarnated as Shri Rama.. he staged a beautiful drama to demonstrate the life of an ideal king. Similar was the life of Shri Krishna and the life of Jesus Christ.
People crucified Jesus Christ because of their ego. They could not conceive of an idea that some human being can appear on the earth as an incarnation of God. Their intellectual pride could not accept this idea and they rejected the Truth because of the ego ..That is why Jesus Christ said, “I am the door”. Jesus Christ incarnated on this earth for facilitating the passage through this door (Agnya Chakra), and he himself was the first to pass through it. Jesus Christ incarnated to open the Agnya Chakra and to dissolve our ego.”

What is The Job of Shri Mataji’s Incarnation and her Relationship with the other Incarnations & Sahaja Yogis?!

I used to write poetry, very fond of nature but then I told Myself: ‘You have to do work for Sahaja Yoga. If you take to poetry, they all call you a poetess and I don’t want to have any such position to be a poetess’.. so I gave it up. 🙂 And I was a very good sportswoman. I used to play things, I used to be first in every sort of game and I had championship, this, that. I gave it up. Whatever I did, I used to get into it. I studied medicine. I stood in the first in the whole university, gave it up.

Why? Because I’m the Primordial Mother and I have to do the Job of Awakening the Primordial Nature, the dharma within human beings and that’s what I have to do and nothing else. But for that, I don’t do anything. I’m Nishkriya, I don’t do anything. Really, I don’t do. It’s done by the nature, done by Shri Ganesha, Vishnu, Mahesha, everybody (all the divine principles  that govern the chakras). They are doing it, but then what is the relationship? The relationship is they are all in my body and They are all bound by Their own dharma and They act. This is the relationship, spontaneous, automatic, like a built-in relationship. For example, the fan is built-in,
so as soon as you put the button, it starts moving. It’s like that! All of them are related to me and they have a tremendous protocol, tremendous respect that if I say anything, they will not finish it. See, this thing is, that very, very deep thing that I’m telling you, that you are a human being, that is, there is built-in, within you are your Dharmas (check the Article on Dharma and Chakras) and if you go against your dharma, then you’ll be ‘finished’. They are all built-in within you. They are all there, potentially. I hope you will understand how important it is to be aware of your restrictions within yourself. So, thank you very much all of you. May God bless you!”
“Gradually, you should try to understand. Many people ask me, ‘Mother, how do you do it?’ Forget it. It’s Mahamaya (in Sanskrit: the great illusion). Forget it. How did I do it? Just forget it. That part you need not go into. Just enjoy! Just enjoy that you are in that maya (illusion) and you are enjoying it. It’s the best way to enjoy this Mahamaya: I thought something unique must be done which encompasses everything of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not one incarnation, it’s not one nadi (subtle energy channel), it’s not one Goddess, but all of it is there (in the incarnation of  the Mahamaya). Sometimes I say like a film is audio, visual, everything is there, drama, music, also acting. Everything is there in a film now. I mean that far, everything integrated. In the same way, I think Mahamaya has everything, every part, as you tell me, everything that you enjoy, everything that you discover. Everything is in that vision of Mahamaya which has been created for you…  The third thing was that you have to be identified into my Body, into my Cells of my Body, but this is a more difficult task because supposing one of you becomes stupid, becomes foolish, quarrelsome. Anything you do, any small thing, it hurts me. It has to, but I don’t think about myself. I always think about you. So it’s an indication to me that something has gone wrong somewhere. Somebody is doing something wrong to somebody. Some Sahaja Yogis are being tortured. Some are sick. Anything like that, I work it out very intensely and intimately.”“Recently, today only, they told me somebody has got meningitis in Australia. Immediately, I gave bandhan. I’m sure such a person should be cured if she has any faith in me and she’s in my Being. Or somebody is ill somewhere, they tell me and such a person is saved. They call it a miracle. It is not a miracle. It’s not a miracle. It’s again the Mahamaya’s blessings are like this. You can’t see how you are inside me. You can’t see your reflection within. You can’t see. This is Mahamaya. This is the secret part of it, that you don’t know and then when I feel the pain and if I try, look at it, because I have power to cure, so you get cured. You don’t know how it happens.

Collectively, whatever you feel, I get it in my body.

“For example, collectively, if you have a left Vishuddhi (blockage at the throat chakra level), I get it. If you have, say, right Vishuddhi, I get it. Any chakra that you catch, collectively, I get that problem and I have to solve it because it troubles me, so I solve it. It’s a compulsion that I have to solve it. Now in doing so, you see, you might think, ‘Mother, we are troubling.’ You are not. It’s my doing. I have taken you into myself. You haven’t. So you don’t have to worry as to, as if you are troubling Me. It’s my own doing work. It’s my own work. It’s my own responsibility. And if I have done it, it’s done it because. I am supposed to do it. That’s the job I have to do. So there’s nothing to feel bad about it.  But now, what is the purpose? As I told you, is that I could come close to you and I need not, sort of, fill you with fear or oddness, or even a feeling that I am not a human being. I behave exactly like human being, I react exactly like human beings and all these powers are hidden within Myself. Unless and until you are a realized soul, you won’t understand. Whatever you may do, you won’t understand.”
“Or maybe in the previous life you had your realization or maybe also you have done such tremendous punyas that you can recognize. There are people like that who have done it. But to make it more, sort of, congenial to you is to become absolutely a human being. So I married, I have children, I have grandchildren and I do shopping, as you see. People are surprised how I take Coca-Cola. I’m not supposed to take Coca-Cola? Or I eat popcorn. They’re surprised. But I have to be just like you. But inside I am not. Outside I am.”:-)

“You see, my attention is such that it penetrates into everything, and I remember each and every thing very well. My memory’s very good, even at this age. So, you see, this attention itself is very penetrating and when it penetrates it carries with it all the powers that are required and acts. It’s a tremendous machinery, I should say, which is very subtle and works wonders. So you start telling me that there is a miracle that has happened, miracle that has happened. Nothing is a miracle because if you’re all in my body and if my body is divine, then what is a miracle? It’s all the communication, as this hand can communicates with this hand, (in the same way) I communicate with you.
But one thing is definite, that you should not get lost with this rupa of Mahamaya. It’s not a casual thing, but I want to live very casually myself to show that I’m casual, but I am not. While you should not pay your attention casually, that won’t work out because you are in my body. Say, every cell in my body is aware, and every cell has a reflector. I don’t know about, you know about it, but there is a reflector in us which works on remote control. So it works on remote control on your attention also. If your attention is not all right, it corrects. It puts— that’s the best way we could evolve human beings. There was no other way out because the attention of the people is, on the whole, in the whole world, is not yet on the Spirit. But suddenly, they get a glimpse that there must be something beyond. So many religions have come, so many have talked about it. So, they may say about it, they may talk about it, but still the consciousness that we have to be the Spirit is among very few people and they are the ones called as the Seekers of Truth, while the rest of the people are not. They are busy with this or that. So under these circumstances, one had to come in a camouflage.. Once you have called me the Mother, you see, there is a protective attention on you. Then you misbehave, you cross all the limits and things, then it acts on you. Some .. are doing wrong things and they know they’ll be found out. Now the worst thing that happens in Sahaja Yoga, that people try to make money out of me because they know I don’t understand money, I don’t understand banking and I’m very bad at it, but I’m not. 🙂  I know everything. I know everything about everyone. They tell me lies. I know that they’re telling me lies, but is allowed. Do what you like in Sahaja Yoga. You, yourself, will have to pay for it.. but once you go out of the protection of your Mother, there are all negative forces all around, which also you don’t see because you are partly blind. You couldn’t see your Mother and you couldn’t see these negative forces also. Then you fall a prey to their talk, things, whatever it is, or maybe into some paradoxical culture, as you have here. You may fall a prey to that. There’s somebody I know in Sahaja Yoga who has gone now and he’s now drinking a lot and he’s doing all kinds of things. So, such a person gets lost because of his doings. I am not doing anything to him.  If you are with me, if you are in Sahaja Yoga, you are protected, you are looked after, but you have to stick on, you have to have faith and even if there’s any problem, it gets solved.”

“My job is to awaken your Kundalini power so that it could pierce your Sahasrara Chakra (the crown chakra). This work is of collective nature; I have therefore, to do it in the case of one and all, I want to tell you about Jesus Christ, Guru Nanaka, King Janaka and a number of other incarnations and the way they relate with the collectivity. Similarly, I wish to talk to you about incarnations of Shri Rama, Shri Krishna etc., and also about Shri Shiva, because all the powers of these Gods and deities are in us. Now, the time has come for Collective Consciousness to manifest.”
“So the Nature knows everything and who informs the nature is this Paramchaitanya. Paramchaitanya (the divine all pervading energy or vibrations) was never that active. It started since my birth, I should say, when Krita Yuga (Sanskrit for “Blossoming Era”) started.  At this time, you had to have your (self) Realisation. That was decided by the Divine Collectivity, you can call it. All the Gods, Goddesses (divine subtle principles and archetypes), all of them decided to put this work on somebody whom they thought to be very capable. So they said, ‘We all will be with you, entirely with you. All our powers will be with you, but you take up this job now in this Kali Yuga (Sanskrit for “Era of Darkness”) to transform human beings.. But those who are seekers are so ardently seeking that they will all have to be given their self-Realization. Now this is, of course, my job, I agree. I have come on this Earth for that job. I am supposed to do it. I am trying my level best and no incarnation has lived like I have lived for so many years and such compassion of mine which really makes me live, that I feel we have to have many more Sahaja Yogis. We have to have big salvation. With that compassion and with that love, one can take to any measures, anything. ” .. is to give Realization to people. That’s my main job. All the rest is looked after, is already managed, I should say, is like a computer. I don’t have to worry. It’s a reflex action. Whatever is happening is in a reflex action. I don’t have to worry about these things. Like people might say that, ‘Mother, I prayed to you and how is it you help me so much?’ It’s all reflex action. At that time maybe that thought may come to me — thought — but it’s a reflex action. I really don’t do anything. Nothing necessary, but one thing is there — I’m witnessing and when I’m witnessing, that acts on the reflex. The whole thing acts through this tremendous power of Paramchaitanya (all pervading energy /vibrations) .”

Importance of Seekers and their Dharma (Moral Valences)

“So in the judgment of the Divine love we have two types of people: One who are Seekers of truth and another who are not. They may be good people, they may be nice people, they will be doing a lot of good work, social work, this work, missionary work, every sort of work they might be doing. But if they are not seeking the truth, then they do not come to that category where God has to incarnate. So try to understand the preciousness, the importance of seekers and that’s what you have been seeking. Very few persons. If you take the percentage of seekers, it’s a very, very wee bit, but it’s very important because, say one little part of gold is much more valuable than mounds of steel. In the same way a seeker is much more valuable in the growth of spirituality… There are ten essences of religion as valences for human personality. When they deteriorate the human being becomes confused or aggressive. Many incarnations of primordial masters came to this earth to correct the balance of human beings by preaching love and moral discipline. The followers have made a mess of their teaching.”

The Innate Religion and Spontaneous Connection leading to Transformation in Yoga State through Meditation

“With Sahaja Yoga, the innate universal religion of Divine Love is enlightened within and the seeker becomes spontaneously, truly religious, moral, peaceful, compassionate and a powerful, enlightened personality.
“Jesus Christ came to save and liberate the whole mankind. He was not the personal possession of any particular sect. The bodies of the other incarnations were made up of “earth principle”, whereas the body of Jesus was made of the ‘soul principle’.  That is why He was resurrected after death. And it was only through the resurrection that His disciples could know that He was no other than God Himself. Then they started beating the trumpets, started reciting His name, started delivering lectures on Him. The most important thing is that God incarnated. If the people should recognize Him and secure spiritual development and bliss, this would enlighten the soul and spread happiness, and Bliss everywhere.
May All of you acquire the Yoga of God. Many many blessings.”

**  After watching theAvatar movie, so many sahaja yogis friends expressed how pleased they were to notice many elements that are familiar to us and well known in the form of meditation yoga that we practice; on the other hand other friends were reporting that there are people still puzzled about the meaning of this word: ‘Avatar’. So, it came quite naturally to try to provide some profound sahaj knowledge on this subject, directly from the source: Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation and the one that is revered as a divine incarnation herself. All the above are quotes from various lectures of Shri Mataji — in which the principle of evolution and its main manifestations as Avatars or Incarnations were introduced and explained in the context of  global history of religions, myths and faiths as well in relation to our energy centers and their qualities manifested within us. Hope these quotes were helpful for all of us to understand how powerful and universal Sahaja Yoga Meditation is;  its practice can lead anyone to the absolute union (yoga) with God, as per Shri Mataji’s best wishes to each and everyone.

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  1. adrian

    So incarnations occur so that there may be a “spoken word”… how simple… how profound.

    Is anyone listening!

  2. Jayne

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and enlightening compilation which can be read, and re-read, to help deepen our understanding.

  3. Rabi Ghosh

    ‘Avatar’ film itself potrayed a few subtle subject in the entire episode from exploration of Navi to our greed of humanity. The film has also tried to connect the meaning of how subtle is the connection of human with living creations especially the trees.It could be so beautiful.

    It was amazing to see how one can percieve what is in fact ‘a reality’ and how we cannot feel it, yet it seemed a fantasy.

    But after having our own ‘self Realization’ the meaning of all these words and quotes becomes so clear as to what we are seeking and what others are seeking and that is what we call as state of ‘Collective consciousness’. We get connected like what we saw in the 9 oscar winner blockbuster Hollywood film ‘Avatar’. Even they showed how life can be transplanted in a way if it is understood in its subtlity. And what is the meaning of prayer.And how powerful it can be.

    The above quotes are indeed very valuable to all who never heard about this click away ‘word’ ‘Avatar’ that essentially say the difference between existence of ‘God’ and ‘No God’.

    Now that we have Avatar with us . Let us make the best use of our times while we live this life.

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    Thank you so much for your continuing posting on your great site. It is a fantastic resource and I learn so much from it. Keep up the good work
    Now I will go and read it all over again!

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    Beautiful and informative as usual. Who is the artist of the first picture and does it have a name?

    1. Ioana

      Sorry, got it by email maybe 2 years back .. have no information related to it..

  6. Shashidhar

    The first step towards religious tolerance, and true spiritual seeking, is to appreciate that God manifests in different forms, at different times, to guide human beings…

    The quotes (above) from Shri Mataji explains it all so beautifully. It certainly clears so many of our misconceptions – extremely important to resolve most current problems.

  7. kanagasanthosh

    It reveals the inherent qualities and subtle power which we have since from our birth. “Avatar” an apt title for this article. Thanks for your awesome information.

  8. Carmen

    A very important quote is that Jesus does not belong to any sect. As our current Avatar the “Truth” does not belong to us it is for all and the more we spread this knowledge the easiest it will become to be Collective and raise humanity. After all whatany seeker wants is togethernes, joy, peace and love and thats what God is.

  9. anna

    Great quotes, thank you! Would it be possible to have a time/date for them?

    1. Ioana

      Most of the quotes are coming from a lecture of Shri Mataji on Kundalini power and the connection to the incarnation of Jesus Christ on 1979-09-26. But there also single phrases coming from other lectures..

  10. Clive Bates

    Avatar or Avatara (Devanagari ?????, Sanskrit for “descent”. The Sanskrit noun avat?ra is derived from the verbal root t? “to cross over”, joined with the prefix ava “off , away , down”. The word doesn’t occur in the Vedas, but is recorded in P??ini (3.3.120). )

    Also for ‘Incarnation’, it would mean ‘in the flesh’. As we understand the dieties to be archetypes that most accurately reflect the qualities all human beings contain within them as potential, realised when the chakras open fully, we could say we are all’incarnations’. This goes along with the word ‘re-incarnation’, which is used in relation to everyone, regardless of their inclination.

    An Avatar would be an incarnation manifesting the full potential of one, several, or all the chakras, specifically with a conscious objective.

    Devas, we have surely established our brotherhood with harmony in the womb of our Mother (Rigveda 8. 83.8) Listen all you sons of immortality, you who inherit the celestial regions. (Rigveda 10. 13.1) When the Devas fused the mortal man complete, they all entered into him. Therefore, one who knows man regards him as Brahman’s self (Atharvaveda 11. 8.13,32.)’Thus Spake the Vedas’/Sri Ramakrisna Math, Chennai.

    But all realised souls know that this ‘knowing’ is beyond thought, and manifests as Absloute Truth, Pure Attention, and Bliss.

    When all the world KNOWS this there will be peace on earth.

  11. Debbie

    Very enlightening and interesting. Having this knowledge really helps in understanding that which is the truth and puts things into perspective. Thanks very much for this pure knowledge.

    Lots of love always.

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    Dearest Ioana,
    Loving Thanks for this vibrant post, letting us enjoy pure love vibrations!
    Sahaj Love to All

  13. medi

    Every question is like the pain of a child having his teeth growing. Every answer is like the love of the mother to calm the pain. Behind that the river continues to go. Without a begining with no end there is not but one who expresses herself in every and all particles of this universe. No place for any regret. If you missed that there will be more.
    To see better, I close my eyes
    To listen more, I don’t listen anymore
    To be for ever with her I die and at every moment reborned.

    1. Rabi

      Very profound….

    2. Emanuela Fremont

      Thank you Medi!
      That is exactly how I feel now!!!

    3. Meg


    4. Shruti

      Truly Beautiful!!


    She came for us and left for us. She prepared us to carry on Her work. When she left Her mortal body, She did it willfully. I could feel it within me, getting silenced. Emoting in Her physical loss I could feel the sense of responsibility pouring in. Memories of times with Her, every word that She spoke, started playing like a video – as if She was right there besides me. Yes I have felt Her close within me, giving me all the comfort, solace and hope to carry on with life and make full use of this wonderful association- the creation of some beautiful poems, songs – I actually feel like bursting with more and more of it, to be paid as homage to Her great incarnation. She has certainly defined roles for each one of us. All we need to do now is to tie ourselves together with the knots of Her love and weave joy & bliss around.

  15. Chandra

    I thought SHE left me orphan and I cried, but now I know SHE has not.
    I know I am a cell in HER and how can SHE leave me!
    That is all I needed.

    Thank you, dear Ioana.

  16. Kasthurie

    Thank you Ioana for sharing and spreading Our Mothers teachings. We always look forward to your posts.

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    This has been a great reminder of Shri Mataji’s role – the great Avatar. How truly blessed we are.

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    Thank you dear Iona to dedicate so much of your time to make a really precious time for us to read your compilations: this one is amazing also!

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    We can focus on what is wrong in this world and all the conspiracies… or we can focus on what is right in front of our eyes, this paradise on earth and this tree of life we have inside of us. It is the subtle reality we can tune in to anytime and develop our own powers of vibration. We can incite change just by being one with our spirit and letting this vibration expand exponentially like a wave of divine love. We need to establish the connection with our spirit. We need to tolerate and forgive more if we are change this world. A beautiful compilation of Shri Mataji’s words, brings us through the mud, gives us the divine perspective and deciphers very clearly a truth that I have never felt before with clear, cool breezes of confirmation.

    1. Colleen

      I love this Paula!!

  20. vidya Richardson

    Thank you for truly amazing,story of avatar .I am very thankful for Mataji to come and bless us.

  21. Prakash

    Great post and reading the whole post was like being in meditation.

    Great Sahaj job. It answers many questions.

    Coincidentally, I heard Mother’s speech on “solutions to nadis” in which she says, She can’t understand humans as while someone is living they dont realize but if they die they accept them and respect them.


  22. jorge hernandez

    ¡en hora buena! hi my name is jorge. Srhi Mataji Nirmala Devi is eternity

  23. adrian

    Shri Mataji… on Enjoying

    “Just enjoy that you are in that maya(illusion), and that you are enjoying it”…

    Do not try to figure it out…
    Do not try to understand it…
    Just enjoy…
    And take responsibility for everything you say and do…

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      On re-reading Shri Mataji’s quote…

      “either you are a seeker of truth or you are not”…

      Reminds me again of the words spoken by Yoda to Skywalker…

      Either you Do or you do not… there is no Try”.

      The ability to Do is directly related to our capacity to expand into the realm of the invisible… and that is to Be in that which is possible”.

      “Belief”… in the guidance of our Spirit”.

    2. Colleen

      Yes Adrian, I definitely agree!!!

      1. adrian/arie kraayeveld

        The Avatar…
        The enjoyer of everything!

        The Maya…
        The illusion of everything!
        Just Enjoy the experience.

        It is simply a matter of choosing…
        Through your own Free Will.

        To be Happy or Not…
        How do you see beauty or ugliness?
        See it as part of the wonder…

        Of the experience…
        You create
        There is no right or wrong about that!

        See through the illusion…
        Embrace the souls seeing!
        There is no judgement.

        Be the Avatar…
        Be the source of your creation…
        How you see, smell, taste, feel,
        listen and speak.
        You are Source.

        Enjoy everything or not

  24. Chandra Sekhar

    Beautiful collection, Ioana.
    Some times I still feel SHE orphaned me but, in many different ways SHE still keeps telling me “I am here”.
    This posting is one of many such ways

  25. anjali

    Shri Mataji is verily the avatar that came to save the world and answer many questions of the seekers. If you are a seeker of truth than Sahaja yoga is waiting for you. Don’t hold yourself back…you have only to gain: feel the truth, the love of our creator and the formula to live a peaceful righteous life.
    Shri Mataji what would we have done without You. Thank you again and again for saving us your children.

    1. adrian kraayeveld

      I found a quote written by Shri Mataji in my suitcase this morning… and then I opened this e-mail by Anjali. Here is the quote…

      “The only thing is that you have no faith”

      And along with that quote I had written another by the poet Gibran… as follows:

      “Your children aren’t your children; they are the sons and daughters of life. They came through you but don’t belong to you”

      Perhaps the children are already with the “seeds” of being their own avatars, they just need the “spark of an Mataji or a Gibran or an Anjali”.

      Are we awake to the synchronicities of life!
      Am I!

  26. Vivek Raghuram

    There is a chapter in the Quran with the name Al-Mursalat which means “The Emissaries.” Emissaries are people who are sent to do a particular job, isn’t it?

    Some verses of this chapter are:

    “So when the stars are obliterated” i.e. when our fate changes

    “And when the heaven is opened” i.e. Sahasrara is opened

    “And when the mountains are blown away” i.e. our insurmountable problems are blown away by the Cool Breeze

    “And when the messengers’ time has come” i.e. the time when all the prophets and incarnations will be recognized

    “For what Day was it postponed?”
    “For the Day of Judgement” i.e. the present times

  27. Sahaj

    The incarnation is known because of it’s followers as a incarnation is incomplete without a true bhakta (follower). Hence we have a great responsibility because we have the divine inheritance.

  28. Jolanta

    Amazing vibrations from reading Shri Mataji’s words posted on the computer screen…


  29. Rebecca Amyotte

    We are living in challenging times and I am listening to Shri Mataji’s words about experiencing joy in our hearts and our lives. This gives us the peace that we are seeking to carry us through these ongoing tumultuous days

    My grand puppy is my companion throughout this time of self-isolation. She brings such innocent joy into my life and is helping me overcome not being able to see my grand children. We do everything together and she has me trained to show my gratitude In every way that makes her happy.

    Lately I have been vibrating many bottles of water in front of Shri Mataji and Mother Mary and have been using this blessed water in every way imaginable. One of the mason jars was sitting on the floor in front of Mother Mary, since I do not have enough room on my little table. Jingle, my adorable Boston Terrier, had just had a drink of water from her water bowl in the kitchen when she came into the living room where I was lighting my candle and preparing to meditate. She went right over to the vibrated water and had great time drinking a good portion of this blessed water before settling down beside me to meditate. She makes me laugh every day.

    I think joy and peace of mind come in many forms and Shri Mataji is trying to make us aware of this through her talks. Dog is God spelled backwards and I have always felt joy and peace of mind when I am able to be with my four legged loved ones. I love watching how they live in the now and love unconditionally without worrying about what will happen for the remainder of the day or the next day. I am learning through these meditations to tune into the energy of love. Dogs get it very quickly and I am thankful to learn from watching how easy it is to do. We just have to surrender to the loving energies that surround us and we will find the joy and peace that we are searching for.

    Through this extra time we have been given to meditate, Shri Mataji is opening me up to learning beautiful lessons from so many aspects of my life. I live in gratitude to these awakenings.

  30. Kartikeya

    This article made me realize that as seekers of truth once we found MahaMaya, our holy mother, we are completely looked after. We are absorbed into her as cells of her body and as her children. Every movement of an avatar or divine incarnation had a meaning behind it all words are divine and so are the actions. I am thankful that we have the holy words and speeches of a divine incarnation and she continues to live on through the sahaja yogis\ seekers of truth. She is the only incarnation whose speeches have been recorded and available for listening! Unbelievable!

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