Miranda’s Testimonial from Barrie & Snapshot from The Free Press Journal (India, March 2013)

Miranda: “This is a feeling that everyone deserves to experience!”

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My name is Miranda Gilbert and I live in Barrie. Over the years I have been attracted to and tried various meditation practices, from mindfulness meditation, to Falun Gong, and many places in between. When I heard about classes being offered for free at the library, I jumped at the chance to try it. The first day I was amazed at the calmness of the group and the ease with which Sahaja Yoga brought me past my ego states and into a feeling of complete peace.

This last year has been a difficult one for me and the introduction of this strategy to check in with my spirit by bypassing my thoughts and fears has been life changing. I couldn’t believe the effects I noticed that first session. I could feel my energy responding to the meditation. The few days following I was amazed at how calm I was. Situations seemed easier to deal with and decisions quicker to make as I could rely on my subtle system to translate for me which decisions were right for my spirit, and which decisions would add to my stress levels.
I have developed many chronic symptoms of stress over the last couple years, and have been overwhelmed by the negative chatter in my mind. With Sahaja Yoga I am able to release the stress and calm the thoughts. I look forward most to the forgiving and releasing guilt parts of the meditation. It is wonderful to get past the ego that keeps these releases from being so powerful and freeing. The more I practice feeling this release, the easier it is becoming to feel during stressful times of my life. I feel freer from the fears and negativity that I have allowed to prey on me for years.
Those who are close to me remark on the differences in the days following each meditation. They mention the extra energy I seem to have, the excitement I have about life and how I seem much calmer and more at ease. I am always proud to tell them about my latest experiences with energy at meditation. It has given me my life force back – the memory of how wonderful it is to be alive – and reminds me of the many miracles I witness in daily life. These things tend to be forgotten when stress gets too high.
Being more connected to my spirit has allowed my creativity to grow tremendously. I had thought I’d lost the ability to write, sing and create with such wholehearted bliss. I am remembering this now. Words seem to just flow from my spirit, and I find myself singing almost constantly. I have found that when I do these activities I feel closer to my spirit, and it seems to be aiding in the increase in vibrations I feel at every collective meditation. I am so grateful to have found this practice!
Today we had a group of yogis come up from the Toronto area. I was looking forward to the higher vibrations and was blown away by how amazing they were. I could feel wave after wave of energy rising up my spine into my head during a video we watched, and was profoundly happy.  Something big was happening inside me.  I am looking forward to my journey with Sahaja Yoga, and going deeper and deeper into this energy force inside me.
I have my life back, I have my energy back, and I have my self-confidence back. I would encourage everyone to give this a chance. I can feel the assurance that comes from down within me, deeply empowering, pure and calm. This is a feeling that everyone deserves to experience!
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  1. Jos Boven

    I am a Sahaja Yogi since 1991 and 74 years old. Since ten years I have arthtoseproblemes (I think you call it arthrithis in English) in both my hips, so that I couldn’t sit on the ground anymore to meditate but on a chair.
    A few month ago I started massaging my hips with vibrated water ànd since a few weeks now I meditate morning and evening and also in our centre and during pujas ond the ground again !
    I add some words of Shri Mataji: “For example you have seen the water which is vibrated. Means what ? Means the Ganeshatattwa is been enlightened in that water. So, when that water goed into your stomach, or into you eyes, or wherever you want to put it, it acts. Acts in a way that it excites the Ganeshatattwa in anything you put it.” Ganesha Puja 1989

    1. Anjali

      Dear Jos Boven, thank you for sharing your experience about the vibrated water. Its a very good reminder how many tools we have to work with to solve our physical, mental, emotional problems in Sahaja Yoga. It’s very inspiring. I hope your hips are getting better and better.
      With love, Anjali

  2. Shivangi

    Miranda, your story is really amazing and encouraging. I feel how fortunate we are to have found Sahaja Yoga meditation!

  3. Colleen

    Amazing testimonial Miranda, thank you so much for sharing. I was one of those that came from the Toronto area and that class was amazing!! The vibrations were very strong!! Being with the collective is such an amazing feeling!! The more I’m with Sahaja Yogis the more I want to be with them, it just feels so good!!

  4. Antoinettewells Wells

    what an amazing testimony from Miranda: A true seeker driving to the harbour!

  5. Antoinettewells Wells

    Amazing testimony from Miiranda, a true seeker reaching the harbour of Sahaj!

  6. Anjali

    Miranda welcome to a world where you enjoy not only the collectivity but also your own self by going into your depth and unfolding many closed facets. It is a very subtle energy but you seem to intuned to it and its the recognition of this transformation you’re going through that will also carry you forward. Hope to meet you in person someday and share more.

  7. judith cecilia

    Hermano eres un verdadero buscador comparto con tigo esta felicidad, Sahaja Yoga es maravilloso-

  8. Brenda

    Many thanks to Miranda & to Jos for sharing about your transformations.
    Wishing you continued peace and joy…

  9. Doris Mendez

    Es maravilloso como a todos nos suceden transformaciones en nuestra vida, cuando estamos atentos a nuestras meditaciones JSM!!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS

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