How Cool is to Meditate ? Check Yon’s Testimonial on Sahaj IB program @ “Life De-stress” for Youth

Yon - Dec 8 2013 at "We are One" Public Program event at Burlington Art centre - testimonials after the Greek Dance performance

Enjoy Yon’s letter about How Cool is to Meditate with the Youth Sahaja Yoga Meditation programs. This letter was received by one of the volunteer yoga instructors (Youth Program) on October 22nd, 2013. 

Hi Ioana, I would like to share with you a detail of my journey which I had discovered today:
After coming home and having a short meditation session by myself, I gave myself some time for retrospect. I realized why my vishuddhi chakra (note: at the throat level) was blocked today: I was having trouble focusing –the same feeling I get at school. It’s a feeling which I need to tackle, and with the right amount of psychological effort I can achieve a focused state of mind. For the first bit of the session with you guys, I was not tackling my problem.

This was short of self-respect (like giving up / not trying), and in turn, my vishuddhi chakra suffered. My chakra was not blocked, since I could feel some good vibrations that night. However, I believe it was hindered to an extent. I believe that had I made the focusing happen earlier, I would have experienced mother Kundalini more.

The meditation I did at home helped me come to this conclusion as I felt more whole after making a full attempt at concentrating into silent awareness. The vibrations came better than earlier and my typical outlook for Sahaja was restored. I am grateful, but hope to strengthen my spiritual and psychological self such that this problem doesn’t happen again.

That’s probably it in terms of tonight. As for the past few weeks, Sahaja yoga has made me a far more collected person. I trust my feelings. I no longer put other people’s feelings before mine. I am calmer, more confident, and feel like a child again where everything seems to be bright. I can’t speak on behalf of Nathan, but he tells me that he feels calmer too and more forgiving. I am also interested in that Georgetown (high-school) project.  Thank you Ioana, I look forward to seeing the family again.  Sincerely, Yon

Note: Yon is 17, currently in grade 12 and in the IB program (Oakville high-school); attending the Youth program where we form actually a family of sahaja yogis/meditators.

December 10 , 2013 – Yon’s  Testimonial on sahaja yoga meditation benefits:

I didn’t know I had so many brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles. I didn’t know that such a large family can love one another in such a unique way. But it grows and the love only gets more pure.

Yon-family -Dec 8 3013

You don’t completely change in the snap of a finger. Sahaja yoga is not magic, it’s natural. When I gave in to the flow of the Kundalini, everything slowly put itself into place. Now everything is natural. I learned to forgive, and so I learned how to face my mistakes. When we do that, we simply evolve. Isn’t that a wonder? –If we go with the flow we can better ourselves and help other people, we can love each other like brothers and sisters, and we can see that love and forgiveness is not cliche; its real.

I also witnessed some more down-to-earth but equally important things, some involving curing illness, other things about protection, and even a couple things about mangos and bananas. 🙂

The Sahaj philosophy is that it’s free, so there’s nothing to lose. I’ve seen people change in attitude, outlook on life, and even appearance

why not see for yourself ?!  🙂 Namaste Everyone!  – Yon

After the "We are One" celebration, many of the yogis had a wonderful collective dinner in Oakville at a Thai restaurant. We sang Christmas carols and had much fun. See ?!

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Note: there is a a strong request for a similar “Life De-Stress Program for Youth” to open next year in Burlington; contact us if you are interested to know about it.

** International Baccalaureate® (IB) offers four high quality international education programmes to more than one million students in 146 countries. (source: wikipedia)

** Kundalini is the energy of life reflected within with healing and regenerative, therefore  motherly powers.

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  1. Nathan

    Great article! The growth we’re experiencing as a family is amazing!

  2. paula

    Super proud of you…it’s like you look in the mirror with this newfound awareness and get such an enlightened perspective…it is such a great tool, like a GPS…which sets a course for inner happiness…when we are not quite happy due to some subtle blockage, we can meditate and clear the blockages so we feel that rush of vibrations again. You and Nathan, definitely evolving through Sahaja Yoga and I am learning so much from your testimonials and amazed how you guys are benefitting from meditation in such a short amount of time. It is not so hard to believe that two months meditating changed your life. My third class at Brant Hills community centre was so powerful that it changed my awareness forever. I never want to go back to being “unaware” or “un-awake.” Happy is where I want to be. And I get more of it hanging out with everyone from all the classes world-wide…there is always that genuine feeling of “oneness.” Great article, thanks for sharing! You can’t believe how much it helps others to hear your story. Keep sharing and growing in Sahaja Yoga…it just gets better!

  3. Shulin Zhang

    This article is finally up ;D
    The way you grow is just incredible and spontaneous at the same time! How well you understood the sahaja knowledge! And how well you applied to your daily life! Thank you brothers for bringing in this new, pure, strong force into the youth family! There is a lot more to learn and share, and we are with you :))

  4. Howard Swinson

    Inspiring words from a genuine realized soul..Welcome to the real world young man. Hard to believe you are only 17. I’m now 82 and was already a ‘senior’ before I discovered SY. May the rest of your life be filled with the joy I feel. Sahaja blessings!

  5. Kathleen

    Yon! Your spiritual growth has been amazing and inspiring. My heart just swelled while reading your article, such wisdom from you and i feel the collectivity. Totally agree that Sahaja Yoga is not magic, it is pure and natural.. and it is a joy to witness it from you and Nathan. Namaste bro for this wonderful article 🙂

  6. Cherry Lyn

    Wow. Great article, Yon!! Very inspiring. I have felt alot more whole and at peace ever since I’ve been attending this youth class. Its so great to see dedicated people who want to grow ans help others. Keep it up! 🙂

  7. cherise gehbauer

    Wow Yon!:) That is a powerful and inspiring testimonial!:) So proud and happy for your growth and experience with Sahaja Yoga! Keep it up buddy youll accomplish huge things! !!

  8. Brenda

    Great sharing Yon!
    It’s amazing to hear how you are evolving and specifically, how you are so in tune with your own focus now in your Sahaja journey.

  9. Colleen

    It’s wonderful to hear your story Yon! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Debbie

    Yon – thanks for taking the time to share some of your experiences with us. I have no doubt that your journey will continue to be very enriching.

  11. Elsie Kuly

    What a wonderful testimonial from Yon, especially that he is so young. How fortunate for him to discover so much about himself at that age. He is ahead of many of his classmates. He will be dealing with life more easily with all the insight.

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