Free ’Heritage Month’ Event: ’1812 – 2012 From War to Inner & Global Peace via R/Evolution’


1812 – 2012: From War to Inner & Global Peace via R/Evolution

A free event sponsored and organized by Sahaja Yoga Meditation – a not for profit organization  and partner of UNESCO Centre for Peace – in response to the invite received from The Burlington Heritage Committee to actively participate into the series of public events organized across Burlington during February – the Heritage Month in 2013.

The free Public Program that our group is organizing will be filled with a rich agenda, that includes the following:

  • A Conducted collective/global meditation with the attention on the peace within and reaching out for the peace in the world, peace with Mother Earth, peace with each other.
  • Chakra workshops will be available as well, so all participants will understand where the seeds of Courage, self respect, Independence and Patriotism are placed within the subtle system of chakras; and more revelations about the role of Canada on the global map, connected to Yoga knowledge
  • Testimonial Video (made in Halton) – on Peaceful R/Evolution in Ontario, Canada
  • Music & Mantra Workshop will be incorporated

We dedicate this event to the commemoration of the War of 1812 when all Canadian borders had been successfuly protected against the American invasion; however our modern touch is aiming to offer the following Self Realization to everyone: that there is  a simple spontaneous built -in (= sahaj) solution that resolves interior conflicts while building the connection-bridge to a global peaceful awareness. Come and Bring a friend. It is Open to All.

When: on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 7pm

Location: Brant Hills Community Centre, Mountainside Room

Address: 2255 Brant Str, Burlington, Ontario (between Dundas and Upper Middle)

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Painting on little rock - by Anca from Halton sahaj family

How it started: Sahaja Yoga Meditation was invited earlier in January to participate with a February public event to ’Heritage Month’  initiative that was initiated and coordinated by the Burlington Heritage Committee that had the following main goals:

  • to create awareness of the rich history, heritage and culture that makes up this community 
  • to promote and market February as heritage month in the City Burlington and region We are very honoured and grateful for this opportunity.

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  1. Shashidhar

    Wonderful news! All your hard work and sincere desires has been blessed by our Mother.

    Lots of best wishes and hope you get to meet many great seekers.

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