Solving The Equation At R/Evolution: From We to One

Article by Paula Erskine

(volunteer instructor to sahaja yoga meditation classes in Halton region)

Ontario Revolution Flyer by Mads (yogi-meditator-designer) from Denmark

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make Ontario’s FREE R/Evolution Event available to the public. As some of you know by now, Sahaja Free Meditation is celebrating seven years in Burlington so it was quite symbolical that this was the town hosting the entire event! The international sahaja yoga team of talented volunteers were from as far away as Denmark, Romania, UAE, Russia and India. Of course the three yogi designers from the Greater Toronto Area provided artwork, graphic design and input that had people pouring in through the door. Volunteers from every class in Ontario spread the word via The Humanitarian, The Burlington Post, Oakville Beaver Newspapers and Our Burlington Online Newspaper.
Flyer created for Ontario event by Navin - yoga practitioner and graphic designer from UAE

Posters were distributed by joyful volunteers and posted in libraries, coffee shop bulletin boards, skating rinks and retail staff rooms and seemed to hit the right note in everyone who saw the invitation. So many people recognized the event posters as something that called out to them.

The R/Evolution neared capacity as close to 150 seekers of truth mingled with those that wanted to share the pure knowledge that is part of our human evolution.

Artwork by Adrian K. from Burlington class – ‘Condor Woman’ was displayed at this event

Actual tales of transformation of local residents were beautifully presented by local filmmakers Ahilan and Jon. Yoann Freget of France sang “Imagine” by John Lennon in the film which concluded with excerpts from free concerts he gave in Halton and the Greater Toronto Area including our classes, theatres and high schools. Key talks by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji, were profound and filled the room with vibrational energy and permeating peace. The wonderful energy was so powerful many of us felt like we were floating in a blissful state. As Shri Mataji has shared, “Divinity is not a fashion. It is the need of your being. You have to become that.”

Innocent and unobstructed by conditionings, the children sat attentively for the meditation and films. The musical band and Hema dancing Kuchipudi had kids dancing in a natural, unselfconscious way. I had my friend’s daughter Gia on my lap who was happy to raise her kundalini with me, and later, practice beautiful hand gestures with Hema at the back of the gym. The musicians set the rhythm with beautiful drums, voices, and became an instrument for transforming and clearing chakras through our sixth sense.
Once the kundalini energy is awakened through self-realization, vibrational music can heal us from the inside, out. Paintings from local talented artists of all ages depicting an Angel, the Kundalini energy, the Thousand Petal Lotus and other works seemed to transport the venue into a meditative and interactive art gallery.

Proffesor Dr. Mishra from McMaster University began his casual lecture with a first hand account of his conversation with Shri Mataji about the Neuro Science of Sahaja Yoga and how it works out all kinds of human health and behavioural problems. The tangible feeling of the whole R/Evolution felt like an infinite and mounting happiness that we did not want to end! Attendees left reluctantly, as there was still so much more to share from Dr. Mishra and Chad Danyluck (our guest from University of Toronto). So stay tuned, as we co-ordinate continued talks from our Scientists in the upcoming wednesday classes in Burlington at the Brant Hills Community Centre. Souvenirs of candles, bookmarks, and informative colourful posters were given to everyone who attended. Free Sahaja Yoga classes are held world-wide in 140 countries.

Hema - meditation on Kuchipudi dance performanceHema – Kuchipudi dance performer and fellow yogini meditator

Thanks also goes to France who initiated the same R/Evolution on a much larger scale with 450 youth leaders from around the world. Esteemed guests from UNESCO and other influential personalities were in attendance held in Paris, under the stained glass dome of Le Printemps department store. Burlington simultaneously held Ontario’s R/Evolution to introduce Science, Music, the Arts and Spirituality as an integrating force, in the right equation, known as Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga really is the transformative meditation and the proof can be felt throughout the human nervous system as a cool river or breeze of pleasant vibrations. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and expand your capacity to feel joy, love and achieve the peaceful “yoga” state everyone longs for.

Sorin - Torontonian yogi meditator and vocal lead for some of the musical performances

As the awareness of our spiritual self grows, the journey in the present begins to reveal the bliss of the fourth dimension. Many of us have already felt proof of our connection to the collective consciousness in thousands of ways. It is like a frequency that we can be in tune with when our mind is still. Dr. Karl Gustav Jung, a realized soul, was the first to provide proofs of the existence of the collective consciousness. When mental barriers are broken within our limited minds on a collective scale, then all of mankind evolves to the next level.

We are all, as Shri Mataji has taught, “part and parcel of the whole.”

Ontario Bhajan Band - led by Sunita Jaggi (all members are yogi meditators from Great Toronto Area)Ontario Bhajan Band – led by Sunita Jaggi (all members of this musical group are sahaja yoga meditation practitioners from Great Toronto Area)

Together, we can reach the realm of unlimited human potential.

The roots of the tree of life is inside our beings, and like a seed, with a little nourishment from free Sahaja Meditation classes, can grow and blossom. It plugs us in to the infinite, all pervading power of the universe by supplying the connection. This is the greatest discovery of our lifetime. To discover the powers we each have inside sheds light on our “outside” lives and gives us the tools to diffuse stress, create a balanced perspective and nurture happiness. The R/Evolution continues to gain momentum in communities across the globe with many more free events and classes to come.

Enjoy: Photo-Album from Sankalp

More Artwork, VIDEOS, photos and Impressions will be presented in our future articles rooted from this wonderful “Ontario R/Evolution” event. Now, it’s your turn to let us know how was it for you. 🙂

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  1. Monica si Horia

    Am simtit energia doar citind articolul si privind pozele.
    Felicitari organizatorilor din tot sufletul!!!

  2. Helen Mittelman

    I had the pleasure to do some volunteer work to help inform people about this wonderful Revolution Event. It was so joyful to be able to connect with many people who were open and very interested to participate!

    At the Event itself, the flow of community was very poignant. The silence was resounding with peace and surrender.

    It was a blessing to be a part of this. Thank you to all who made this dream a reality!!

  3. C L Patel

    This is how it will work. We are one.Who is the other person? is answered by unity of the whole humanity.R/REVOLUTION is a step towards the goal, the vision of Shri Mataji’s emancipation of the whole humanity.

  4. Ayesha Nadeem

    I feel so good to be the part of the unity of human collectiveness and awareness. Hope the coming days bring more waves of this knowledge and wisdom to connect all human beings.We all are one and connected and this the evolution.R/EVOULTION event in Burlington showed us how we can do this so beautifully

  5. Holly Thompson

    Amazing article!!! Being at this event was an experience I will never forget. It had left an impression on my heart and soul.
    It was and is a R/EVOLUTION from within.

    With Love,


  6. Colleen

    This was an amazing event!!! It was so well put together and the energy and vibrations were incredible, especially when the band was playing. You could FEEL it through your whole body!!! The video that was made about Sahaja Yoga was outstanding, it made me cry. The whole event was SPECTACULAR!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who participated.

    Love and Peace

  7. Kruti Gandhi

    Very joyful event. Enjoyed it with the whole family.

  8. Jon

    A special thank you to all who contributed to our Ontario event! Another special thank you to all those who attended and enjoyed the event with us! As always, I look forward to the next one.


  9. Peter

    Through Mother’s love and inspiration, it was very powerful, very moving. We were so grateful so many could join us that day.

  10. NITI

    Very informative and inspiring article.

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