“Vibrations were Swirling” @ Ignite the Flame, Paris 2013 – AMAZING FEEDBACK (photos, stories)

TIP: Who are these: Colleen, Jon and Paula ?! – check those links too after reading this article! One will discover wonderful seekers with beautiful and interesting experiences to share. They are ‘real people’ – come and meet them at our classes!

Feedback from Colleen –  (Burlington class)

Holly and Colleen
Collen (left) and Holly (right) during a sahaja yoga meditation workshop with focus on the Heart chakra/energy centre

“Holly’s meditation on Mother Earth at Ignite the Flame was very powerful. 

Many in the crowd had tears in their eyes afterward. 

The organizer had a hard time talking afterwards because she was so choked up.  

While  Holly read the prayer on Mother Earth a bird flew right through the door and into the building and just as she was starting the meditation it squawked right above her head.  As I looked up and saw it in the rafters I thought “oh my goodness Shri Mataji is here with us!!”  : )  

The bird was quiet for the rest of the meditation and just sat in the rafters as if listening too!! 

It was a very profound moment for me as well for many others as well. 

After the meditation we were going to give workshops for anyone who wanted them but within minutes about 30-40 people had gathered their chairs up and were sitting at our booth just waiting for something to happen, so very spontaneously Jon decided to do a *class* and started to explain what Sahaja Yoga Meditation was.”

Jon - collective guided meditation and explanations

Jon then led a meditation as everyone was *ready* for it.  The group was very enthusiastic to learn more.  About an hour later Peter led a seminar in another room with at least 25-30 people present, with another meditation and more information shared.

Actually for a few hours after that we gave self realization to many!!  It was an amazing day!!”–  Colleen from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton/Niagara team

Feedback from Jon (sahaja yoga meditation – Halton/Niagara classes)

“Wow! What an amazing event again this year! Thank you Sara for inviting us to participate!

Seven of us came this year from Halton region to join in the celebration of our connection to the Earth! When we walked in, the drum circle was in full swing, and the energy was amazing!

We sat down to enjoy the last few minutes of drumming. Shortly after, it was time to start the meditation. Holly did a perfect and beautiful job of opening everyone’s heart and raising the Kundalini (inner energy) of everyone in the room!

Holly 1
Holly is indicating that the Heart chakra can be felt on the pinky finger once Kundalini energy is awakened and maintained so with the practice of sahaja yoga meditation


 “The meditation was very strong! Sara (the initiator and leading force behind Ignite the Flame event) gave us a joyful/tearful thank you for leading the meditation, then pointed towards the corner and announced we would be giving workshops.

Spontaneously, the event turned into a very large Sahaja Yoga session/class!

After such a strong meditation experience, everyone was very open and interested to learn more about Sahaja Yoga Meditation. I did my best to give everyone a brief synopsis. The desire was strong, so we led one more meditation to raise the Kundalini of all present.

Again, the meditation was quite strong and clearing. Holly closed with the Bandhan (protection). At 11, the vendor tables opened up, so we ended our session and began our one-on-one interactions!”

one on one chakra workshop

“I had to leave shortly after to go to the St. Catharines class, so I missed Peter’s seminar at 12:00. I can only assume it was amazing!

Again, a warm thanks to Sara for having us back this year! Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and enjoy!” Jon from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton/Niagara team

Feedback from Paula (sahaja yoga meditation – Halton/Niagara classes)

Holly and Paula - sister yoginis from Halton-Niagara sahaja yoga meditation family

“Holly delivered a profound meditation to Mother Earth following the drumming session.

The lights were off, the candles were lit, but the room was illuminated but hearts sparking through vibrated words, and sincere intentions to ignite the flame of the spirit. Afterward, one of the organizers (Sara) sat in front of the microphone afterwards and expressed happy tears. With sincere emotion she asked the audience,

“Can you feel the vibrations? These people (sahaja yogis) are wonderful, this is what we are trying to do! The meditation to Mother Earth was absolutely perfect.”

I can tell you that the vibrations were swirling, lifting everyone up to a higher consciousness.”

Swirling vibrations

“The moderator asked if anyone wanted more information, to come see us off to the side. As the lights came on, and the vendors set up their wares, the entire audience came to find out more. At first we were going to conduct workshops, but after so many seekers came, Jon ran out to his truck to grab the banner, and we setup chairs and an impromptu class.

The desire for more meditation was very strong.

Jon started an informative introductory lesson where Holly left off, and all other sahaj “helpers” were meditating to keep the vibrations strong.

Again, the feeling of peace and pure joy was palpable.

Ignite the Flame did just that, it was absolutely enlightening and moving. It is a living process that constantly refreshes the spirit and provides new streams of joy within even when you think there is no room. I can tell you that the heart just expands and makes even more space for joy in the present.

I can never go back, I just enjoy being in tune with the present by being connected to bliss.

Thank you to the Ignite the Flame team, it seems we are a match made in heaven! 🙂

I mentioned to the organizers that we have beautiful vibrated music to offer the next event. Thank you to all the volunteers that made this Paris event so powerful.”

– Paula from Sahaja Yoga Meditation Halton/Niagara team

 Enjoy also at the link below the wonderful and unexpected  Thank you letter from a Seeker that was impressed with sahaja yoga meditation (theory & practice); few more links/interviews related to Ignite the Flame.

(click!) Wonderful Experience from a Seeker (Letter & Photos)

Peter session  -Intro on spontaneous meditation

The photo above  is a snapshot of Peter’s session -Intro on spontaneous and thoughtless meditation with Kundalini awakening. Peter was a guest speaker at Ignite the Flame, on behalf of sahaja yoga meditation.

What’s next?! Sahaja Yoga meditation had just received an invitation to participate to Ignite the Flame 2013, in Brampton, sometime in the fall. We are looking forward to reconnecting to the great team there, especially with Sara and Victoria that honored us with their trust, respect and  heartfelt openness to the spiritual path that we are loving and loving to share it with everyone. 🙂

(2013) Re-Igniting the Flame with Ioana & Sahaja Yoga Meditation – by Journalist Victoria Kaye

(click) WATCH “Ignite the Flame- Global Meditation””‘s FRUITS: Sahaja Yogis in 1000 Trees (Magazine, May issue, 2012)

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  1. Tara

    Nice. What a blessing!

    1. jeanne chretien

      congratulations so joyfull to read

  2. Kruti

    Felt goose bumps when reading the whole experience, specially about the bird. Thanks for sharing such a great story.

  3. Carmen Ross

    The pictures speak for themselves. This is just wonderful.

  4. Anjali

    “ignite the flame” is truly a sahaj name – indeed many flames were ignited on that day (the flame of the pure spirit inside of our hearts was enlightened)- what a blessing. Thank you Colleen, Paula and Jon for sharing your stories. It really helps us to feel what we missed out on and more importantly brings so much hope and joy on how beautifully things work out. Lets hope we continue to partner with such pure organizations/communities that want to make a positive difference in the world. We can move so much faster when we join hands and reach so many seekers of truth
    Thank you Sara for this opportunity and making us a close part of your special event.

  5. Guido

    Wow, what amazing stories. You should all be very proud of yourself for all your commintments in spreading Shri Mataji amazing blessings. God bless you all!

  6. Ben Mukherjee

    The power of BELIEVE, SURRENDER, AND DETACHMENT takes us close to Shri Mataji and her teachings. Felt and experienced everything that was mentioned above by my brothers and sisters

  7. Shivangi

    Wonderful vibrations and amazing stories..

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Joanne

    Very inspiring. Thank you 🙂

  9. Helen

    I greatly enjoyed reading about these experiences and seeing the pictures. The stories are amazing and so joyful. A true gift!

  10. aurel

    only this kind of experiences will help the human condition… we are so fed up with materialism and emotions that lead to nothing but negativism… we need pure love! we need to feel God! not to speak about but to feel!
    so nice and so joy giving! congratulations!!!

  11. Yvon

    Nice to see so many people getting in touch with their inner selves.

  12. Vivek Raghuram

    The title “Ignite the Flame” is truly apt for Sahaja activities because as Shri Mataji says- the Spirit is like a spark in a stove and the Kundalini is like the gas; when both of them meet, there is tremendous light and enlightenment. So truly the flame is ignited.

    Great work!!

  13. Elizabeth

    A pure example of living spontaneously and the power of Sahaj as a ‘feeling’ experience which compelled the new people to seek more. Such a blessing for mankind. Well done everyone.

  14. Sunil

    Great News

  15. Jon

    Thanks for putting this article together Ioana. The vibrations are so strong coming from this page! I really enjoyed reading the feedback from others who attended because it reminded me of just how special that day was. We look forward to meeting up and sharing more events and experiences with our new friends in Brantford and Paris. When the time is right, perhaps this will blossom into a Brantford free meditation group. Cheers!

  16. Cheryl

    Wonderful story. I can feel the vibrations of Love all the way here into my living room! Thanks!

  17. kanta

    thanks for the wonderful story of the bird.

  18. paula

    So grateful to have been invited to be part of this heart-opening event! Thank you Victoria and Sara and everyone for uniting with us to spread vibrations through drumming, music, pure desire to wake up what we have all been seeking up to this moment…Discovering the yoga connection through this pure and authentic and vibratory method of Sahaja Yoga is the best thing I have ever done for my health, my happiness. It has literally transformed me even after 5 years in. There are so many beautiful petals to discover, but this is definitely the right path. I have seen so many transform and grow into powerfully beautiful yogis and yoginis. Thank you to everyone for commenting and sharing stories, it moves and affects so many of us like a positive force for evolution. Feeling the love!!!

  19. Sabine Degenhardt

    As the others, I thank you for sharing your amazing stories and wonderful experiences. Reading this, I felt much vibrations and thankfulness.
    Great work!

    All my love to the Sahaja family

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