Jon’s VIDEO sharing on Nabhi Chakra Experience (Sahaj Guru Game!)

Humour is another Quality of a Guru – for sure of a Sahaj Guru 🙂

“Nabhi chakra” team’s presentation (Sahaj Guru Game in Halton)


(VIDEO) Jon’s Introspection on Satisfaction and New Beginnings

Shri Mataji: “you’ll be amazed the kind of a sweet humour about yourself develops and you really become a very interesting, magnetic personality and a very enjoyable person, extremely enjoyable. Everybody will seek your company. This is what is the Sign of your Guru Principle being Enlightened.”

(excerpt from a talk on Guru Principle, on July 28, 1991 in Italy)

VIDEO: Guided Meditation on Nabhi Chakra (recorded session)

Enjoy Few Photos from  Nabhi Team‘s Presentation at Burlington Class

As one can see, we make sometimes the “Family Circle of Sharing” and most of the times, after the class is finished, we still enjoy talking to each other outdoors. We can only blame each other for being such a great company .. specially when we are Together.  Keep an eye on the soon to be posted VIDEOS from the other “Sahaj Gurus” we have in Halton!

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  1. Martha Tobon (Rey)

    Wonderful example…..!!!! I can see how much fun you guys are having while doing the presentation and also in a such great way as suppose to be……in a Sahaj manner. Thank you for sharing this with us, you inspire me.

    With Much Nirmala Love,

    Martha T

  2. Ayesha

    I feel so happy and joyful that i am a part of this beautiful Sahaj family and enjoying,learning real meaning of life

  3. paula

    The video is fully loaded with vibrations! Thank you Jon for “revealing” your introspections about feeling kundalini energy rising inside and how joyful it can be. I felt also that this journey with the Sahaj Guru Game was just the beginning…that the numbers we picked using vibrations were not random, but part of a plan for all of us to get to know our spiritual self, our essence, and “teach each other ” what Shri Mataji has taught us. Using Sahaja Yoga techniques we can experience tangible results and transformation. I remember when you first came to class. You are definately “seeking” the truth about your self and it is great to know you and share experiences.Plus your laugh is infectious! You are extremely enjoyable, interesting and magnetic, as Shri Mataji has described.

  4. Kartikeya

    Jon’s introspection on the Nabhi chakra made me feel completely joyful from within. While sharing his experiences, he kept the mood of the room very light through his humor almost as If I was there in front of him enjoying with everyone. The heat he felt during the workshop led him to introspect about his condition as if he himself had become his own doctor/master and through meditation and techniques he felt cool on his nabhi eventually.

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