Sheryl is Sending a Big Thank You (Letter & Photos)

Sheryl is Sending a Big Thank You 🙂

Jon -Holly - Sheryl
Sahaja Yogis (Jon and Holly) talking and enjoying Seekers (Sheryl) at Ignite the Flame event in Paris, Ontario (July 8, 2013). Thank you Isabelle for the photo, it’s perfect for this article!


Hello Jon 🙂

My name is Sheryl, I wanted to extend more gratitude to you and the incredible group from Sahaja Yoga ( you met a lot of people I’m sure but I came up to you and gave you a hug of thanks….can’t help that I’m a big fan of hugging lol. The weekend was extremely uplifting and the intention I had of going inward and gaining more peace certainly was achieved and I must admit your presentation helped tremendously. The meditation was so lovely…..:)
As an energy practitioner myself and already being in tune with the universe and the divine energy which surrounds us all the Sahaja yoga is something I have never experienced and would love to learn just how I can bring this into my life and eventually share it with others? Do you run this group and how can I join? safe travels back home and again a big thanks……I was in awe today and yes, we are all instruments for the gifts to be shared which come from the Universe within….thank you for your sharing.

I will definitely make it out to Burlington (class), as I’m a Brantford girl and that is relatively close. I’m going to check out the other two links you’ve kindly sent to me as well. Since yesterday it’s all I can think of, somewhere inside my knowing tells me it’s time to expand this awareness. I’ve read a lot of books on the chakras, and am fascinated by how they work, why we have them and all of the information to be shared regarding and this awakening of kundalini ties into all the knowledge I’ve gained this far.,,. Can’t wait to go further! So again, thank you Jon and it was a pleasure meeting you. I’m sure we will connect again one day through the program.

Amazing they (i.e. sahaja yoga meditation programs) are free of charge too, you are all changing the world with this…. It’s lovely to witness.

Take good care, hope to connect again

Sheryl 🙂

The Light during Self Realization with Sahaja Yoga Meditation
See the Light during Self Realization with Sahaja Yoga Meditation @ Ignite the Flame in Paris, Ontario?! Thank you Paula for this photo and for pointint our that light that came ‘unexpectedly’. We thank Isabelle for the photo above that captured “live” the ‘Big Thank you’ received in person by our volunteer sahaja yoga instructors,Holly and Jon – clearly kindred spirits with Sheryl.  🙂 A nice closure to this letter, is that actually Sheryl did join us in Burlington this Wednesday at the free weekly sahaja yoga meditation class that we offer at Brant Hills Community centre, and her feedback remained very positive and she’s willing to join us again. We are so glad and grateful for meeting such wonderful people, wonderful seekers from all walks of life on all these “self-realization” opportunities (events, classes, workshops). It was OUR joy to meet Sheryl in person and we look forward to our friendship and togetherness in Spirit.

There is so much more to share from our participation to the “Ignite the Flame” event in Paris – Ontario, earlier this month. We have wonderful photos and stories to share in the weeks to come. Below are some related articles.

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  1. Jon

    It was such a pleasure to meet Sheryl at Ignite The Flame! As she says, she came up and gave me a big hug after the Earth Meditation led by Holly and the spontaneous Sahaj class! It is amazing when we connect so strongly to the experience. It can be really profound! My first time experiencing Sahaja Yoga meditation was different, but I immediately recognized how truly wonderful, knowledgeable, and sincere all of the people I met in Sahaja Yoga were. There is no pretense, no judgement, just truth, honesty, and a lot of pure knowledge, which is so empowering! Sheryl, I’m so glad you enjoyed the class in Burlington on Wednesday with us! There are many great experiences to come! Welcome!

  2. Isabelle

    I remember my first experience with sahaja yoga, I was driving home from my class and I was looking out into the horizon and I felt my heart stretching out into the horizon. I remembered thinking how strange, how can I feel love for all and uniformly not knowing them and yet I felt love for them. I understand that this feeling was of detached love and it was very peaceful.

  3. paula

    My first meditation class I felt very peaceful and excited to learn something new. I noticed that even though people kept dropping in, there was nothing but a welcoming attitude. It was very different from some exercise yoga classes that “locked” the door and refused to let you in after a minute or two of being late. I felt it was a very good beginning for me.
    But it was my 3rd class that blew me away. I learned that my fingers could indicate which chakra was “catching.” I noticed that my pointer fingers and very subtly began a gentle buzzing from inside. I learned this was my visshuddhi chakra which corresponded to the throat area. To me that made sense as I was hypo-thyroid and this spoke a specific truth to my being.
    When I got home, I showed my husband the beautiful peach rose I had received from Indu “just because” and was excited to tell him about what I had learned. I sat down and suddenly I felt a surge of “tiger balm” energy zip through my body, my torso, my head! Then I stood up trying to explain to my husband the feeling so excitedly and the waterfall feeling surged down through my legs and and back up!This was something I had to pursue, I had just received some kind of proof that this is the method that would finally work! And there was no going back to who I was before, because my awareness had changed forever. 5 years in, it there is always a new strand of energy coming up, and there is nothing more satisfying to my spirit and my existence than sahaja yoga. Thank you for sharing your story Sheryl, it inspired me to share mine. Congratulations on your new journey.

  4. Cheryl

    So great to see people like Sheryl recognizing and feeling the truth in her experience with sahaja yoga meditation. I can not say the same about myself and it took me a long time to feel it but i did persist and I couldn’t be happier. Hope I get to meet Sheryl one of these days!

  5. Doris

    JSM!!!!! el leer sus experiencias de VOLVER A ENCENDER LA LLAMA!! me lleno de vibraciones como si estuviera sucediendo en este instante!! de mi vida, GRACIAS MIL !!!!!!!

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