Paula on Confucius: Learn How to Live a Fulfilled Life – Experiences from China Wall to Sahaj Guru Game!

My trip to Beijing China in 2007 is my connection to my study of Confucius while playing the Sahaja Guru Game. I chose my guru and ancient primordial master with the help of vibrations…we all did. We put the numbers 1 to 10 on pieces of paper, crumpled them, did a bandhan and stayed in thoughtless awareness as checked if we felt cool vibrations over any of the pieces of paper. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to play and participate in the “homework” because it helped me to grow so much in Sahaja Yoga each time I participated.

I have seen miraculous results in myself and others!

I looked back at my pre-Sahaja Yoga trip to Beijing China, pre-Olympics and discovered some beautiful cultural practices that my pre-husband Vladimir and I photographed and filmed in the public parks. We discovered thousands and people enjoying each other in collectivity with dance lessons both modern and ancient, aerobics, tai chi,karaoke,choirs, men who brought their pet canaries to the parks for fresh air and played cards, different yoga styles, haki sak, Chinese soft racket tennis, and massage their backs on an ancient tree. This made for great video and interaction on my part which helped me to connect with this rich culture beyond the language barrier. I spotted a woman shouting out to the forest and walking by herself, perhaps communicating with nature. I also shouted out to her and we had shared laughter at our connection in the park. I participated in several outdoor classes and was welcomed with smiles everywhere.

This is also when I discovered a Confucius connection. We had spotted Chinese men with giant paintbrushes dipping into a bucket of water and writing Chinese sayings and drawing historical figures with water on the park sidewalks. Everybody was fascinated including us and they did it as a hobby with sheer pleasure.
They even did their version of me watching them! We had a great laugh with them it was so wonderful to interact with these artists! And their work was enjoyed by everyone there. Yet these sayings must have had some energy as they vaporized into the air and left no mark except the experience of watching them enjoy this recording of possibly ancient sayings.

Confucius also was unlike boys his age and re-enacted ancient rituals for play and by the age of 15 had  “restored and edited the works of the ancients.” He taught “ethics, philosophy and government.” Despite his difficult life where he endured the death of both
his parents at a very young age, he had a yearning for learning ancient texts and his teachings focused on the benevolence of society.
At 51, it is important to note that when he became the minister of justice and then prime minister of Lu, he broke down the barriers that separated their cities and there was almost no crime because of his influence. The land became very prosperous. In Sahaja Yoga also it is an ideal but also a reality-that we are ONE with everyone and everything. That everyone is treated with the respect of a brother or sister. Confucius lived what he preached.

And Sahaja Yoga works so spontaneously and miraculously to unite people through the joy of Kundalini awakening that is every human’s birth right. Imagine a world where there is no crime because everyone is acting for the benevolence of society and following their innate Guru principles! In fact, Confucius did not believe that education should be reserved for the rich elite, and took pupils from all classes and educated anyone who wanted to Learn How to Live a Fulfilled Life.

When I got the picture back from this trip, I was amazed that I looked Asian, or Mongolian in a photo on the The Great Wall of China. I wasn’t sure if the wall was Sahaj so I looked it up and discovered that it was built to keep invaders out including the Mongols, or “Tartars.” So another connection for me was that when I met my husband backpacking I noticed he had the same “widow’s peak” hairline as my mother, and he said that is because he is descended from the Tartarian tribe, but I never knew what tribe that was before I put my attention on Confucius in China. Also my mother (mama Carmela) had mentioned to me that Mongolians had invaded Croatia a long time ago and there is evidence that we have some Mongolian blood from an old photo which she remembers of an Asian influenced face in our family. So perhaps I lived in Asia in another life. What I know for sure in this life that my seeking lead me to Sahaja Yoga where I have found all my answers to the great philosophical questions of our time.
We have the power to change ourselves, know our selves, change the world, break down barriers and unite everyone simply by enlightening one candle and spreading this light to everyone.

As part of our collective Confucious project, everyone in class received a fortune cookie with a Sahaj connection on it. Hopefully everyone will introspect on the quote and see how they feel connected to the ancient pearls of wisdom that Confucius left to society as a great Primordial Master, one of 10, that form the void in our subtle system.
If everyone can add to the comments the quote that they received, with their own introspection under it, that would be very collective and connect us more and more. Thank you to my partners in presenting Confucius-Anjalie, Malti, Ayesha, Anca who had their own connections with Confucius. Interestingly, we did not discuss our collective project before and none of us had the same perspective about our experience and yet together hopefully, we have presented some kind of insight as to the teachings of Confucius.

Hopefully we lit up something inside each of us in a very Sahaj-spontaneous way! Thanks to everyone who has and will participate now, and let the sahaj guru games begin!

Paula Erskine – sahaja yogini and volunteer instructor with free sahaja yoga meditation classes in Halton.

More about Confucius: Sahaj Quote & VIDEO Presentation

“It is not the failure of others to appreciate your abilities that should trouble you, but rather your failure to appreciate theirs.” – Confucius

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  1. Dorothy Logan

    This is excellent work, enjoyed it very much.

  2. adrian

    Dear Paula… you said… “we have the power to change ourselves”…
    so true..
    Love your insights.

  3. Debbie

    Loved it all along with the beautiful photos. As I read this, I felt I was experiencing it all with you…you tell a great story! Once again, I loved the fact that Confucius cared about Unity and Respect for everyone.

    Lots of love always.

  4. paula

    Confucious quotes: Sahaj connections

    “Everything has its’ beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Confucious

    When one sees everything with pure eyes and pure heart, we see the true beauty.
    mantra-Please purify my attention-SY

    “Men’s natures are alike, it is their habits that carry them far apart.” Confucious

    We are all ONE…we have to remove the conditionings that separate us-SY

    “Respect yourself and others will respect you.” Confucious

    SY mantra-please give me the self me to respect others…please give me the power of divine diplomacy.

    “The superior man is satisfied and composed; the mean man is always full of distress.” Confucious

    SY mantra for nabhi-help me to feel satisfied in my spirit.

    “When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.”

    SY-“When (the mind) becomes completely cleaned out from all kinds of conditionings, you become like a mirror, a beautiful mirror…(This) mirror is the spirit.” Shri Mataji

    “He who exercises government by means of his virtue may be compared to the north polar star, which keeps its place and all the stars are turned toward it.” Confucious

    SY-“Let your ray of divine spirit spread in a thousand directions!” Shri Mataji

  5. rosalie nickerson

    Simply beautiful <3



  6. Kartikeya

    Thank you auntie Paula for sharing your Sahaj Guru Game with us truly enjoyed reading it! Really goes to show that the primordial masters were not only for their respective nations but were global personalties who everyone can learn from.

  7. NITI

    I happened to read this article in 2023,but as true knowledge never gets tarnish its fragrance remain same,the same freshness I felt when I was reading this article about one of the primordial master Shri Confucius. What a beautiful experience you had in this mighty country with amazing culture ,and the way you described it with connection of various countries, and the infinite knowledge of Sahajyoga,in your beautiful words that is amazing.Thanks Paula sharing your experience with lots of pictures of this beautiful land of spirituality

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